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How/when did you become friends with shauno and co?

I think I found @_shunao through @weee_desu ... and I found weee though medical whiskey (and I found about about MW on the waifu threads on /a/).
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Have you ever found yourself at the wrong end of a community's opinion? What's the best thing for an artist (amateur or otherwise) to do with themselves at the face of public scrutiny?

Well, it depends. If you have a high profile and have lots of money at stake and you care about that money, it pays to play politics. Pander to the beliefs of your moneyed readership, maintain neutrality, or set yourself up as a personality that people can look at and say "well, you might hate him, but he sticks to his guns..." ... you can also throw your weight around and bully low-danger but tasty targets and make a big show of it. You can also divide and conquer and make buying your goods a political statement -- if you can get people saying "Let's show up BADGROUPX throwing money at [your name here]!" you're on a gravy train. Even better if you get them saying "if you're NOT throwing money at [your name here] you're with BADGROUPX!" ... the machine will run itself at that point.
Something else you can do is just realize these people don't really care about you. For 99.99999% of their lives, they're dealing with their own shit and don't give two craps about you. Just do your own thing and stop worrying. Dedicate yourself to your work and ignore all that "other stuff" ... because that's all it is: "other stuff".
Personally, I don't care much about "community opinions". If I did, I wouldn't be drawing cartoon butts -- I would have went to law school or opened a business and then killed myself at 25.

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What was your favourite meme of 2014? inb4 rog and Tyrone vids

Hard to say. I think "cuck" has really taken off.

Today a customer came in with her baby. She was wearing pants with a cupcake on the butt. That baby is bound for a life of a cutest and a hardship.

That poor a cutest. ;~;

Maybe it would be better if someone tells me to stop doing it, so I won't bother anymore, and there will be no regrets. Sorry to bother with this shit Dan.

I had plenty of days like that, anon. I still have 'em. Don't worry about it... it's all part of the process. Just pick up that pencil and get cracking. There will be days worse than this ahead of you... but there are great days in between that make it all worthwhile, and more.
Good luck!
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The main problem is that i want to get gud now, and it's obvious that won't happend, but even if I spent all my days drawing I feel like I'm still far away even from those who are not even best at drawing.

Don't worry about ranking, anon. Heck, if you want to make comics, drawing quality barely matters. Look at ONE -- he drew the original One Punch Man before Murata redrew it. Seriously, give it a read and tell me that it isn't amazing:
As long as it's interesting, people will read and enjoy it. And most important of all, it's what you want to do, isn't it? Someone people live their entire life without having something they're really, truly passionate about. Some people search their entire lives and spent enormous sums of time and money to have what you have sitting right in your lap. And you want to squander that?
"Oh no, someone drew a better manga than I'll ever be able to draw..." ... If your manga is your life, that's pretty much the same as: "Oh no, someone lived a better life than I'll ever live... why even live?" That shit makes no sense, anon. The point isn't to make your thing better than the next guy's -- that's just keeping up with the Joneses. The point is to become your own master, to make your own thing, to make the manga you want, and live the life you want.
Well, that's what I think, anyway.

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>why do you want to draw? I like manga/anime, I want to do it myself, I want to live with it, I don't see any other way I would like to live my life, If not chinese cartoons I might go and try writing, but I like drawing more. And I want to get gud on it, but I feel like I'm started too late.

Well, you have a choice, anon. Start now, or go to your deathbed wondering why you never took a chance. Or worse, look back at this moment a year from now and wonder why you didn't start back then.
I think you'll be surprised by how fast someone can improve over the first five years or so. Get on it -- you're not getting any younger, anon, and there's only today.
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...If you wrote your name as Da-na in moonrunes then your waifu could call you Danna-sama and get twice the happyness...

I wish Sakura would call me that instead of "that loser" ... ;~;

When you are a perfectionist, trying to learn to draw is like a torture ... especially if you are bad to begin with. ;w; What do you recommend?

You gotta change your perspective. At the beginning you're like a someone climbing a staircase -- don't focus on making each individual step you take perfect. Instead, climb steadily and make each next step progressively better. Eventually you'll become an efficient and competent staircase climber. If you focus too much on the very next step, you'll get stuck at the very beginning. Worse yet, you might go "oh, no no no no -- that step wasn't right... better start all over...".
When you get comfortable and gain some level of competence the stairs will open up on to a vast open landscape... from there, you can go where you will and build whatever structures you want.
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Is the secret of drawing is just mechanical skill that you can only have by drawing for many years and the younger the better? no matter where I go and ask folks who can draw more or less very fine, all of them started at young age, and of course all of them worked a lot on it...there's no escape.

There's a large mechanical component, but you can learn at any age... and results vary wildly. There are amateur 14 year old chinese girls who draw better than I'll ever be able to draw in my entire life, as well as folks who have been properly trained and have ten years experience on me that draw far worse than I do. There are also those who start after retirement ... results still vary wildly. But none of that is here or there -- why do you want to draw? If it's to feel like you're good at something or better than other at something than others, forget it -- you'll never feel "good enough". If, instead, you want to be able to draw so you can make something that you want to make, there's no reason to hesitate: pick up a pencil and start making what you want to make right now. Every moment you let slip through your fingers puts you behind where you could have been! Do it now! Right now!
PIck up Loomis and enjoy the journey: http://illustrationage.com/2013/04/02/free-andrew-loomis-art-instruction-downloads/

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Once upon a time I asked you Kyou no go no ni. Now I ask; Otaku no Musume-san?

I read a few chapters but never kept up with it. ;w;

I feel like the series Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken might strike some resonant chords with you. (It's in short ~3 min episodes) Following the married life of an Otaku and a not quite Christmas cake office lady.

I saw! Like I'll fall for that propaganda!
I-it's not like I want a happy family life or anything... b-baka... ;~;

Do you trust the chemicals in your brain to tell you that they are chemicals?

What other "choice" do I have?

with christmas cake you are never lost. all you have do is follow the trail left from the tears of regret back to where you started...

with christmas cake you are never lost all you have do is follow the trail left
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What if Sakura is into NTR? I mean she is the OL and you are the stay at home husband vulnerable to seduction. Maybe she arranged for darkcake to happen; Maybe she gets off on your uncontrollable confectionery cravings contrasting with your tears of regret and devoted love?

Christmas cake OLs are scary...!! ;~~;
You wouldn't do that to me, would you, Sakura...? .... SAKURA?!
Why won't you look me in the eyes...?!
What if Sakura is into NTR I mean she is the OL and you are the stay at home


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