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I think I've never said this to you, but after receiving one of your merry christmas cards... I realized.... ... Your handwriting is cute.

o-oh... Okay.

Are the witchtalkers the guardianships diplomats? Are there other friendly witches other than Comfywitch?

Making direct contact with a witch is extremely stressful/frightening - you are like a little tiny leaf floating on the surface of a planet-sized ocean. And you feel something enormous in the water with you. Every little move it makes throws the surface into chaos. If you manage to relax and ride the waves properly you may be able to perceive one tiny facet of vast being. If you lose yourself to the waves... well, it's a bad time for everyone.
Witchtalkers are specially gifted (or maybe just favoured?) humans. The best are able to have a fairly comfy time while making contact. The average experience is something like trying to use sign language to communicate while keeping yourself afloat in an ocean of NOPE.
You'll learn more about witches later on in the comic. =w=

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But you could have Sakura and Cupcake pressing their not-boobs together! Or even their badonks! Or some other combination of the two!

Is that allowed? Can the world really contain such beauty?

How long has vampirism been on the iceworld? How long have humans been there? Witches?

You'll find out in the the comics!

Would Himehorns like and eat broccoli?

These himehorn questions are really scraping the bottom of the barrel now. Time to draw more himehorn comics.

>pls b a respect on a templar Templars a best. Stopping being a good templar is where it all started to go wrong with Bikky.

If we do see some smallhorns, is Vikky going to beat them to death too?

Bikky is a magical girl fighting to protect us all. She would never do that!

Using himehorns as radio antenna may actually be kinda effective. Wavelength's a bit too short for HF or VHF, but looks perfect for UHF, the better to attract flying cakest and bats with.

It sounds like being in the human city is suffering. Are there any renegade communities? Or are they lone stragglers hanging around in witches domains?

There are less than a dozen other humans in Enna's domain. There may be other humans beyond the reach of the guardianship, but it's highly unlikely. No transmissions, no visitors, no signs from the old stars, no hints from the witchtalkers about anyone else out there. The Guardianship assumes that they're the only ones left.


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