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Happens all the time, you know? ;w; | I know... but it fitted you so well. ;w; It would have been a pretty good story. Drama, comedy, slice of life. Sad moments, happy moments, heartbreaking moments, heartwarming moments... stuff for all the family. An anime/dorama adaptation would have been easy.

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Well, I'd like to do the story of Cupcake and Darkcake myself, you know?
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No stream? ;w; I wanted a stream. I stayed home just to be able to watch it.

;~~~; I'm sorry...
Really, I thought I'd be well enough to stream... sorry! ;__;
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I am not bullying. It would have a happy / heartwarming ending! (if you manage to get it, of course) It would be a nice way to rethink your marriage with Sakura and find ways to fix your current life with Sakura and your doughters. :) Think about it at least, it's a win-win situation.

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Nah man, leave my super a cutest and cake musumes out of it.
>: T
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When are you going to make a facebook game that is a total ripoff of farmville that lets you play as Algis? You will be rolling in dosh.

That'll have to wait until after Himehorn Fortress...
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How does it feel to piss on your own, actually somewhat unique lore in favor of turning important characters into catchphrase spouting memes? Gone is the dynamic between broken-down Vicky and the overeager VAMPIRE bride. Gone is the only "Goldhair" that would let one know what the horns mean. Why?

The main comic is still going to go on as planned, anon -- nothing has changed.
Just think of my twitter posts and doodles as non-canon bonus material with exaggerated forms of the characters.
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>THE WILD BRANCH MUST BE PRUNED | They're not very good at the pruning thing, are they?

They are pretty good!
>northern races: EXTERMINATED
>himehorns: bullied underground
>heretic bat-fucker: extermination in progress

When will you fill out all the dead links on the wiki? 44444th captain logs, what?

I'll pick away at it when I need to take a break from comics or practicing. =3=
The logs of the 44444th captain are unusually rigorous and complete and have become one of the best sources for knowledge about The City's pre-landing era. You'd think the templar could consult the Gwupos on something like that, but it looks like their lips are zipped... could be an order from a one of the old Captains... or maybe the White Witch...?
In any case, the logs are all they have to go on.
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Yeah seriously, you can squeeze a plant like you want, but animals are different. What's that line about 'if you hold a bird too tightly, you will crush it, but if you hold too loose it will slip away'?

The Templar will just have to live with it... unless they want to be turned into bwushy-bwush slaves for all the vampires forever! Bweh!
Yeah seriously you can squeeze a plant like you want but animals are different
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Oh right, the cake person was someone else. I guess she is tuned to flora and does not work well with fauna. Bad for the poor kids who have to huddle in the ditch she maintains.

The himehorns live in the Southern Witch's old domain... ;w;
No one knows how long the domain will last now that the witch has departed this world, but at least her Apostle is around to maintain things... so long as The Pact stands, they'll be protected from those scary nohorns and that fluffy witch!
Oh right the cake person was someone else I guess she is tuned to flora and does
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Please recast all the VB characters into ¨Raisin's Daily Life¨ world. I am curious on how would they fit there.

Bikky & Annis: buddy teachers who are always at each other's throats
Bweh: classroom pet
Enna: grumpy principal
Daughters (bird form): Eating breadcrumbs on the school roof ... Kukukuku~!
Puppy girls: cute kids from the elementary school a few blocks over
Templar trio: yankees who smoke behind the gym... well, one of them smokes. The other is a vegan and doesn't like eating with others and the other girl is just there to keep her company so she doesn't get lonely. They're not bad yankees, really.
Three Stooges: bottom of the class! They're all bad influences on each other... one of them is pretty good at singing the happy herd song, though.
Algis: flower shop owner who lives down the road. Also runs a community garden. Very Muhuhu~ but also kinda scary...?
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Well, if they do it for RABURABU then I'm sure the White Witch would approve. She hands cakes to Hornies after all. I'm sure someone who does the management when she isn't around is just really stuck up.

The wild branch must be pruned, anon!
Only by the hand of the gardener may the garden bear fruit...
From the Vampire Bride Encyclopedia:
The Templar have long considered the nature of the White Witch and their relationship to her. Of course, to serve the The White Witch is a blessing, and they feel joy beyond joy in increasing her followers, but they know their manner of fruiting is an unnatural one -- unlike all other beings they have encountered. And the pleasures of their own flesh... why do they feel such things? Why must they endure such pain and torment? Theories abound, some stranger than others, but the standard is this: that the White Witch's power, although vast, is not infinitely flexible. She may actually be a gardening witch of sorts, and they are like potted plants in a garden. So long as they remain "domesticated" by her, they may receive her protection... but if they spread their seed and fruit on their own, she may be forced to leave them or prune the offending branches. Such a state of affairs would also explain Her love for all things melon, fruit, and of the flesh.
... and those cakes don't come from her, anon!

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'Except for medical reasons' huh. I know how all athletes are asthmatic so they can abuse inhalers that open the airways and give them an oxygen rush for their sprints. Now I'm picturing 2legit4u medics peddling moisturizer creams "because that nick on your cheek totally needs it". Beauty queens.

It's a real problem!
Sometimes a sister might even put a little something fragrant in her hair if it's her turn to sit with the Captain. That sort of thing that have the rest of the squad staring daggers at her for weeks... but they keep doing it!!
>: T

Maybe the reason sCupcake gets frosted so much is because she saw that old picture of her (with Funnel-Kun) and how she was gonna be a magical girl like her mom, but she's not. But maybe if she gets enough frosting she could be. Its not your fault she's like this, its Sakura's.

B-but she is a magical girl!
If only she did actual magical girl things instead of soaking up attention on the internet...

Does the Templar sisterhood have any official grooming requirements/posture requirements/etc? Or do they care more about taking down undesirables than anything else?

The Templar tend to police each other quite closely... the White Witch is always watching, after all. There are strict codes for how to dress, proper manners of speech (especially when addressing an elder or little sister). No piercings of any kind, no images or coloring on the skin, no creams or lotions except for medical reasons, and hairstyles are to be kept to traditional styles. They are the fruit of the garden, after all... their life and forms are to be treasured as gift from the White Witch herself.
Does the Templar sisterhood have any official grooming requirementsposture


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