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Can you get boba in The City? On their day off, do cute templars flock around their Captain as she stoically sips her Himehorn tear flavored boba and try to silently insinuate they want a sip (because they'd be kissing indirectly?)

You mean bubble tea? Nope. You can get regular tea, though.
A little note about drinking tea in the mess: if a captain is pouring tea for a subordinate, you can bet that's the one that sleeps under her cape. It's a bit of a public display if people notice and rumours travel fast, so only those with good unit chemistry do such things in the open.

The encounter with anon is terminated. Dan Belmont has put an end to the eternal frosting in Canada. His blood and sugar have penetrated the earth and will induce magic & cakeness for those who walk on this land. . . . (Just like cupcake is penetrated every day)

My a cutest's hole is totally broken
please stop
she needs a doctor...

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I've seen how both Cupcake and Darkcake are twin-tails. Then there was TwinTail Day! Do you think are twin-tails really is a thing? Perhaps a very short term passing fad? How big a thing do you think it is with manga/anime fans and will it last?

Twintails are always and forever!
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How is romance treated in the Guardian houses? Encouraged ala the Sacred Band of Thebes? Or stomped out because it can cause loyalty to be divided and/or distraction from training?

Such feelings between sisters are taboo.
That said, special bonds do form within units -- it's an open secret that a newly formed unit immediately organizes itself an untouchable captain, a "best sister" to that captain, and a ring of jealous onlookers. To prevent jealousy from destroying the unit, there are extremely strict guidelines on the how a captain interacts with her unit. Within The City, everything from the sitting arrangements in the mess hall to private one on one meetings are controlled. Generally speaking, the captain must maintain an egalitarian attitude towards her subordinates and met out honours and rewards only in accordance with the guardianship's strict guidelines.
That's the life of captain in The City. Out in the field, things can become a little hairy if the captain starts to slip up and break guidelines. If preferential treatment is openly given to the known "best sister" things can get very bad indeed. Every sister knows that bad blood can form very quickly, and a stray bullet could easily find its way into the head of a sister who had the audacity to sleep under the captain's cape two nights in a row. It's a captain's duty to spread her love as equally as possible and maintain group cohesion.
So much for affection and bonds between sisters. Now, outright indulgences of the flesh... that is simply not allowed. Joining flesh with another body or falling into a private delusion betrays a deformity of the soul that must be corrected from without. There are many tales of what goes on in "that" clinic. Some sisters disappear in the night, and then return after many weeks... changed. In the baths, they hide their bodies, in the day they are quiet and muted, in their bunks they frustrated and irritable. Every sister has her suspicions about the nature of the change, but they dare not speak a word. Some of the changed simply kill themselves. Their souls will be tortured by the white witch forever.

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The ¨No horn go home dance¨ reminds me the ¨muscle sensation¨ from Little Busters! ... Is it on purpose or it is just a mere coincidence?

Coincidence! I've never read or seen Little Busters, I just looked it up on youtube though and... that's pretty close.

How familiar are you with SMT and its shitload of spin-offs?

I've played SMT IV and Persona 3 and 4. I need to go back and play Nocturne. Maybe after Bloodborne I'll be in the right mood.

The eyes colour of Snowhorn is different from a normal himehorn?

Her eyes are pink with tiny gold flecks.

We know about Cupcake's abortions

W... what?
I.... never... heard about that... ...
... Oh... so that's why she was so quiet that one time... m-my a cutest... why...?

What were you aiming for when you were designing Himehorns?

MikanIsLove’s Profile Photoxtej
I wanted a cute subjugated species that wasn't "A Kinda Different Elf/Dwarf/Whatever" or "This Aspect of Humanity Given Form". Turns out starting with biological differences and working out the consequences from there was a good way to go.
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Dan when are you going to give is real grandchildren?

W-what're you talking about, mom? Cupcake is real... my... my a cutest is real!!!

i thought that your only form was like a hikkineet

My neckbeard is my true form -- the rest of the body is just an extension of my power.

So Dan, who apparently acording to the Leedah, is a witch, has many forms?

I appear as a giant tasty cake to the himehorns. It's the only way they'll trust me...

Do your parents read your comics?

They read some of 'em! My mom even got the meaning of the title for NNN right. That felt nice. =w=

Are there male witches?

Witches have many forms. Enna and Algis appear as fluffy, comfy onee-chans because that's the form least likely to inflict permanent mental damage on Vicky and the captain. Mortal creatures are frail, so witches tread lightly.

Can you tell us about the other Guardian houses and their reputations? Do they have a loser house like hufflepuff?

There are four houses in The City dedicated to the raising of children -- North, East, West, and the Allsisters Home.
North House is the strongest, but full of bad eggs and problem cases. Thankfully the elder sisters there are very strict and know how to turn a naughty girl into a fine servant of the cross and white witch. When another house can't handle a rowdy or mean-spirited sister, she gets sent to North House to be straightened out. Usually these new transfer students are a shade softer than "native" north housers and are bullied mercilessly until they fall in line. The elder sisters usually turn a blind eye to this bullying unless it gets out of hand. They think it builds character. North House produces excellent small teams, independent operators, and has the best track record for producing powerful Guardians.
East House can actually be considered in two parts: the part of the house dedicated to training serious, quiet, reliable soldiers/workers and the part dedicated to cultivating inner guardianship candidates (that is, priestesses, witch-talkers, officers, and other specialized jobs). The vast majority will receive standard training. A few elites will enter apprenticeships with elder sisters where they will inherit the skills and wisdom necessary to protect The City. East house and North house are engaged in an eternal rivalry.
"West House" is actually a misnomer. The West House isn't a house at all ... and it's not even on the west side of The City. The West House is actually the west wing of the southernmost house -- that is, the Great Hall, which contains an infinite number books on all subjects within an extra-dimensional space. As you might expect, it's nothing but bookworms, oddballs, and eccentrics here. The west house is the smallest house -- not more than a five to ten dozen sisters actually live there. At least that's what the census says -- counting heads in an extra-dimensional space can get pretty confusing.
The Allsisters House is where sisters spend their first 6-7 years of life. It's basically a big nursery and kindergarten. Some sisters are so suited for this environment that they never leave... they become the caretakers of the next generation. This is considered a supreme honour. Even members of inner guardianship speak with deference to these elder sisters. They are considered the mothers of the city. If a sick or dying templar calls out for her mother, that's who she's calling out for.

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What race are the equivalent of Chavs in Vampire Bride?

Probably the girls of North House -- that's Vicky, Annis, that smoking templar, and all their kind. There's something wrong with that house. Why can't they be more like East House? They run a tight ship.
Still, North House has the best survival rates outside the city and the most vampire kills... they ARE the strongest, even if they are the most unruly, rude, and embarrassing.

Do you like some western cartoons?

I loved Batman: The Animated Series.
Batman Beyond was good, too.
The other Batman cartoons... not so much.
The X-Men cartoon was enjoyable, too. The Apocalypse arcs were great nightmare fuel for a kid.

Least favorite Star Wars movie?

I didn't like any of the new ones. Phantom Menace was probably the worst.

Sakura und Panzer. Would you watch?

I'd watch Sakura und anything.
Except Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle and xxxHolic. Those never happened. They don't exist.
This conversation is over!
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9.9 Tsumugi? Please. Shinatose is obviously best girl.

Izana a cute, but Tsumugi a best. Wasn't that scene at the lake pretty much a love confession?
Muh moogs won. Get over it!


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