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What do you think of heather bullying your a cutest cake?

Heatherhorn? She's made to be bullied, isn't she?

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Are you enjoying the story/quest so far?

Yes! I'm enjoying the walking pace and fun interactions. =w=

S-so, when does Darkcake get introduced to the secret garden of lillies, onee-sama?

Darkcake isn't like that!
... Still, her loneliness, tiredness, and straight-forward character are her weak points. If an upstanding onee-sama manipulated her by first indulging her and then showing her a vulnerable point, she might be swayed...
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So Chrismas cake/Darkcake confirmed to affinity like: "If I had gotten married I would have had good girl like darkcake - studious, caring, driven - she would be about her age too... If I had..." "I want to grow up to be like sempai - independent, focused, selfsure - I would like mother like that.."

Hmm, I think Maria (Christmas cake OL) is about ten years too young to be Darkcake's mom. And Darkcake already has confidence in herself -- she doesn't need to make idols out of others. Christmascake probably wishes that she could tell Darkcake to take it easy with her work and not let life pass her by, but she's hardly in the business of telling others how to live their life...
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I had to make a catalog of all the manga I read/follow/like, etc. to keep track of it. 1981 items so far… and that is just one year worth of stuff. You can sort by name of the artist/circle and stuff… Do you want it? Take it as a recommendation list. http://s12.postimg.org/q1n7nfy3x/Example.jpg

Uhh... nah, that's okay, man. Thanks anyway, though. ;w;

So Darkcake would be that kind of cupcake no one buys and is thrown away after two days?

Sometimes a Christmas cake will come in and ask for the dessert menu first. She's the kind that will always order a Darkcake. You can tell it's been a long day/week/month/life... she's not down. No way. She just needs to recharge... yeah...
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So if cupcake and darkcake were actual confections what kind would they be?

Cupcake would be, well, a cupcake. One of those tacky, overpriced $9 boutique cupcakes.
Darkcake would be a chocolate lava cake, made with bitter chocolate, a little alcohol, a light fresh cream and a martini glass full of hand-picked raspberries and blackberries on the side. A mature but surprisinly down-to-earth flavour... the kind of thing a sophisticated but tired christmas cake might order in a classy bar after work while reminiscing about playground fancies and missed opportunities.
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Sempai, why do some people like pie more than cake? Do they not understand the deliciousness of frosting?

The true joy of a cake is frosting it yourself... =3=

Maybe you should just play Crusader Kings II instead, if you murder half your family for petty reasons you might be a totally average CK2 player.

I am so bad at getting into that kind of game. Master of Orion II is the closest thing to that I enjoy.

Headcanon: Darkcake has some kind of terrible facial nerve disorder, that makes it very difficult to control her mouth thus causing the constant melty mouth. As such, she pretty much sounds like Steven Hawking back when he could speak, and is bullied over it at school.

My Darkcake deserves a full, healthy, happy life. She's going to go to school, graduate, find a rewarding profession where she can help others, find a man who will cherish her, raise three kids and two dogs and maybe a few ducks and chickens, be a valued member of the community who is adored by the children and families in her neighbourhood, and enjoy visits from her sister three times a month! ;~~~~~;

I will break the "ur a psychosociothingamajic, dan" flow of questions by saying: Vikky a cute, death to the bat

"Heh, looks like ya got some sense, kid... Er-- not that Vee's cute or anything! W-We ain't like that!! GAAAA"
I will break the ur a psychosociothingamajic dan flow of questions by saying
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Have you ever watched Steven Universe? It strikes me as something that you'd like...

I watched a few clips. Ehhhh.
The whole Adventure Time / Puppycat / Pinterest / Tumblr aesthetic really, really isn't my bag.
My bag is gallows humour and tumbling down tumbling down tum-bl-ing down~


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