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Where can I find out about this game project you're working on? Is it still too early to talk about it?.. Keep up the great butts!~

Still too early!
And thanks, anon. I'll keep frosting those butts. =3=
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Have you actually ever had sex with Sakura or does she just get you black out drunk and say you did. Or is she like the chick from batou shoujo where she insults you while your having sex.

She's the one who drinks a lot beforehand... I don't mind, though. Somehow her drunk sneering face is also a super a cutest.
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Hay Dan, it's Chad again. Cupcake told me about Darkcake and how you never get a chance to see her. Don't worry, I haven't told Sakura about her. I know that you're busy with your comics and Ubi, so I'll try to visit Darkcake when I'm not hanging out with Sakura or Cupcake.

This isn't a joke anymore. Keep your filthy McHugehands away from my almost a cutest!!

Did Sakura ever do anything sweet for you ever? Like any hint she cares for you at all. I just want something to cling to so I can believe she really does love you.

Sometimes she sends me texts from work. Usually she's complaining about some coworker or whatever but I'm just happy to hear from her during the day. Sometimes she makes muffins for breakfast, too! ... okay, they're more for Pancake and Cupcake, but I still get my portion...
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Will there ever be a Tomoyo42 comic about NTR man who teaches us that we were Chad all along?

No, we can never be chad. That's why we have to embrace the moeman within ourselves.

Will a male character other than library dad appear in vampire bride or any of your works I suppose. I'm not advocating diversity for it's own sake I was just curious and wanted to know the reason if there was any. Again do what you want just curious.

Snowhorn's nohorn husbando!
Probably a few other non-humans in Enna's Domain, too.
I guess I'm too much of a neckbeard to allow some 2D chads to fuq mai perfect 2D waifus. : T

Did you answer the one about frosting cupcake? By the time it appeared in my notifications it was already deleted, and I don't know if it was by you or ask.

Whoa, weird. Yeah, I answered it.... maybe it got modded?
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Dan I think you and Sakura should see other people. Well, I mean she already is but you get the idea.

At least I'll always have this photo to remember her by...
Dan I think you and Sakura should see other people Well I mean she already is
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Do templars want the D?

Some templar sisters occasionally find themselves in a kind of fever, longing for something they-know-not-what...
... In times like these, a templar sister should retire to the cleansing pools, expend that that excess inner heat in martial training, or take some cooling tea and turn her mind inward (contemplating the will of the White Witch) or outward (toward her duties or the well-being of The City).
Do templars want the D
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Huh. Jody is that hunky guy who fucks military guy's GFs while they're on deployment. You know, the one who's always there when you're not. Personal trainer, best friend from school, whoever. Shit, never let Chad and Jody get together. Might end the world.

Arwenchan’s Profile PhotoArwen
>Offspring of Chad and Jody
>Vincent VonUberhands
Why are we still here?
Just to be cucked?
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So is Chad like the non-mil version of Jody?

Arwenchan’s Profile PhotoArwen
Chad is your better -- genetically, socially, materially, everything. He will fuq ur waifu so hard and well that she'll be tossing and turning and silently longing for his massive mchugehands 40 years into your loveless marriage. He'll always be the one that got away. You'll always be Mr. Backup Plan. Once Chad has his way with your waifu she'll never be yours (or anyone else's) again.

Why are long twin pigtails the cutest? I just don't get it Dan.

Gives the aura of a small, rare animal you want to hold in the palm of your hand. Also gives a sense of delicateness and lightness when a cutest moves and twintails trail behind.
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http://i.4cdn.org/tg/1452294957650.pdf Looks like someone is working on a game that is somewhere between Blame! and Souls/Bloodborne. I know you don't /tg/, but I thought you might be interested.

Looks pretty cool (only managed to read the first couple pages) ... I'll have to read the rest later, after I finish assembling this ikea stuff and reading some Metro 2033 .


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