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Any tips for weapon/armor design, Dan? Aside from my current strategy of "plagiarize all the video games"?

I think biggest thing to avoid is OVER DESIGN.
Don't make every little element of the armor or weapon a symbol of this or that with three pages of associated lore and backstory tie ins, etc. Not every event in the character's life has to be manifested in their costume -- a costume shouldn't be a photo album and lore dump. They don't have to be wearing the pendant their dead sister gave 'em, wielding a sword destined to destroy an ancient evil with a magic inscription left by the qt DFC elf sorcess waifu they saved from the frozen mountain goblins, wearing the boots of their dead father who was once a hero of the kingdom who was betrayed by his men, etc.
A character's appearance should be tied to the world, yes, but the goal is to stimulate the viewer's imagination, not send 'em diving into the lore index. First arouse interest, stimulate the imagination, be aesthetically pleasing, be consistent with the world, THEN lore stuff. And keep it simple, clean, and restrained (if that's the look you're going for, of course).
And yeah, don't plagiarize. You can learn the techniques and lift design details when they help you of course.... but first get the vision of your world clear in your head. Think about how your character fits into that world, and then think about how they acquired their amour, what it's meant to protect against, what kind of wear and tear and repair it's seen, what kind of aesthetic tradition that armor might have been developed in, etc. Of course, you can bounce back and forth between designing your armor and designing your world. But the point is that if you design the armor in isolation, you might get armor that "looks cool", but doesn't really doesn't contribute much else.

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As a part of the game industry AND as a weeb, what do you think about the inaccurate/bad translations/localizations?

I hate it!
But translations are very hard. Just what is it that you're trying to preserve under translation, exactly? Suppose you have a sentence like "there was a police man standing on the street corner" -- that could have very different meanings for someone who lives in a police state, an open society, or somewhere there the notions of a city street corner and organized police force don't really mean anything at all. Ultimately, you have to translate for your target audience and background web of meanings and associations they already have... not the ones you'd like them to have. And at a certain point, you have to admit that the words will have slightly different effects on each different person, since they all have different webs of associations.
And even worse, you gotta think about the pragmatic effects on top of the "meaning" of the words. Like, if the player really needs to feel that this joke here is corny as hell because this NPC is corny dude and supposed to be the comic relief, what do you do if none of the jokes translate well? Make something up that achieves the right effect or go for accurate meanings? Do you want teddie to say "That's the way, Sensei! -bear!" or "That was a BEARY good job, sensei!" or "That was a BEARY good job, teacher!" or "That was a BEARY good job, teach!"
And of course there are constant changes to the game text that happen during production and sometimes the overall shape of the game or story isn't clear for the translation teams, and sometimes writers change, there are subtle aesthetic choices you make as a writer that you have to be clear about in your notes to the translation team (for example, let's say a character echoes something another character said a few chapters earlier... you don't know if it's the same guy translating both scenes, so you gotta make sure and say "check line XXXX and preserve the same phrasing), etc. ... it's just endless. Having worked pretty closely with some translation teams in the past, I can say that it's really not just a matter of "making translation accurate". There are a lot of complexities I really appreciate their efforts.

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Have you ever seen Nurse Witch Komugi-chan?

Yup! A long time ago. The anime club I joined as a kid showed it after Soul Taker. Good times.

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Do himehorn herds get wiped out by diseases due to their lack of genetic diversity?

It's rare, but himehorns herds can definitely suffer from plagues and the like. Also keep in mind that there is /some/ genetic diversity, even amongst the haremhorns and musclehorns, since not all share the same hornmother.

How do nohorns play games with steam and what kind of games can you play with it?

himehorn’s Profile PhotoLeedah
Nohorns have a magic rock... the rock is really hot! So hot that they use it to boil water and make a lot os steam. The steam rises and turns some big wheels. The wheels make electricity which they use to power their magic boxes and play games.
Nohorns are pretty weird. They go to all that trouble just to play games instead of getting their haremnohorns to make them some ropes or juggling bags ...
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Now, the refined and composed Cream has a handprint on her back = 3 = You didn't expect that, did you?

Muhuhu~ how cute. =w=

I'll worry about in detail when the Darkcake anime happens. ||| ...but I want a confirmation now! :T

Whoever can do the best "I'm holding back my tears because I'm a good girl and I want daddy to be proud of me" cry-whimper has the part:
Ill worry about in detail when the Darkcake anime happens  but I want a
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System Shock 3: will it be worth it, or is yet another great franchise about to be ruined?

ChrisCharabaruk’s Profile PhotoChris Charabaruk
Actually, I've never played System Shock.
I just watched some gameplay footage right now and... man, that is creepy. Great atmosphere. I wish I had played it back when it came out.

Dink, what level are you in ToS now? Or did you drop it already? What's your opinion on it, what would you improve, and why didn't you post your feedback on forums?

I stopped playing it after the first day or two and started playing Disgaea 5 again.
It's a beautifully designed game. The fast leveling is great (maybe it's just like that for the beta, though) and the fights are really kinetic. You really feel the impact of every hit. Really comfy art, too.
I guess, in the end, I'm just not an MMO guy -- I really enjoy that single player experience. Just like in real life. ;w;

She's only 2.5D: ||| >not even Live2D ... I am 2Dissapointed on you.

But I can hug her 2.5D form. And pat her head! A-and hold her hand...!! ///

>he's a better person than u lol >and will fuck ur waifu and leave you raising his kid, you cuck. | That's not how being a good person works

Chad doesn't even know about the kid. The mom just spermjacks him and makes you foot the bills.

>cupcake VA question|| Dan Kim newfags. Bet you just came for the himehorn cuteness, mixed with a little "bully.: Back in my day, we "bullied" Nana to death and got hundreds of white pages and loved it. Dan only drew ten pages before he'd stop updates. 3:< Fucking kids these days are so

Those were the days, eh?
Anyway, thanks for the message. Here's some vintage Cupcake in return:
cupcake VA question Dan Kim newfags Bet you just came for the himehorn cuteness
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Dan, you have been sharing too many DCTs on twitter. I am dissapointed.

You're right. Please enjoy this flat a cutest.
Dan you have been sharing too many DCTs on twitter I am dissapointed

>System Shock "remake" announced. I thought it was stuck in legal hell forever, I thought this one, at least, was safe. Hold me Dan.

Just give me another Master of Orion and Star Control II.
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If Cupcake, Darkcake, and Pancake were in an anime, who would their voice actors be?

Cupcake would be an annoying amateur youtube voice actress. The most annoying I can find!
Darkcake would be hvae to be someone who does a good "earnest girl" voice. Not too cute or girlish, but not quite tomboyish. Hmm...
Pancake could have Ren-chon's voice (from Non Non Biyori). She's a good girl, but kinda weird. You're never quite sure what's going on in that head of hers...
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