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Dan I really thought things changed after I left when you drew that raping "Mehoe" or whatever her name was, comic, and we went and got help. It hasn't, Dan. You're on the internet talking sex about our dead daughter. Look at yourself. Just sign the papers. You'll be comfortable. I'll always...care.

You're right.... you're right...
You're such an angel, Sakura... Thank you for caring... I'll do the right thing this time... for once...
Dan I really thought things changed after I left when you drew that raping Mehoe

Dan this is Sakura again. I've been reading more of your askfm. I'm not going to be home later. I'm staying with Syaoran. You'll find some papers on the table. You should sign them. The alimony is generous. The therapist agrees this is the right move for both of us. Please get more help.

Sakura... no... wait! I can change... I swear I can change! Just give me another chance...!!
Dan this is Sakura again Ive been reading more of your askfm Im not going to be

Pancake jumps into Dan's lap "Uuu~ I wanna bully the himmyhorns too. I wanna become a greatcake witch just like you~" Dan then slaps pancake across the face, onto the floor "THEY'RE CALLED HIMEHORNS, GET IT RIGHT! WHATS NEXT, KOSM INSTEAD OF KOS? I WILL NOT FAIL YOU AS A FATHER LIKE THE OTHERS"

Pancake jumps into Dans lap Uuu I wanna bully the himmyhorns too I wanna become

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Dan, why are you asking yourself questions on ask.fm posing as your own imaginary loli wife to create the impression that she actually exists?

B... but I didn't write that...
Or did I...?
W.... what's happening...?
Dan why are you asking yourself questions on askfm posing as your own imaginary

Given that Darkcake seems to both want a career and a loving family, would she prefer to have a house husbando to watch their children? Can I be that house husbando?

Darkcake wouldn't have a problem supporting a house husband, but she'd really like someone who can pull his own weight. She spent all this time working so hard... she's afraid she'd come to resent a house husband. She's really afraid of that. She never wants to feel that way about someone she loves.

So there are more people from Argentina around here, uh?... but I can bet that we are from different places.

Shoutout to all the Argentinabros out there. =w=

Dan, this is Sakura, why do you spend hours every day talking perverted things about imaginary little girls with perverted strangers? We never had a daughter, Dan. Everybody: she was stillborn. I thought you were over this. Like we would name her something absurd like "cupcake" or "darkcake."

I've had it with your backtalk...! I'VE HAD IT!

>implying Kosm isn't the master race // I bet you don't even have eyes in your brain, you uncleansed beastly idiot

Ahh... do you hear our prayers?

I bet the white witch isn't sleeping at all. she's ascended and gone for good leaving this mess behind to sort itself out. You know, it's kind of scarey to thinking of how the universe could eventually run out of all energy going cold and dead perhaps forever.... ;_;

I'm sure if they plant enough melons it'll be okay...
She's still there! The high priestesses say she's there!
.... if... if she's not there... who are the witch-talkers talking to? N-no... better not to think about it... too scary... ;~~;
I bet the white witch isnt sleeping at all shes ascended and gone for good

I think your himehorns and the vampire bride wiki pages are an evil plot to keep me from getting anything done. I can't stop looking at it! Oh...and himehorn pupils are while not gold or pink right? Help me Dan...I can't stawwwwwp.....

Himehorn eyes:
sclera: white
irises: gold
I'll add the note to the wiki!

I am here to tell you that you have at least one reader in Argentina ...// Looks like that i will have to create the argentine division of the CloneManga Army. Also a question, dear Cakewitch: Do you treat Cupcake and Pancake in the same way?

Nerer19’s Profile PhotoNerer
I know there's at least one more guy in Argentina - he runs a publishing company that prints Rumiko Takahashi works among others: http://www.larpeditores.com/ .... so that's three, I guess!
Cupcake needs a firm hand, but I always end up spoiling her... she's good at getting what she wants. Pancake is still at the age where she'll listen to what I say. I hope she never grows up.
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No idea, man! No PS4 myself, only heard about it from /bbg/ on /vg/. Just hazarding a guess though, it might be tied to Insight? Because I've seen the dialogue screen popup on some streamers' videos but without any Gehrman dialogue.


>Darkcake is going to study hard, live right, and make a good family for herself...! || Cupcake is a pure, innocent girl who has never been frosted. See Dan, I can lie to myself too!

Darkcake is going to study hard live right and make a good family for herself

>locks self in room >witches and magic >has a daughter that cannot be recognized that is suffering, but is still as of yet a good girl >sickeningly sweet odor (... of sugar) Early Kinzo route Dan? Should I make promises to Darkcake and then ignore her to further this along? (The Bakery Massacre)


"Do Cupcake and Darkcake say "Top Cake" when bouncing haters on the Internet?" I initially read that as "when bouncing on stranger's d*cks. That said, do they?

Darkcake is going to study hard, live right, and make a good family for herself...!
Do Cupcake and Darkcake say Top Cake when bouncing haters on the Internet 


The only one in Darkcake's life who deserves to be called daddy is Chad McHugehands when he rubs his filthy swollen mits all over her butt behind the school gym...

Darkcake doesn't play around like that! She wants a committed relationship where she can build a happy family and give her kids two parents who love and care for them.

Do Cupcake and Darkcake say "Top Cake" when bouncing haters on the Internet?

Only Cupcake. Darkcake doesn't mess around online too much -- she's too busy studying and bettering herself.

So, Dan, how did you learn to draw, what do you will reccomend for begginers, like books, some tips, personal experience and stuff, outside of obvious "just draw", oh and how long are you drawing from now on, and when you did you started?

First, tips:
And I'm self taught. That's not really a good thing, though -- I have a lot of bad habits that wouldn't have been there if I had been properly trained as a kid.
I've been drawing since I was little, but I got obsessed with anime and drawing anime stuff in seventh grade after watching Sailor Moon. I got into comic around the same time. It's been about 20 years since then! Man, where did the time go? I still remember playing Magic: The Gathering during lunch breaks... there were still second edition cards floating around back then... a guy I knew even had a Black Lotus...

Eileen and real!Iosefka tied for best waifu, doll a distant second but of good taste. >tfw you will never make Eileen feel like a girl again

I killed Eileen by accident during my first playthough. Why'd you have to dash under my Kirkhammer, Eileen? Why? ;~;


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