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Was Himehorn inspired by Chouko from Oddman 11? What do you think of Douman by the way?

Himehorns were inspired by Japanese oni.
Douman is amazing. I love how tight his short stories are.

Why the name clonemanga?

It was based on the initial concept for Tomoyo42's room: lots of sakura and tomoyo clones getting into trouble. =w=

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> Folks sign up on the Patreon. :: Is it just a random selection or a cycling of a certain pledge tier?

Everyone who signs up for the waifu tiers gets their commission done. =3=

http://manga.clone-army.org/viewer.php?&series=snax&page=21&lang= What other kinds of weird things have people offered Enna?

Ruined junk and second hand goods, mostly. Broken teapots, old hankies, an orphaned sock, but things like old books, games, paintings, sculptures, crafts, etc. are favoured. There's a big festival during the "new year" (not really the new year, but it coincides with the extended night/day pattern way up north) where the inhabitants of the domain make a special offering for protection.
Bikky's taste in games is exceptionally bad, even amongst the weird alien life that lives within the domain.

...once upon a time there was a man who lived and died only to rise again... ||| Moe Man...!?


Us oldfags know what the witches want, we remember back when you were rolling with Cupcake in this universe. Witches are artists, feeding on media and drama and endowed with magic powers that make their creations, whatever they are, real. They're basically a literal author avatar in-story.

If only I could be a witch and a cutest...!
I should use some rogaine on my eyebrows...
Us oldfags know what the witches want we remember back when you were rolling

It's still debated if the universe will expend indefinitely or if it will contract into a big crunch. The crunch could already be in progress in the VP story. Do you believe in either? Perhaps a witch could orbit great yolk around the center point to view the new big bang when it comes?

Oh oh idea. Witches just kept the races around so they have someone to share the experience of the next universe big bang with. Okay. I stop now. My brain just squished itself...
Who knows what the witches really want? They are mysterious beings. As for the birth of a new world, the templar still believe in the old stories... once upon a time there was a man who lived and died only to rise again... perhaps he is still out there, watching, waiting for them in a perfect, eternal realm that lies far beyond the witches, far beyond stars...

The cute horn person animal yes. I will show you the be if you can the red bean paste frosting cake? Yes or refusal? Be the what you Dan Kim manga emperor?

w...what? Huh?
I don't understand. Please accept this cute hornmother in return:
The cute horn person animal yes I will show you the be if you can the red bean
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I'm starting to get the feeling that Himehorns are the red pandas of the end of time. Cute, derpy, and their antics may one wonder how they've survived.

They're quite well adapted to their environment! They're at the top of the food chain and live without fear. As long as there aren't any invasive species they'll be okay... y-yeah ;w;
Im starting to get the feeling that Himehorns are the red pandas of the end of
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So... I'll be getting the fast travel thing soon, then? 'Cause I don't see a way back from Anor Lando. ... Not that I'm all that keen on leaving just yet, mind. Also, how do I make weapons with these boss souls I've got? Is there another blacksmith I need to find or something?

You'll get to the blacksmith you need soon enough. And you can leave Anor Londo the way you came in if you really need to go back... just talk to the gargoyle that dropped you off.

Is there going to be any way to fast-travel anytime soon? All this navigating is starting to get a little... much.

Yup, you're pretty close to getting it, actually.

>mysterious item | I got the rusty ring and the magic resist shield off of Saved-my-bum-in-the-intro-Knightbro, and also a Black Knight sword off of one of those knight fellows. I also gave a nest some poo and got DEMON TITANITE in exchange, because birds are dumb. Is it related to the nest-thing?

Oh-- oops. Sorry, I remembered wrong. Wrong ring. ;w;
The item is a starting item. But there's a way to trade with the nest to get the item as well...

>There's a way to talk to the figure I apparently worship | Sempai, I may only have 8 faith, but that only strengthens my RESOLVE! Is it something to do with this Peculiar Doll thing? The description says it belonged to a lonely abomination, if memory serves. >NG+ is it a starting gift, mayhaps?

Oh! If you have the doll, you should check your inventory again... there may be a mysterious item you pinked up in the same area...

With the universe so spent, and so close to completely ended, will Bikky and Snax get to witness the beginning of a new universe?

The Big Yolk still has a couple hundred million years left in her. The bat might be around, but Bikky sure won't.

So I'll get more fire spells if I give the fair lady more humanity, right? Is that it? Or will it make her say something other than "...?", too? Are all the bonfire-estus-flask-improver-ladies mute?

Yup! Just keep feeding her. It takes a lot.
There's a way to talk to her, but it's quite obscure. Don't worry if you don't find it -- it's not so important. You can always do it on NG+ anyway.

Your two main projects atm (VB and Witches) both place heavy focus on the existence of cosmic entities beyond our comprehension that dictate how we spend our existence. What do you think attracted you to exploring this concept?

It's a tempting picture: that this world is somehow the projection or emanation of a vast, hidden underlying reality, and that this hidden reality if the realm of the really-real. And that the existence of this really-real world somehow makes our own world unreal, and so all the pointless pain and suffering (as joys) can be written off as mere illusion... and that if we could just get in touch with this really-real world -- really apprehend it, become one with it, achieve union -- then (for reasons unexplained) that would be compensation (redemption?) for being born on the wrong side of the equation.
You could call this realm of the really-real the realm of spirit, truth, reason, platonic forms, god, whatever you like -- the names go on forever. But the point is that dreams of this realm are born when the yearning for another world is itself born from an anxiety about our finitude. As a child, such an anxiety naturally expresses itself in a search for that other realm and fantasies about beings that might inhabit such realms. I am still very child-like in this respect. And when anxiety about the finite gives way to terror about the infinite, then something like cosmic horror is the end result. Great Ones, Old Ones, etc. The witches of Vampire Bride are much friendlier and comfier than anything that ever appeared in Lovecraft, but they're the expression of the same kind of inner unrest.
Actually, when it comes to cosmic horror, it might be that I'm even more pessimistic than Lovecraft. He, at least in his fiction, thought that our reason and perception was powerful enough to bring us to the very brink of perception of this infinite realm of cosmic horror -- close enough that we might just tip over the edge and plunge into insanity (really a form of true perception). But I place our limits much closer. The hidden realm really is hidden from us. The residents of that world have to meet us close to home and coddle us. Cosmic horror is just too grand for tiny, silly, pointless beings like us.

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Forgive me, sempai. I killed Quelaag. I ran away like a scared little girl, got cornered on the stairs, managed to get away, and was on the other end of the room by the time I realized she got glitched up on the staircase. I had to put her out of her misery. I feel dirty, sempai. T-T

Can't be helped. ;~;

>seriously thinking that games where better in the old days or that they didn't have mass appeal I seriously hope you guys aren't that delusional.

It's the lament of an expatriate, anon. The past is a country to which we can never return. Even if things are better now (in some respects, anyway), there's no place like home.
Some things really have changed, though. There are pressures on multiple sides to casualize games and increase accessibility. There are also pressures that have hollowed out the middle and funnelled talent to the two extreme ends of the market where money accumulates. Mobile games, F2P, and microtransactions have changed design principles in many places, too ... and the practice of game production have become so complex (teams of hundreds, tens of millions of dollars) that individual craftsmanship simply has to give way to the interests of efficient production (at least in the AAA arena). Anyway. The list goes on.
Still, there are a lot of new fun things coming out. And I still have my Etrian Odyssey (even though that's getting casualized and getting remakes, too) and Soulsborne, so I can't complain too much.
And at the same time, tools and distribution are now (basically) free so maybe none of the above really matters: anyone who complains just has to make their own game. That's what I plan on doing.

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What did they make the GREAT YOLK out of? Because stars die when they start fusing bigger elements, so making new ones would merely require the utilization of those fissionable materials. You give entropy too much credit!

The Vampire Bride universe takes place very late in the game, anon. Anything that would have become a star under normal circumstances has already become one and burnt out, long ago. Additionally, all possible paths to creating new stars and preserving life have already been carried out. But you can't outsmart time, anon. The universe has expanded to the point that signs of other galaxies have long since disappeared. Even the corpses of stars have been consumed for their exotic materials, and the galaxy is littered with cold, empty, Dyson spheres and the like... all the AI have gone silent, all the arks have run out of places to go...
The Great Yolk is a miracle amongst miracles... but it's incredibly wasteful. Why would someone make a star and just let it radiate most of its energy into space? Whoever created it must be operating according to principles very alien to ours. The himehorns attribute it all to the Great Horn. The Great Horn wants them to be happy in a happy egg, so of course you need a happy yolk.
Happy eggs~
Happy horns~
Happy herd~

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What did they make the GREAT YOLK out of Because stars die when they start
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are there any mmo's out there you enjoy, or are none of them ~highbrow~ enough for you? ffxiv pleasantly surprised me, personally.

You're talking to an avid Atelier fan. I don't care about high brow.
But no, I don't play MMOs because I have an addictive personality. Drink, comics, games, cake, whatever -- I binge. If I pick one up it's all I'll do. I'm really worried about Tree of Saviour.
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