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Do snowhorns like maple syrup, cheap coffee, and poutine?

I think snowhorn would enjoy the maple syrup a lot. The coffee and poutine... hard to say. The gravy and potato would suit a himehorn's palate just fine, but the cheese might not be so agreeable. The coffee might be too bitter to be enjoyable... maybe if there were some sugar added it'd be alright.

What if a nohorn made a cake IN FRONT OF THE HIMEHORNS!?

I think they'd be very confused. Some of them night start crying. It can't be true... can it?

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In one of your more recent junked VB pages, We saw something like a dozen vampires feeding off of a heavily muscled giant. Is that spoiler territory or can you explain who exactly that is?

Spoiler, unfortunately. But I'll get back to Sigrid's story eventually.

Can you tell me about a meal you've had that sticks out in your memory? Whether it was really good, really bad, it coincided with a major event in your life, or any other reason you can remember it now.

Hmm... sad to say that there's nothing that really sticks out in my mind as particularly memorable. Maybe that party with Miss Orange Dress? Great, great sushi and side dishes including a fun oden, green tea from a tea ceremony master and a maple cookie, open bar with sake and wine -- good times. Too bad they'll never come again.

I just noticed, Snowhorn has white sclera, doesn't she? And why doesn't my autocorrect know that sclera is a word?

Yup, she does! And her irises will be pink with gold flecks.

>revamp Snax as board mascot

I'm going to have to find a way to integrate the comic comments, ask.fm, and regular board comments into one neat. easily browsable and searchable system. Everything's way too spread out as it is.
Suggestions welcome! ;~;

Lots of serious talk for a bunch of monkeys on a flying space rock if you ask me.

Please accept this caketwerk as consolation.

It's rare to see a dark souls fan maintaining hope...what's your secret hex master !

It's all this humanity I harvested in Upper Blighttown. The delicious cries of falling newbies keeps me warm at night... Kukukuku~!

So do you think people who have "irrational hope" are silly?

No, I think irrational hope is part of what keeps us kicking on this planet. It's a great evolutionary advantage that occasionally interacts in strange or unhelpful ways with other capacities we have, but that goes for all our capacities.

Isn't a pragmatist just a nice way of saying you're a defeatist?

Ah, I mean pragmatist in the philosophical sense of the word.
But I'm also a pragmatist in the normal sense of the word. I believe you have to deal with reality as it is, account for the fact that deeply held incompatible desires exist amongst people, and remove the idea that victories and defeats are the projections or entanglements of overarching powers (historical, spiritual, moral, whatever) to which we are ultimately answerable. If you want to call that defeatist, you're free to do so.
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Would you consider yourself a pessimist? In the philosophical tradition. You seem like you would enjoy The Conspiracy Against the Human Race by Thomas Ligotti, that is if you haven't read it already. If you have: thoughts? If you haven't and you do: I am so, so sorry.

I'd consider myself a pragmatist (nominalist, functionalist, historicist, subject naturalist) that subscribes to the "from the crooked wood of man nothing straight can be made" view. Basically the view that we shouldn't expect all the pieces to fit together nicely because the pieces are, in fact, piecemeal attempts of a natural creature to interact with the world in a beneficial way, not fundamental pieces of the world revealed by a supernatural light of reason. And if the inability of those pieces to fit together nicely causes us pain, that's the way it is. We will be in pain.
I'll check out the book, thanks. =3=
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Maybe you should have like a forum section on your site then we could comment to hearts content instead of spamming your ask fm with non himehorn based questions, dunno if that'd even be possible though

There's a dead forum -- maybe it's time to revamp it and integrate questions somehow...

I'd say that there's a difference between existentialism, which seems more >this is your life, make of it what you will, and >life is always bad and getting worse, you know? It's definitely got a more depressive bent. But then I'm daft and young-ish and might be misunderstanding everything who knows

If only ask.fm had some kind of comment system...

Thoughts on Asano's work in general? Like it, dislike it, think it all should burn the the fires of hell etc?

Great stuff. Very touchy feely and "confessional" for my taste, but that's just my taste. Also lots of photoshopped backgrounds, but whatever, you only have so much time and labour on hand (plenty of visual novels do the same thing) and it works for the real-life settings he works in and looks great.
I thought Nijigahara Holograph was his best work and he was very wise to not tread that same ground again.
He has gave an interview about Dead Dead Demon's Dededededestruction where he said he realized that regular folks had it quite bad enough and that he thought it wasn't much use to tell people how bad thing are in his writing, so he's going to try his hand at moe and build a refuge for such people. I'm looking forward to tracking his works as he continues to evolve and change his mind about things. An interesting person.

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I don't think either Dan or Asano is really nihilistic. Or, they're both as nihilistic as existentialism? Both bodies of work are about the uncaring world and the individual, but I get a thread of hopefulness in it? It ends badly, but the journey and the possibilities matter more than the ending.

Posting as is without comment.

Dan, did something happen that makes you have all these downer views, if you don't mind me calling them that? It's, uh, pretty intense.

Nothing happened, really! I had a very smooth and uneventful childhood. And actually, I don't consider it a downer view... I think it's sorta romantic in its own way. Here's this tiny creature doing its best to live as it slides the jagged slopes of an impossibly vast world that is utterly indifferent to its cries. There it is - then a blink, and it's gone.
But then again, maybe I've been in my own head so long that I've lost sight of what folks take to be a downer or not.

Would you count Asano Inio (Nijigahara Holograph, Oyasumi Punpun) among your influences? Asano's works evoke a sense of ineffable strangeness at the margins of life, like the sense of the world being intimately connected and utterly overwhelming, and I get the same vibe from your work.

Thanks for that most kind and generous assessment, anon. I don't think I'd count him as an influence though -- amongst a host of differences, I think we have a big difference on the issue of tragedy. He seems to believe that there is something magical, beautiful and redemptive in tragic suffering -- that just below the surface of our everyday world is a hidden network of pain of beauty that could be perceived if only we could blast away that surface with suffering and if we could just get in touch with that hidden world then we get in touch with ourselves... but it's so painful that we can't, and we turn away, only to be drawn back again. There's this weird yo-yo of pain and revelation.
I don't share this view. I think the world is petty and barren and suffering comes without purpose and reveals nothing. The tragedy is that we crave another world that doesn't exist -- one that's like Inio's world, where the pain comes with something else to balance it out. A world where there fabric of reality has a thread of justice -- or at least a pattern. For me, there's no yo-yo, only a sharp decent peppered with whatever laughs and comforts we can manage to temporarily cling to along the way.

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What is The Pact? In what consist?

You'll find out about the pact pretty soon. The himehorns are going to try their best at some rules-lawyering.

" their true form would instantly shatter the mind of any mortal that gazed upon them" Lovecraft too much maybe?

The comfiest of elder gods...! A being with eyebrows beyond space and time...!
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