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Hey Dan, Chad here. I think Darkcake is still traumatized by whatever the "doll thing" is. She threw out all of the envelopes and letters that you sent her that she keeps under her pillow. I fished them all out of the garbage afterwords in case she wants them back in the future. But what did you do?

She still have those old letters? They must be years old...
Anyway, I'm sure Darkcake will get over it. She always does.
Also stay away from my almost a cutest, McHugehands. She's a good girl who works hard every day and she doesn't have time to be distracted by you! >: T

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Hey Dan, Chad here. Something happened with Darkcake, but she won't tell me what. She only mumbled something about you and a doll. I tried to cheer her up by offering to get you to see her, but that only made things worse.

Why is Chad such a good guy? God dammit. Screw you, Chad.

Assuming you've taken 30 seconds to reply to each of these asks, you've spent about 55 hours of your life talking about frosting, cucks, chad, cutest, and art motivation. How does that make you feel?

That's nothing. I've already spent about 60 hours on Disgaea 5. I have like 600 hours on Dark Souls. How many hours have I spent drawing cartoon butts? How many on dead-end comics? How many have I spent on stupid free to play games and cut features?
Compared to all that, the frosting and cuckposts are nothing.

From all the fictional characters you know from anime, manga, etc... Which character is most like you? (appearance, personality, etc.)

Which one is the most a cuckest?
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If your waifu is cucking you, and already knows about your unfaithfulness, why not put the happiness of your estranged daughteru first?

Because I'm human garbage, anon. You know that.

Do you have a preference for certain types of ASMR vids?

The_Real_Evil_Steve’s Profile PhotoEvil Steve
I like crinkle and sand sounds.
Surprisingly, I don't like the ones with 3DPDs acting all muu~ =3= and cutesy.
Ephemeral Rift and MassageASMR are right in my strike zone.

> I... I mean never! Period! I would never do that! > Darkcake. Why do you lie?

... ... I'm kidding my almost a cutest! Ha ha, don't give me that face... ah... don't cry either... really, stop it! Darkcake!
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I want you to cheat on Sakura with me. I want you to stick your rolling pin in my chocolate dispenser Dan.

Never again!
I... I mean never! Period! I would never do that! M-my super a cutest... stop giving me that look... please...
I want you to cheat on Sakura with me I want you to stick your rolling pin in my

>Running off to Danmark with patreon $ | Dan plz. If you're feeling boxed in by obligations consider this your permission to set them aside for a bit and draw what you want for awhile. Or not. Creative work can leave little energy for creative play. But know that we'll support you in whatever you do

Thanks, man. I'll be reaching a crossroads real soon. I should prepare myself for what's coming next and think of a reasonable contingency plan if things don't work out.

So Deculture is starting a new quest as a sort of break from the heavy unhappynesss of MGNQ. Will you be following Girls und Titans?

Virado255’s Profile PhotoVirado
I guess!
I still need to do that thread 300 pic... but honestly, I'm kinda tired, too.
I want to draw comics again...
Maybe I really will just quit, do comics until the money runs out, and then get on a boat and cash out somewhere...


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