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Your perfect Sunday breakfast?

A nice jambon crepe with coffee, or maybe a nice almond chocolatine with coffee (what I just had now), or bagel and lox with creme cheese... and coffee. Sausage and panckes are good too. Some nice toast and butter... pretty much any kind of breakfast food is good.

Please explain to me categorically the difference between a Waifu and an imaginary girlfriend.

Flight of Snail
An imaginary GF ]is an independent energy force. By combining it with para-magic, it is possible to control tremendous energy. Memory loss is a possible side effect, but this has not been proven as of yet. You can junction a GF to your character so it can gain AP and abilities. You can also summon them during combat.
MAI WAIFU is PERFECT and a SUPER A CUTEST but can also be junctioned to various characters and earn AP. ;_____;

Did you have anything to do with the new Might and Magic Showdown?

I know a programmer on the team though. =w=

>cupcake actually fighting another magical girl | This is some kind of joke, right? I mean, I WANT to believe she's capable of it but I just CAN'T! Not unless they're as vain as her, stealing her attention, and even then wouldn't she take a single hit before asking her fanboys to 'pls do a kill her'

HeatherCrunch’s Profile PhotoHeather F. Crunch
She'd fight them by destroying their reputation online. Her followers will believe anything she says... she's a cutest and a best, after all.


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