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Do you find it hard to write comedic comics? Like knowing if it's funny, e.t.c

I pretty much write my jokes for myself. If it seems funny to me at the time, that's what I go with.
The comics are kind of an internal monologue the reader can listen in on if they want. I don't worry too much about whether other people find it funny or not. If the do enjoy it, I'm glad, though.
I think most folks tend to have a trusted buddy that they test jokes out on. If you have a friend and you can make each other laugh, you've got it made.
Beyond all that, though, there's a bit of a formula and pace to jokes -- especially 4komas. Just follow the formula and you can do alright.
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I like intimidating women. Would my heart be accepted as an offering to Enna?

How can she accept as an offering what already belongs to her?

Can we get bikky x enna in a prequel/ AU thing cause I think it'd be super cute?

Definitely. Bikky and Enna go way back. You might find their relationship a bit surprising...
But you'll have to wait for details. ;w;
Dammit I gotta get these himehorn strips done so I can finish Vampire Bride...!!

"they'll never take the Sakura in my heart." Just wait for the McHugeHands doujin

>: T ....!!
My waifu would never betray me like that!! Right my super a cu-- .... MY SUPER A CUTEST?!
theyll never take the Sakura in my heart 
Just wait for the McHugeHands doujin
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You enjoy reading doujins of Sakura so do you enjoy being NTR'ed?

They can do whatever they like to the Sakura on the page... they'll never take the Sakura in my heart. <3
You enjoy reading doujins of Sakura so do you enjoy being NTRed
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Hello there. Have you ever played the Shin Megami Tensei: Persona game series? If so, are you hyped about P5? Also, if you had a Persona, how do you think it would be?, and your Shadow?

Hey, anon!
I've played P4, P4: Golden, and about 25% of P3 ( dropped it when I got to the wheel of fortune boss ). I'm hyped as fuck for P5.
Anyway, my persona would Dankimakura, a gross, strained body-pillow version of myself.
My shadow version would be a more narcissistic, pretentious version of myself that attacks with black pages (mudo).
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Hello, a confused anon here. I want to know more about Darkcake and Cupcake! I just found a kinda hikikomori comic about cupcake, but thats all... and I don't even know where are or who are Darkcake or...the other one?, that I just read about in your ask, but never saw a drawings of her.

Cupcake is my pastry daughter. Sakura is her mother.
Darkcake is her pastry half-sister from another mother. Darkcake studies and works hard every day. She's a good girl.
She doesn't have a comic yet (except the shut-in one and this abandoned comic: http://manga.clone-army.org/viewer.php?series=graveyard_cupcake&page=2&lang=english&HUDoff= ) but I'll get to her story eventually! For now, she's kind of like a mascot character. ;w;
Anyway, she is still my a cutest and a best =3= muu~
Hello a confused anon here I want to know more about Darkcake and Cupcake I just
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Cupcake, you should come over and play with my daughteru, Cabbage-chan, sometime! You'd get along well! You both like the computer and phone so much, even at the dinner table, haha.

Dear Mr. Anonymous,
This is Darkcake. Thank you for writing. My sister has been playing through the Metal Gear Solid games for the last 87 hours straight. She's still on Snake's Revenge. I'm afraid she'll be indisposed for the foreseeable future, but I'll be happy to pass your message along.
My regards to your daughter, Cabbage.
Thank you for writing,
Cupcake you should come over and play with my daughteru Cabbagechan sometime

Do you call it solitude, do you call it liberty, when all the world turns away to leave you lonely?

You know, I never watched .hack. Never watched SOA, either. And i didn't really like The Matrix.
Maybe if they were trapped in a harem VN I'd be more interested...

SEMPAI! I have come from the future to observe your defection to the dark side of the games industry! THEY CALL ME THE O-800. THE 'OBSERVINATOR'. How does knowing that you are the future make you feel?

SEMPAI I have come from the future to observe your defection to the dark side of

How do you avoid wasting hundreds of gigabytes of storage space by saving every picture you find remotely cute or sexy, because you are afraid they will one day disappear from the Internet and you'll never be able to find them again?

You don't. You wait for hard drive prices to drop and keep going.
Don't stop. Never stop archiving.


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