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Defectivehorn Apostle here. YES! Yes horns can sense Ghosts! Seems like I can too! Musclehorns fear them the most because they can't punch them! We are not going back there again! We are all staying inside this Halloween.

Happy Hallowe'en, Defective Horn Apostle!!

5/5 I will test this out tonight by taking a few braver horns with me to places that have been known to be haunted and see if they react to them. Wish me luck.

Horns can still be scared of course. Just take a haremhorn hunting for treeworms... she'll nearly have a heart attack every time... ha ha ha!

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4/? Now that brings up questions I had not pondered yet. Do Himehorns believe in ghosts? Do they even see/sense ghosts? Have they encountered dangerous monsters/non humans before? They sure act like they do.

There are no such things in the records of the herd -- at least, not in any form that a nohorn would recognize. Perhaps the psychology of the horns isn't formed to split the world between "spirit, body, and world" as we nohorns do. Perhaps it's something like "horns, herd, world". The spooky thing for them might be the idea of a herd with no horns in it, or a horn with no herd rather than a spirit with no body...
Very interesting!!
4 Now that brings up questions I had not pondered yet Do Himehorns believe in

3/? The earth herds appear to take the holiday of Halloween seriously. My herd is currently preparing a, well, offering table of sorts outside the underground complex we had dug for them. They told me they will leave snacks on it for the "bad nohorns" to take leave them alone.

Poor horns... perhaps this is a leftover behaviour from the early days of The Pact. ;_;

2/? Late summers tend to be dry around here, so now that fall is here, the rains have returned and the mud pits are restored. Mud and leaf covered Musclehorns are happy horns. The other horns, not so much. I did find one new tradition my herds have here on earth.

Muhuhu~ =w=
2 Late summers tend to be dry around here so now that fall is here the rains

Defectivehorn Apostle here. Well fall has returned and the herd is gathering in the harvest from the fields and forest. They really know how to find and store food for the winter. Even the musclehorns are happy now that the dry season is over. 1/?

Hello again, Defectivehorn Apostle!
Yes, this is a horn specialty. In the times before they lived in the caves this skill was used even more extensively. In the current age, horns within the caves they mostly store highly perishable foods that are "seasonal" (though the caves don't exactly have seasons) such as hot water squids that are packed full of eggs during their mating season. A true delicacy!

what if the himehorns formed superherds? (short video followed by an attenborough video) https://youtu.be/cqECNYmM23A https://youtu.be/RdPsVpD6b08

Entirely possible. In certain areas of the Witch Caves there is enough room for herds to grow to UNNATURALLY LARGE sizes. Sometimes I wonder if the Southern Witch Apostle doesn't have a bit of a NEET personality -- a quiet homebody that likes to keep and tend to her herds like some tend to their ant colonies...
what if the himehorns formed superherds

short video followed by an attenborough

4/4 I suspect that herds that live deeper in the wilderness and the witch cave herds might not to even want to drive a car. I will try them out on motorcycles in the future. My horns might be much quicker to learn new things than I thought.

Horns may ever be the same again if some of these horns ever get back to Big Egg through the witch caves. I wonder what the future will bring...

3/? The musclehorns can sit just fine. They need to be trained to dial down their strength or they will break the car parts. The rest is up to each horn's aptitude in driving. I am thinking they catch on quickly is due to their frequent exposure to them.

Musclehorns in musclecars. What do you think, Defectivehorn Apostle?
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2/? So I thought, what else could they learn to do? So I took them out to a fallow farm field and see if they could learn how to drive a car. I got a mixed results from it. The horn mothers often can't properly sit in many hard top cars due to their large horns.

Ha ha ha =w=
2 So I thought what else could they learn to do So I took them out to a fallow

Defectivehorn Apostle here, I've said it before that himehorns are often known to absorb elements from human society and tech. Awhile ago I saw that my daughters teaching several horns to ride my girl's bike. They are rather good at riding one. 1/?

Hello, Defective Horn Apostle!
I am answering many of your reports in one sitting. For some reason I feel filled with energy today. Perhaps recovering from a long illness has focused my attention and energy.
If your horns are riding bikes, PLEASE do not let the hornmothers ride. Their sense of balance is somewhat underdeveloped compared to haremhorns and musclehorns, and they have their delicate eggs inside. Taking a tumble will be no good for them. ;w;

5/5 Oh yea, I introduced my Horns to Upper Michigan Pasties. They absolutely LOVE them! More so the musclehorns who have the meat they crave, yet much of the veggies they need too.

Delicious! I'm sure the musclehorns don't even notice the veggies. Perhaps the haremhorns will learn a new trick from this... ha ha ha. =w=

4/? Oh,, btw my vacation spot was up in the Keweenaw peninsula of Michigan. It's a nice quiet corner of the world near nature and full of history... and soon to new herd colonies. The upside is that it is VERY easy to get a lot of restful sleep there. All my horns slept well up there.

A peaceful place for horns. =w=

3/? So no matter where I go, my herd will follow me. I am really starting to think I am more than human at this point. Still, the vacation was a good one and I scouted out a bunch of abandoned copper mines that would work well to house more herds.

Being able to meet with a Great Witch like Great Witch Algis already puts you far beyond the realm of mere norhorns. Your Apostle Nature has surely fully manifested by now. The horns at your side are truly lucky and happy horns!

2/? I couldn't drive a truck big enough to haul them all with me, so I had to leave them back home. After awhile I could sense where they were and how their situation was. The whole herd moved in mass into the witch cave and found a path way to near my summer home!

A truck full of horns... I would like to see that!
That reminds me of a story I heard about a certain nohorn that had a gamerhorn in her house. Perhaps a similar scene is already recorded in the Herd Records somewhere...?

Defectivehorn Apostle here, My Vacation was rather nice. In late summer, the bugs and temps are comfortably low. I also found out a new thing my Apostle state has given me. My herd can hear me and know how to reach me no matter how far away I am. 1/?

Hello again, Defectivehorn Apostle!
This sounds even worse than having a pager for work... how do you handle hundreds of demanding horns?! ;w;

5/5 Still, cupcake is happy now, and now I have horns of all types and they are not working well together yet. I have to do something with them or the situation will get worse. My muscle horns are getting agitated over the wrong herds already.

Having multiple herds live together in close quarters is a recipe for trouble. Even your apostle powers may be inadequate to the task, as the HERD NATURE of the herd runs deep.
Good luck, Apostle!

3/? I did tell her not to use magic to make him love her, but I don't know if she can do that or not. Besides combat magic, she is evasive to me about her magical skill set. If you can tell me what she is capable of, I would like to know more about it.

It's never been terribly clear to me. As far as I can tell her power is gathering attention and extracting money from those who give her attention.
In the right circumstance it's actually incredibly powerful. Though it does seem to have the side effect of degrading her personality over time. My hope is that her time in your lands and amongst your herds will round out some of the sharp edges that have developed.

2/? granted those are cave herds and not my wild herds, but still. Oh yea, Cupcake got herself a lucky break. After she returned, she found out that her crush's girlfriend turned out to be no good and those two broke up. He's single now and cupcake's hopes are renewed.

Then my hopes are DESTROYED

Defectivehorn Apostle here, Sorry for taking awhile to send you more reports. Coming back from vacation and meeting Algis in person tends to have work piled up. Now I am not only getting defective horns, but normal horns who are often lone survivors after templars killed their herds. 1/?

Hello, Defective Horn Apostle!
My apologies as always as I have allowed your reports to pile up. My cakewitch powers have been strange and unstable lately. Perhaps the time is coming when I will ascend and depart these lands, as the Southern Witch once did, long ago...
In any case, I am happy to see you have returned safely from your meeting with the Great Witch Algis. If only I could say the same for the horns that have met with her Templar...

6/6 I'll give you another report about that vacation later. My kids and horns need me now.

I'll respond to your next report (already queued up) tomorrow. Even a greatest cakewitch needs to sleep.
Until next time, Defective Horn Apostle!

5/? Thankfully getting out of her lands didn't give us any problems. My nerves are shot from the stress of it all. Any wrong move could have started a blood bath. Still, it didn't take long to do all of it so me and my family took a vacation we all needed.

Well done, Defective Horn Apostle. Even the 44444th captain wet herself (but only as a child) when encountering the Great Witch Algis.
Enjoy your vacation! I'm going on vacation as well!

4/? I think she is angling for a trade deal with me. I take it she needs something she can't get on the Big egg but I can get. Not sure yet, but it could be that. I agreed to continue talks with her later so I think the templar raids might come to a halt for now.

Perhaps it's healthy soil?
A gardening witch can plant and harvest and maintain a garden, but ultimately a garden must work with the materials on hand. Though the branch produces fruit for the gardener, it IS the branch that produces the fruit. And the branch sprouts from the soil. Perhaps there's a dual loyalty there that the even the templars do not fully acknowledge...


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