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so when is cupcake's birthday?

Whenever she feels like it. You're going to giev her a caek thing & presents rite
bc shes a super cutest rite!!
ok its her burstay ;))

What's with the || in Mother||Child? And is "or The Tower" a subtitle or, like, a name you might choose to go to instead? Please explain further

|| <-- that's the tower
"or: The Tower" is the alternative/secondary title.

what artist would you like to ~art fight~ with

Cupcake drawing with crayon on a big sheet of brown paper on the floor. We can draw it together! Cupcake can draw a reel a caek thing ok and I'll draw the monsters.
Why is she not real ;~;

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What program do you use to drawstream? Or stream anything on your PC? I'm currently using Livestream, is it better or worse than what you use?

Dimunsis’s Profile PhotoDimunsis
I use xsplit -- I don't know enough about streaming or the software to say which is better than which in what situation, though.

I've seen you call the sword wielded by the mother a "gravity blade". What exactly does that entail?

Massive recoil, shockwaves that interact with the environment, 'rocket-jumps', and it's possible to parry everything: projectiles, beam weapons, other blades, etc. However, the shockwave and gravity attacks can't actually kill enemies -- you need to use it to set up an opportunity to use your uncharged (physical only) blade attack.
Example: flip a huge walking tank like an oversized turtle by getting underneath it and using a max-charged attack (a shockwave). Now you'll be able to walk on top of its belly (watch the legs) and stab it in the core with your normal attack.
There may also be enemies that just can't be killed normally -- you'll need to trap them or push them off ledges using a bit of creativity... the gravity blade will be your way to interact with objects at a distance in these kinds of situations...

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Why must you encourage the incorrect use of the term NTR?

Are you upset that I NTR'd your use of the word 'NTR'?
Its meaning will never go back to the way it was before how does it feel

...No, dummy. I don't want a printed COMIC KS. I want the SOCKS. Like actual socks. Get with the program, geeze lol

Liked by: Artemi

Two questions! Have you ever been in a fist fight? And what's your favorite and least favorite anime?

Several, but only as a kid/teenager.
Fav: Evangelion for turning me on to anime, Cardcaptor Sakura for keeping me hooked.
Least fav: Nazca. Absolutely the worst everything, more cringes per minute than anything I've ever seen. Just try and watch it. You can't. No one can. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tg0hL6LU6KICloneManga’s Video 114899273074 Tg0hL6LU6KICloneManga’s Video 114899273074 Tg0hL6LU6KI

Do you actually want to eat peanut butter and pickle sandwiches, or was that just a metaphor?

Give it a try with both sour and sweet pickles. Or try hot pickles. Not too thinly sliced. You may be surprised... or it may be exactly what you expect, ha ha ha.

Why do you only ever draw grimdark/grimderp and sad and depressing stuff? Makes it very hard to like your work.

Tomoyo42, HH, April & May (& June), NNN, PXI -- I don't think any of those were grimdark, sad, or depressing. Classic T42R was literally edgy teenage stuff, but lately it has stuff like Dakiko-chan. April & May was just sex comedy. NNN and PXI were artsy-fartsy vanity pieces.
Anyway, you're welcome not to like the comics. There are plenty of reasons not to, though I honestly think that reasons are beside the point when it comes to taste. To me, the comics are like peanut butter and pickle sandwiches -- the're what I want to eat and restaurants aren't selling 'em, so I have to make 'em myself. No matter how hard I work at 'em, they're not really going to have wide appeal, I don't expect them to, and that's not really the point in the first place.

Do you ever compare yourself to other artist and get bummed out?

Petty vanity. Your dedication should be to your work and admit no judge but itself.
Oh, boo hoo, that guy has a better rock and better arms to push it with! Gosh, I wish I could push THAT rock! Shut up, your rock is right before you, that's the whole world right there. Everything you could move is right before you -- you could move /all that/ and you're looking elsewhere!

Alright well I'm going to bed, thanks for putting up with all my questions, I'm hype/10. (I know this isn't a question but I wanted to say thanks anyways)

Ok, cake it easy!

what loomis book are for start with

Depends what you want to do. Can't prescribe medicine without knowing the disease first.
If you don't know what you want to do, start with figure drawing.

If there's a definite end, how long would a single playthrough take, roughly? Will there be lore? The deepest lore?

I can't answer the playtime question without giving away spoilers.
Lore will be deepest and spookiest. No textdumps, environments and gameplay only. (for example, it may be possible to venture to the outer skin of The Tower and see something spooky... and you may notice certain things about the way day and night comes... and what lurks in the dark... and where do children really come from, anyway...? Who controls the builders? Where did the tower come from? Where does it go? What is the corruption? Why are enemies trying to capture children anyway? Why is 'that' at the top of the tower...?) And maybe if you don't climb the tower -- if you climb DOWN... well... who knows what you'll find...?

If you take too long to climb, is it possible that the distance to the top could increase? (eg. The Builders outbuilding your pace?)

Hmm... that might be a bit much, I think. Maybe something like that could happen in levels, though -- builders may be breaking down a bridge in one place while putting one up somewhere else, for example...

Man you'd think they'd indicate a character limit, what got chopped off was: ...as your maps could be different? If there's invasion, is there also co-op? I hope I'm not being annoying with all these questions and everything but I want to know more things 'cause it sounds really promising

I want there to be multiplayer and I'll design the maps and mechanics with that in mind, but the core single player experience will have to be built first. As a minimum I want dead mothers and daughters to appear as harvestable materials in other players' games -- or corrupted versions of abandoned daughters may appear as enemies in both your game and the games of others...
There are other, more cosmetic touches I want to add, too -- like seeing another player far in the background, walking around, unreachable... ... you can use your sonar or light signals to gesture/communicate a bit and feel less alone. Maybe your daughter will gesture, too? It could also be quite heart-warming to see another 'campfire' far in the distance at night...

How will the tower's generation work as you progress? Seeded random? Specific stages?

Mostly likely handmade blocks connected by randomized mega-rooms, but I'm not totally clear on this yet. In any case, you have to head up. By taking a lift, climbing a wall, catching a ride on a wandering Builder, blasting a hole through the Megastructure, working your way up through a series of corrupted factory pipes... just head up. There should be some sharp breaks in geography or specific "lift" stages to give a sense of progress, though -- (e.g. things are always getting more and more rainy, then colder and colder... then darker and darker until all you can see are the stars...)
Always be climbing.


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