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Why aren't you and finalcake friends yet? When can I can expect this to be rectified so I can anticipate the flavor of delicious pastry collabs?

We've never met or talked.

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If Cupcake is your waifu and Pancaek is your daughteru, then where does Darkcake fall into the scenario? Mistress?

Mysterious rival from the town across the river. She's always posting mean comments on my a cutest's video blogs! Stop it, darkcaek!
She is actually a second daughteru from a mistress, Reverse Sakura.
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>warm cider Ugh, unfollowed unsubscribed unliked reported called the cops smashed my hard drive set the house on fire and flooded the town

My cider recipe:
1) apple cider
2) cinnamon
3) apple slices
4) nutmeg
5) spiced rum
6) your tears

What holiday gift would make you really happy?

I want to wake up and see Cupcake playing downstairs with her new caekstation5 and see little Pancaek helping her mom bake cookies. Then I start up a fire in the fireplace, pop open some warm cider, and enjoy the day.
That'll never happen though.
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What is the single most important thing to bring with you into the dungeon?

In order:
1) warp wire
2) plenty of medica
3) five dark hunters
It's going to be a long night in labyrinth.
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No! I'm going to rebel and give you Vampire Princess and Bicky fanart!!!! (Btw do those two have ref sheets)

I have this turnaround for the bat ... that's it. ;w;
No Im going to rebel and give you Vampire Princess and Bicky fanart Btw do those
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How do you get good at anatomy stuff?

Step 1: foundational knowledge
Make sure you know what you're actually trying to draw. You should know (roughly) how muscles interact,, how bones interact, what kind of proportions are acceptable, etc.
Step 2: practical knowledge
See how others apply this knowledge. I nice way to practice is to get excellent line drawings and try modifying the image very slightly one line at a time to see why they chose to draw the line that way in precisely that way and place. Think of it as taking apart a clock or radio -- see how each part works and then reassemble (draw it yourself).
Read your Loomis. Check out how good animators draw their stuff (I consult Sushio and Yoh Yoshinari).
Step 3: Practice
Remember that drawing is a motor skill as much as a knowledge skill. Until you burn those circuits in you won't be able to do what you want to do. Be methodical and relentless in your training. Don't panic. It will come.
A general tip for drawing:
Don't be afraid to start your projects NOW instead of waiting to get "good" at drawing. You'll never feel good enough for your project. Only working on your project will make you good. Use your current project as a training ground for your next project.
Good luck!

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I'm sure you've answered this a million times before but is there going to be a Vampire Bride book eventually?

Yup! A special companion book to the webcomics with encyclopaedia entries, some original comics (Vicky origin story, cute batsocks side story, Slice of Life 4komas) , design works, and some pack-in stuff like a stuffed bat and Vicky's Lifescarf.
That's the plan, anyway.
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scuse u all cake is cake pls be a respec all caek darkcake is cake too checkk ur doneness privledgege

Go back to bunblr
ur not a caek
get ovr it burntbun

>Darkcake: [tanlines] [dark skin] [white hair] [heart-shaped pupils] [melty mouth] [twintails] [spats] [tomboy] Is this still happening Dan is it is it



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