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2/? I took a GPS device with me, I left it off while inside. It probably wouldn't work in there. But it was a life saver when we emerged from the many exits we found. One exit left it in the Ural Mountains in Russia, another was under a water fall in Pakistan....

.... ?!

Defectivehorn Apostle here, Sorry for being gone for awhile. After taking care of my family, I decided to barrow some Musclehorns, @muscle_Horn too, and enough horns to keep them in line and go find out how far the Witch caves go on Earth. 1/?

Defective horn Apostle returns!
The witch caves are dangerous for those who are not apostles or under the care of an apostle. They extend seemingly and even following your path backwards may not return you to where you began. A strange place that leads to stranger places.

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4/4 The witch caves may yet be far more spread out than I had thought. Looks like I will have to do more explorations to find out how far they go. For once I am seriously worried.

Careful not to wander in too deeply. Normally only an Apostle can navigate her way through the caves without getting lost... but since you're a defective horn apostle, maybe you'll be alright...?

3/? When she was a smallhorn, her herd WAS in Africa at Mt. Kilimanjaro and most of the artworks was what they took from there! THE HERDS CAN GET TO OTHER PLACES ON EARTH! I was hoping to contain the herds here around my home. but that may not be the case.

The witch caves seem to lead everywhere... well, they are the natural path to Enna's Domain, after all.

Defectivehorn Apostle here, The wild herds tend to salvage decorations and what nots from human families. Often from what is thrown out or abandoned, they are far more easy to nab and run off with. So I had noticed a variety of odds and ends among the herds. 1/?

Haremhorns and hornmothers can be pretty curious (mostly when they are smallhorns) and are easily entranced by little gadgets. If the Apostle gives a horn a fun little toy, she might hide it in her hidden snack pile. ;w;

2/? But the wild herds have started to pick up music from the humans culture as well. With my own herd, the damaged herd and the local herd near me are already adopting and adapting what I and my family likes to hear too.

H-horn idols?!
2 But the wild herds have started to pick up music from the humans culture as

Defectivehorn apostle here, It's been stated before that the herds have music ingrained into their state of mind and society. The witch cave herd have their own songs and music they play. the Wild herds on Earth have generally imported that with them when they moved over. 1/?

Herd music in the caves tends to be pretty simple -- mostly badly out of tune singing from hornmothers and loud tapping on plates and bowls as they wait for food. ;ww;
Defectivehorn apostle here Its been stated before that the herds have music

When you got sick, we all worried about you. Now that you're well, you're producing updates like crazy. Should we get you sick more often?

The_Real_Evil_Steve’s Profile PhotoEvil Steve
Being really sick puts the fear of death into me!! That means more comics!!
Also I think a short vacation, a change of location, and finishing a major project at work really helped. I will probably take another very long comic-making vacation near the end of the year. Maybe a whole month...!!

I'm kinda curious, why is everyone recommanding Loomis? Because it's that good? Because it's free? Because you get "everything in one package"? All of the above? Something else? Surely we have more recent material with improved teaching methods and whatnot.

It's good material presented in an unpretentious and easy-to-learn way and just an overall great entry point. If you happen to find something better, give a shout so it can be shared more widely.

4/4 In other news, I did find one of the herds somehow successfully plant and grow a herd tree here on Earth. Yet still it does not grow as quick or as large at it does on their homeworld. The herd trees might live on, but be unable to have them live inside them as they use to do.

What is this? A herdtree for ants?!
44 In other news I did find one of the herds somehow successfully plant and grow

3/? After they brought them back to me, I had them stripped of their weapons and equipment, Gave them a warning in no uncertain terms to not return, and had them tossed back into the witch caves. The Templar teams stopped so far after that.

Oh... I'm sure those sisters were severely punished.
Some sisters secretly enjoy the punishments, however. ;w;
3 After they brought them back to me I had them stripped of their weapons and

Defectivehorn Apostle here, After last time's problem of too many musclehorns and not enough to keep them busy, the Templars show up on my world with a number of exploration/hunter teams to go after my herds. Perfect timing. 1/?


... How good are the templars' prosthetics, anyhow? I assume they're pretty spartan, so no fancy touchy stuff unless that's really easy to do? But are they a hindrance/over-heavy/etc.?

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If a templar sister is terribly injured in battle, she may receive a prosthetic from one of three sources: from the white witch herself in the form of a boon (normally received during the warp festival and the quality depends on the quality of the offering made and goodness of the branch to be mended), from the West House (usually somewhat limited or quirky in construction -- the west house sisters are not very good at fine craft-work), and those handed down from another sister. In the last case, the original source is either a boon or the west house, and the fit may not be quite right.
Prosthetics are actually rather rare, and any sister that sustains such an injury on the field usually dies. Only her vessel is returned to soil of the garden. Those who return from the field alive are usually whole, but probably scarred.
Bikky's arm is a bit of an odd case, but that's a story for another time.

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How good are the templars prosthetics anyhow I assume theyre pretty spartan so


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