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Leaving her other great characteristics to a side, do you think Darkcake is the sexiest of your characters? If not, who is it?

It might be Maria Starlight if you go by classic beauty.
She's canonically the strongest and (back when she was 17) the most beautiful magical girl ever in the VB megauniverse. Christmascake Maria Starlight is also good, and the 44444th captain is a very close second (she's a bit more frumpy though).
Darkcake is obviously my mostest almost a cutest though.
Leaving her other great characteristics to a side do you think Darkcake is the

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How do you create the script/scenario of your comics ? I've some problem with the way of writing it, do u have some tips ?

I always start with a central idea or area of fuzziness that I want to get clear on. For example, with NNN it was the limits of language and art and coming to grips with that limitation -- for Vampire Bride it's all about what happens after and in between The Big Adventure and the urge to extract or construct narrative structures out of non-narrative reality (ironically VB is also an exercise in world building).
From there I just try to use the comic itself as a way to get clear on those issues. The criteria is always: is the script/story/section/etc. an accurate log of my attempt to tangle with the problem? If yes, good enough, I keep it. Note that tangling with the problem is not the same as solving it and even making progress with it. The value for me lies in cataloguing the fight, not winning it, as there is no winning when it comes to these sorts of things.
As for practical how-to: I use onenote to break apart sections then iterate, iterate, iterate until the issues and scenes gets clearer. It can be quite high level or at the level of frame transitions... but I think everyone has to find their own method that works for them in this case. Sometimes I simply lie down in bed and replay scenes in various ways in my head until it 'seems right'. There I have no real method.
Hrmm... sorry I wasn't much help here. If I get clearer on this later I'll post about it again...
Good luck, anon!

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>my purseowner five waifu || For shame, Dan! Could you imagine how Sakura will feel when I tell her what you've really been doing when you're "working at Yubee"? Her heart will break, and in her desperation, she may even seek comfort in the arms of another...ALL NIGHT LONG.

M-my super a cutest...!! I was just playing around!
I-I mean it was a joke!
Don't look at me with those eyes...!! ;_____;

I don't know, I never visited artists' alleys. Just do whatever setup is best for you.

>comfy bed with PSvita
>sleep though entire con
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