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do you know rpg maker : D ? if yes you know that's a new rpg maker just come out and is ready for preorder :D ?

niokasgami’s Profile PhotoNio Kasgami
Yup, I know about it. I'm not that interested in it, though.

Hey, Dan. We almost reached 20 pages of Raisin's Daily Life. (Saint Blossom Starry Leader had 7)

Holy crap.
Send me the record so I can update the site!
I'll draw some art for it, too. =w=
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Why do himehorns bully nohorns into wanting to murder them? Do they secretly all long for death?

They long for nohorns to go home!
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Is it bad that I suspect I'm being lured into a trap by a rag-tag bunch of kids with AKs, Sempai? 'Cause I'm pretty sure this is a trap...

It's a trap.

Did you play or are willing to play Undertale? tbh it's GOTY.

It's on my to-play list!
I'm working though MGSV, Neptunia V Rebirth: 3, and Etrian Odyssey 2: Untold at the moment.
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>Smallhorns climbing towers to unlock new cake-filled caves || More like himehorn dancing/rhythm game. I fervently believe musclehorns have more moves than they let on.

Let's Stomp!
Stomp your enemies in time to the music to win the haremhorn headpats of your dreams!
With bonus lifting minigame!

They never got to make the game of their dreams./ Or get a good reputation and good colleagues/employees and Kickstarter it. That's how we got Pillars of Eternity, Divinity: Original Sin, Shadowrun Returns, and hopefully that new Battletech game down the line!

Not so easy to take off and chase a dream once you have kids, a mortgage, etc. Also most people who work on a game are nameless/faceless gears in the machine to the public. Can't be helped.
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What are you sacrificing to the Super Blood Moon to stave off our demise for another 30 years?

I'm swallowing a packet of googly eyes and hoping for the best.
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How can you say you love your waifu when you haven't even turned all those adorable noises she makes into a sound board?

I already have those sound clips... in my heart.
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