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In the trash? Do they end up in the Mother||Child trash tower as NPCs, then? See, I can force crossovers!

You're crossing the streams, anon! Never cross the streams!!
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>the white ones are spooky and super-scary STOP OPPRESSING THE WHITE HIMMYHORNS, OTHER HIMMYHORNS! Dan, how could you let this happen

Can't be helped, defective himehorns have to go in the trash. It's for the good of the herd!
the white ones are spooky and superscary  STOP OPPRESSING THE WHITE HIMMYHORNS

>supernatural | Sempai, aren't the himmyhorns 100% all natural? I mean, they exist and interact with the physical world and stuff, so they're natural, right? At least in-universe.

They are 100% natural!
But to the herd a white himehorn is a spooky and super-scary super-wronghorn!
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Dan I have kidnapped Cupcake and you have 3 hours to meet my demands or else she will FUCKING GET IT!!!

Servantey’s Profile PhotoServantey
The joke's on you
she already got it
Dan I have kidnapped Cupcake and you have 3 hours to meet my demands or else she

I tried dreaming my dreams were dreams, senpai, and I got sick and slept till five pm. )=T

Time to switch it up and b on a frost 4 a caek insted
dun let iet ur cream b creams

Do snowhornxnohornhusbando have a sexless relationship or is he the cloaca inspector?

Maybe she uses her tiny snowhorn hands while making the ">: T" face?

Have you ever played Neon Genesis Evangelion: Girlfriend of Steel? The other day the ¨sequel¨ got translated :D

Oh really!
I never played the first one, but I'll check it out...

I didn't buy Paper Eleven in hardcopy back in the day because I was a poor high schooler/poor college student. Is it out of print forever?

For now, yes. I've been meaning to bring it back, but there several sections that were drawn at web resolution and after the high quality NNN books, the quality of the Paper Eleven print is really unacceptable to me.
I'm not really sure how to proceed. Put it back to into print and give the book a warning about some blurry pages? Or redraw pages? Or ... or what? Hmm...
Gotta think it over...
I'm open to suggestions!

Have you ever watched Katanagatari? If not, it's very short and I wholeheartedly recommend it!

I gotta watch it! ;w;

>Imagine Snowhorn singing this||| Is there a dance that goes with it? Other than the No Horn Go Home dance?

I'll draw a picture of it sometime. =w=
Actually, maybe now!
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Do you ever get the artist's envy blues? (The depression that comes from looking at other people's art and wondering why I suck compared to them?)

We all have our own boulder to push, anon. Why look over at the other guy's rock? Your whole world is right there before you, in your hands! Who could ask for anything more?
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