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So many things to create in life, so little time on this Earth. And I seem to be an even slower worker than most people. How do I hold on to the will to continue?

Just think of the crushing regret you will feel if you die with the song still in you just because you got distracted by cat pictures on the internet. What a terrible, terrible joke that would be.

I am interested in this smallhorn leader and her 'No howm gwo howm' platform. Its just what our decadent society needs. I would like to subscribe to her newsletter, please.

Just two planks to her platform:
- Nwo hwon gwo hwom
- DO bwully!!
The common sense reform we've been waiting for!!
I am interested in this smallhorn leader and her No howm gwo howm platform Its

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Love is like evolving your pokeymans, sempai! Getting to the final stage is exciting and fun! But, five or ten levels after, you start to have doubts, and the only things increasing are your statistics...

Seemed more like Twitch Plays Pokemon to me.

Wait, so you're telling me you spent V-Day alone? Why didn't you say so! I would've sent you a cake!

It's okay, anon. I better get used to it!

Love tastes sweet, like you can't get enough. But once it's gone, the aftertaste is terrible and will leave you feeling like shit for a long time. ; w ;

Dimunsis’s Profile PhotoDimunsis
Thanks for the inside scoop.
Love tastes sweet like you cant get enough But once its gone the aftertaste is

"Shit. The icing is terrible." Is this what love tastes like?

I don't know, anon. What does love taste like? Tell me. ;~;

"Are you jealous, anon? =3= " - no, I just want to see some hot cute asian writer with megane on canadian bakery action.

I'll take pictures of my next bakery haul. It may be a while though since I want to save up for that sweet PS4/Bloodborne action. =3=

You seem have mad world building skillz. I...I think I'm jelly. Thank you for providing me a goal to work toward. Here, have some cake... ( ・∀・)っ旦

Thanks, anon! =w=
mommnff mmmph mnnmn
You seem have mad world building skillz II think Im jelly Thank you for

Hey dan. As someone who has worked in the game industry. Do you have any advice on how to break in and not to get chewed up and spit out like old bubble gum?

Make sure you have a respectable degree and some indie projects to show off. A game design degree isn't worth much -- that'll only land you in the bottom of the pack and get you the least interesting work (unless you're a creative stand out like those Portal folks). You're far better off having a serious STEM degree and a portfolio of hobby games you've done on the side. This will also give you way to exit the industry if you decide it's not for you.
A few tips for survival:
1) Manage expectations.
Producing a game has all the quirks and problems of producing a piece of entertainment and a piece of software: divas, politics, marketing and money matters ruling in the meeting room, development hell, loss of creative focus, massive teams where you don't feel like you make any real contribution, work getting cut and dumped and changed for no other reason than a new suit at the top of the ladder needed to make some changes to justify his existence.
And by the way, never expect any appreciation from the players. You won't get it.
You have to enjoy the process of making games and get your satisfaction from that, because most of the time you won't be satisfied with the final product.
2) Remember it's just a job -- don't burn out
I've watched a lot of new guys come in and treat their projects like a work of art. They're excited, which is great, but they'll pour in 12 hours/day weekends and gain 40 pounds only to get their content cut and have their morale crushed. It's a job -- just a job. Unless you're with an exceptional crew and company, remember that. Work hard, play the political game and get that promotion, but don't kill yourself.
3) Don't be afraid to strike out on your own
Most of the time you'll be a cog in a machine working on a project you're half-heartedly interested in. It'll probably be dumbed down to appeal to casuals and widen it's appeal and then be 90% modelled on the last big hit. If you're fine with that, mainstream games are for you. It's a good life -- you can earn 60-90k/year out of the door. But if you got into games to invent, then don't be afraid to go indie and take a risk while you're young. If it flops, you can always work for a company again (I met a few guys who did just that -- then they struck out on their own again).
Well, there's more to say, but you should ask around and get other points of view. I'm never really happy as part of an organization, so my views on survival are heavily skewed by that fact. Hope that helps, though!

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I just started reading and caught up to Vampire Bride today and I really love it, it's super cute and cool.~

Thanks, anon! =w=
I have big plans for the comic... there's a huge world to explore and I want to cover it all!

Do you prefer cupcakes or muffins? What kind is your favorite?

Honestly, I love a good muffin.
There's a bakery across the street that has a great chocolate muffin, and the bakery downstairs does a really nice almond muffin. Mmm. I'll take pictures sometime.


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