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How are himehorns conceived? Thus far all the himehorns we've seen are female!

Are you sure? ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)
Just kidding. The motherhorns don't need to be fertilized - they just plop out eggs. At least that's the going theory in the templar guidebook... but who knows what really happens in a combing circle? What happens in the combing circle stays in the combing circle.

Hypothetically, how would you feel about someone starting a quest in your Vampire Bride setting?

I would love it!
As long as it's not himehorn gangbang and bully quest!
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If a himehorn found a nohorn baby at the edge of a cave, what would they do?

A musclehorn would bring it to a haremhorn.
A haremhorn would probably hide it from the hornmothers and possibly the other haremhorns and try to raise it on her own. Unfortunately, haremhorns don't produce milk and don't know what nohorn babies eat, so it's unlikely that it would survive.
A hornmother, if she's responsible, would simply leave the nohorn baby to die of exposure. It's for the good of the herd.
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Are himehorns' horns made of horn or are they just hair in the shape of horns? Or hair that over time fused together to make horns from hair?

They're actual horns.
What kind of nohorn propaganda have you been reading?

Poor Cupcake, she had the a cutest title stolen by opressed monster girls that don't even have cellphones. Maybe if she got a himecut too, or some horns...

My A Cutest and a Best will always be my a cutest and a best. : T
Poor Cupcake she had the a cutest title stolen by opressed monster girls that

What happens when you rub a himehorn's horn bitterly?

The haremhorns take great care to make sure everyone's horns are nice and clean. No one likes a grimy horn.

>Musclehorns: lifting heavy things and putting them back down again What if they lifted heavy things but didn't put them back down again. WHAT THEN?!

Musclehorn paradise: the eternal lift.
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What sort of things are poisonous to himehorns?

Various plants in their natural habitat, but it's all rather moot since the surface is frozen.
Underground they depend on sacrificial exchanges,scavenging, and hunting/fishing for food. The plants and animals growing in the hot rivers and hot lake support them just fine.

What makes Himehorns the most happy?

Hornmothers: Eating, drinking, smoking, being combed and groomed and pampered, having lots and lots of happy eggs, having nice big comfy nest, funny stories, cool pictures.
Haremhorns: Caring for eggs, hatching eggs, being in a combing circle, sleeping and being lazy, cute smallhorns doing cute things, fresh meat.
Musclehorns: lifting heavy things and putting them back down again, being huge, being in a huge group of huge sisters who lift heavy things and put them back down again, pummelling a greatbeast to death with your bare hands and eating its raw flesh straight off the bone, feeding meat to the haremhorns (it's so cute how they take little tiny mouthfuls and chew a really long time with their little tiny pointy teeth).

What sort of cakes do himehorns like?

The ones with fresh berries are the best. A cheesecake with blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries would be right in a himehorn's strike zone.

I have no interest in lewding a himehorn. Can I just play Smash Bros with them tho

Yes, they would love that.
They would be terrible at it and wouldn't really understand the action but I'm sure they'd enjoy it.

Fiiiiiiiine, just the cuddleslavery then. They like cuddles, right? It's not so bad!

Just leave some cakes at cave entrances. If you're (un)lucky maybe you'll be reincarnated as a himehorn in the next world. =3=
Fiiiiiiiine just the cuddleslavery then They like cuddles right Its not so bad
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