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How does raising your child work? Does she like hold onto you as you go around or does she run around on her own? How much stuff is done automatically and how much do you have to do by hand, like reading that book? Is it all procedurally generated or? If it is, how do invasions work as your maps cou

Child growth:
- hidden stats with behavioural indicators
- pretty much anything you do has an influence, and there are hidden actions
Gameplay influences daughter's hidden stats:
e.g. if you keep dropping her in combat or don't protect her well she can simply jump out of your arms when enemies come close. Or if you keep jumping to ledges she can't reach (instead of carrying her and jumping across) she may sleep further away from you at campfires and reject your stories, food, etc. or start wandering off on her own in the morning.
You can also do explicit stuff like gather particular 'foods' or venture into dangerous areas at night, use sonar a lot -- she'll imitate each of these behaviours in a way that gives small beneficial effects to indicate she's progressing up that skill tree.
Hidden actions:
There's a button you can press to pick up/put down your daughter. HOWEVER. If you hold it down while carrying her you'll do a hug. If you hold it down while standing near her (and not carrying her) you'll do a headpat. You can go through the whole game without doing this. Also, the 'call' button to attract your daughter to you can be used to sing a lullaby at night if you hold it down while she's sleeping and nearby.

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>your musume may become more corrupted - So what are the consequences for raising a corrupt child? What if you don't have a child when you kaput? I am now super interested in these things don't answer if I'm asking too much

>Corrupted child
- Certain enemies will no longer try to capture/kill her while others will become hostile
- Skills undergo mutation when she grows up
- different areas may be accessible
- When she grows up, she can only gain a daughter of her own by invading another player and corrupting another players's daughter (if no connection is available there may be some fake NPC invasion opportunities)
If you die without a child you just ... stop. And time passes. Wind and rain slowly wear you away and the dust that was your being blows to the bottom of The Tower where The Builders gather their materials...
... The Tower is still growing... ...

What's one song that puts you in a somber, thinking mood?

Dimunsis’s Profile PhotoDimunsis
I can't really think clearly while music is playing. Also very hard while talking. I gotta do it all on paper, in silence.

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That sounds preddy gud, would play. You're making this? Can I ask for more information without it coming off badly?

Yeah, I'm doing it myself -- I'm working on it about 2 hours a night, after I get too tired to draw.
I want to give the game a hand-drawn look, too. None of that pixel-art for me.
Other features:
- headpats, hugs, or scolding for your musume
- you can reinforce or punish certain behaviours this way
- if you can manage to get twins or two daugther (requires very skilful play and resource management) they can teach each other things and play together
- day/night + daughter hunger cycle is the main motivator for gameplay ... the game doesn't end if you fail a cycle, but your musume may become more corrupted or be captured if you don't build a 'campfire' (really, a cloaking field to protect you from The Builders during The Tower's regeneration cycle... you can venture out if you like to try and fight strange enemies and gather rare resources, but it'll be tough...)

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That sounds preddy gud would play Youre making this Can I ask for more

You should make that 'or her daughter's daughter' part literal! Have like a 'generations counter', or something, that would be super neat! The only problem is, how do these cyborg mothers reproduce...?

That's the plan!
The mother dies the daughter grows, and your control switches over to the daughter.
You gain daughters in various ways -- eggs from some large enemies, stealing(!) them from other players during invasions, converting corrupted machines, and possibly special scenarios (a factory comes online if you meet certain conditions, there may be an AI you can carry around and find a body for later on...)
Well, this is all pie in the sky for now. You can see why this would take a long period of dedicated time to pursue.

Dan I totally missed it, what's Mother||Child please explain

or: The Tower
Highly vertical metroidvania-ish game inspired by BLAME!
You're a mother cyborg raising a daughter cyborg while trying to climb the tower. You won't live to see the top, but your daughter might. Or maybe her daughter... or her daughter's daughter....just climb. Keep climbing.
Focus is on exploration, mobility, and interactions with your cyborg musume. Also has short/precise intense combat -- no HP, no levelling, just small weak points on big enemies trying to capture/kill/eat your daughter.
Has cute things like finding a book from the ancient world, reading to your daughter to influence her skills when she grows up... and if you read it enough times to her she'll be able to recite it by memory to her own daughter, etc.
Dan I totally missed it whats MotherChild please explain

if i wanna try to teach myself to draw, should i start on paper or just go for a tablet? i hear they can really spoil you while learning.

Start on paper. If you start on a tablet when you're just starting out, you may not develop the right hand-eye co-ordination. You'll also develop the right arm/hand movements when working on a sheet of paper on a plain old table. Also, getting away from the computer will help build your concentration while drawing.
Just start on paper.
The only downside to this is that when you do move to the tablet later, you may feel a little disoriented at first. A good idea might be to get a cheap tablet for doing production work but grind/practice on paper -- you can probably get the best of both worlds this way.

when is the sexy bat sock kickstarter happening ?

It's not really fit for print, and I don't really want to pull a Penny Arcade and say "Hey, throw me money and I'll just keep doing what I'm doing..." ... OR DO I?
It's pretty clear if I run a KS for the Mother||Child game then I shouldn't work on comics during dev time. That's going to be at least a year. If I KS a comic, I shouldn't KS the game.
And there's still On the Subject of Witches ... and Cupcake...
Hrm. Gotta think about all this. Your thoughts/ideas/suggestions appreciated.

Can I be your musume? I'm a twentysomething guy, but I'm a musume at heart. :D

I only have one musume and she's a cakest in her heart. I'm sorry.

Will you ever be happy? ;~;

I don't know
What is 'happy' and how do I be it
Just kidding. Life is amazing right now.
- vampire waifus
- rorona plus
- Cupcake superupdates and Mother||Child vidya on the horizon
Everything is perfect and awesome except for this crushing despair and loneliness

You're making an anime. Who do you get to draw the end cards?

Probably audience fanart.
If there's a cute little girl who writes in "hi cupaek i liek ur show i watcheit it my a cake2 b like u ok thx hav a cake day and fite a manster ps precur is garbage thx bye" and attaches a shitty mspaint drawing -- yeah -- that's end card material.

ooops im sorry for freaking out. i cant read. i just saw the 'chapter end' THANK GOD

More comfy vampire waifu to come!

You might as well make an iOS/Android release. There's a bigger market there than with the Vita, you realize?

Well, I'll think about it. This type of game would need a lot of special customization to deal with the lack of buttons and sloppy input, though.
Anyway, that's really far in the future -- for now I should concentrate on basic functionality.

Dan! Last ditch self destruct move for the mommy to instakill a boss/ group of enemies to save the daughteru!

I like it!
I like it a lot!

I really like how we can see the exact moments your ideas germinate. We can go back and see your very first tweets about the idea of Cupcake, and the same for Mother and Child! It's kind of magical!!

I feel the same way. Tweeting has lead to some good stuff. =w=

>gamepads in mind How does it feel being worse than Hitler?

Sorry, I meant gamepads will be primary input and keyboard+mouse may be supported in a future patch
how does it feel

I really love the concept of Mother||Child! What system is this most likely to be for?

PC first! If it works out, Vita, PS4 -- anything I can release it on! Because why not? =w=
I'm making it with gamepads in mind! =w=

Is is Mother/Child? Mother|Child? Mother||Child? I've seen it a few different ways now...

I gotta do something about this...

How is the || in Mother||Child supposed to be spelled?

Mother || Child
It should be a tall line and a short line. Only works on certain fonts.
I should really just rename the thing.


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