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I'm really curious. What is under a hornmother's robe? How does it look like under there? Not even asking because of "science", but actuall SCIENCE. Seriously, they get their robes almost instantly after hatching! So WHAT do they hide under there? (Hope it's not like the weaver's robes from Loom...)

All you'll find under a hornmother's robe is... the hornmother. ;w;
A healthy hornmother's body is just a little squishier around the tummy than a low ranking haremhorn's (they're both flat as boards, though).

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Qjy-ydl9QE | Is this why you bully, Dan?

Fluff! We can be nasty to others because it feels good... or not, because we ARE at ease with ourselves... or not, because we genuinely do have good reasons and causes to do so... or not, because we fall into that story in the video... or not. Resorting to just-so psychological stories is just an admission we don't have good theories.
Anyway, I really dislike these videos that present pure fluff with vaatividya pretense and styling.

I'm about to start CCS, mostly thanks to you. What am I in for? How has it affected you as an anime fan and content creator?

Prepare to find your waifu for laifu. Sakura is the perfect magical girl.
As an anime fan, CCS catapulted me from a very enthusiastic but fairly normal fan to THAT WEIRD ANIME GUY UGH WON'T HE STOP ALREADY GROSS JUST GROSS YUCK. CCS also inspired T42R (obviously) and basically got me on the comic creation train. Of course, the Sakura that is now in my heart is quite different from the one on the screen, but no matter. I owe the show everything.
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>himehorn not giving a shit | So how often does a cave-wide Genocide commence? Just saying that for losing their herd this is a pretty chilled reaction .

Sometimes the musclehorns just don't come home. It happens sometimes. ;_;
Anyway, they don't know about the nohorn bullying yet. But they will soon... kukuku...


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