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Favorite manga artist?

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Tsutomu Nihei!
He's not a virtuoso illustrator like Murata, a refined storyteller like Urasawa, or an all-rounder like Miura... but he had a vision of a world and let it play out without compromise. I admire that the most. I reread BLAME! at least once a year every year.

Dan, have you read Jitsu wa watashi wa?

Yeah, I was reading it for a while. I stopped during the sleepover and dumbpire's house... I might get back to it later.

If Cupcake showed your ask to SAkura, then she probably knows about Darkcake now.

Please, anon! I'm trying to manage a crisis here...! My Sakura won't stop crying...!
I'm sorry! I'm sorry...!! You know you're my super super a cutest...!!

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Well I'm following your ask.fm and I've liked your art for years so yes I'm following it.

Thanks for reading! =w=

Oh...I just realized, the morning sun is just the big rising yolk of the Greathorn in the sky...

The world is one big egg! One day you'll leave this egg and join the greathorn have lots of tasty cakes... so says the ancient herd records.
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"You only care about those Himmyhorns! S-so I asked Cupcake to show me your ask and, I, h-here!" Tears in her eyes, Sakura opens her robe to reveal a clit-ring. She hands Dan the chain. He pulls it after some hesitation. "Hanyan~" One egg falls softly on the bed, follow by the sounds of cracking 1/2

>2/2 “Hoe? Wait… Ouch… they’re breaking Dan, THEY’RE BREAKING! THE EGGS ARE BREAKING! AAAA THE EGGS, IT HURTS, CALL A DOCTOR ;~;” Dan you: 1) call a doctor 2) fap 3) try to do both at once? 4) give horns and hime wig, bake a cake (can't let those eggs go to waste) 5)???
It's too late -- I'm adrift in a fantasy and there's no shore in sight. Nothing buy yolk and himehorn tears, all the way to the horizon...

Is Bikky just an edgier Sayaka? Is Vampire Bride just a rehashed Twilight with magical girls?

Yes and yes.
Do you like it?

22 and Ph. D? That's amazing and impressive. And he graduated with minimal college debt! Your little bro is the realist Dan.

No debt at all, actually -- he got scholarships all the way through. My little sister got him a cake that said "Every asian parent's dream" when he got accepted to MIT, ha ha ha. : >
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Is this the face of a monster? | Yes. The worst dwell behind likeable faces.

B-but... Bikky a cute...! S-see.?

Do you have enough money Dan? or do you need more shekels. I would give you some if I had them regardless, just sayan.

I'm scraping by alright thanks to everyone's generosity. =w=
I could have lived in much more comfort if I had continued to make F2P games ... but that's no life, really. I have a couple comics I want to do and that's really all I want out of life. The rest is just glitter and toys to me.

"How can you say that? Look at this face. Is this the face of a monster?" ; So, wait, do you -want- people to want to frost Bikky? Or is it that you want them to want to frost Bikky but not say anything about it?

No! Don't frost her! But also accept her cuteness...!

Save me from myself Dan, there is frosting everywhere! *melty mouth*

Anon! Get a grip on yourself! There's more to life than getting frosted 24/7!
Find a nice waifu and settle down... live your life properly!

That anon doesn't need to worry about anyone frosting his waifu, Vicky is such a shit she'd be no fun to frost. Not even frosting can save her, she just needs mercy killing.

How can you say that? Look at this face. Is this the face of a monster?

Does your family know about your daughters, both in and out of wedlock?

They know about Cupcake and Sakura. No one must know about Darkcake, my secret pride and shame...

What the HECK I'm literally upset that someone talked about frosting Vicky. What is this feeling? I don't care this much about any other character of yours being a semen demon but now I'm legitimately upset. Oh god don't tell me. No, don't. She can't be my waifu. This can't happen.

>Wait, nevermind, they only talked about frosting the damn bat. Yeah, they all better stay the fuck away from Vicky.
Don't fight it, anon. Enjoy your pure as snow heretical waifu! She's doesn't even know what frosting /is/!

Does dan-sense I have any imouto's or Oni-chans

I have a younger brother and a younger sister!
My younger sister (29) works with horses around the jumping circuit - she's travelled around Europe and the states for her job. My little brother (22) is getting his PhD in physics (material sciences) at MIT. My dad taught physics for a while but then switched over into business and then worked at IBM as a projects director (He's retired now). My mom studied English and quit her job to take care of the family when I was born. I (31) got my degree in math/computer science and then worked as a game designer and now I draw cartoon butts. =w=
That's the whole family!
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What does the Greathorn look like?

The Greathorn has big, really cool-looking horns. You might even say they're great horns.
The himehorns are pretty sure the greathorn has a lot of cakes and tasty things waiting for them! She lives in a big tree in a cave far away probably The witch apostle comes to take them there when they get too old or something bad happens to them.
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But if Sakura isn't Darkcake mother, how did you found out about Darkcake?

I got a call from Darkcake herself. That was a couple years ago... she's been living on her own since then...
... I need to do more for my almost-a-cutest... ;~;

This sad/angry Cupcake is pretty cute. I think I like her like this. I wouldn't mind giving her lots of attention now. Not even in a sexual way, either!

Pouting : T Cupcake a cutest...?

Dear Darkcake: What's your opinion on Nietzsche? Also, what grade or year of college are you in?

Darkcake is studying biology and working part time jobs on the side ... she doesn't have time for navel-gazing! You can spend your days trying to make the rational hand touch the rational elbow and lament the impossibility of this task in ever more subtle and nuanced ways if you like, but Darkcake wants to actually bring health and help to people who need it.
Personally, I think she's a little overly practical... but maybe that's appropriate for someone in her situation.
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