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5/? I think she will forgive you.. in time. Other wise, the herd is stable even with the losses from the coyote attacks. Musclehorns are now mandatory for all foraging trips into the woods. The musclehorns kill at least 2 to 3 a week now.

Maybe if I send my cutest a little money each month she will forgive me...?
As for the coyotes, I wonder why there are suddenly so many around you. Could they be attracted by the herd? Or something else?

4/? Cupcake calls you a playboy of the worst kind, charming and seducing woman across Japan. Now others can see you via your twitter that you are now a man of wealth and tastes, so it's hard to shake that idea now.

Ah... I should have never posted those pictures from my visits to Cute Cake Clubs...

3/? Now speaking about cupcake, she is really disappointed in you Mr. Kim that you had another cake by someone else. After seeing your grant tour of Japan, she is thinking she should be expected to see more and more half siblings in the future.

My cutest and a best!! Please believe in me!! Those thots in japan didn't mean anything...

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2/? So effectively Darkcake is your illegitimate daughter. That is right, she is your other daughter now. She has made some progress in integrating herself into my family life/herd so she doesn't feel like an outsider. That is some progress she needed to do.

But my only daughter is my Cutest and a Best Cupcake. And tiny Pancake, of course. This magic that Darkcake used sounds like a scam. Watch that girl carefully, Defectivehorn apostle!

Defectivehorn Apostle here, A follow up to an earlier report, Yes you don't have any memories nor any mementos of Darkcake because she cast a spell that ALTERED REALITY to an amazing degree. Not enough to write her out of existence but still. 1/?

Hello, defectivehorn apostle!
This Darkcake sounds like a very distressed girl. What could have made her this way?

6/6 @muscle_Horn has proven to me, my family and my herd to be the best musclehorn I could ever ask for. I am glad she came to me and my herd. I fully believe she will live a long and healthy life, far longer than normal musclehorns do.

What a good musclehorn. I hope she receives many gentle scrubs and delicious meats over her long life.

5/? I mean, just the other day I found her taking a nap by the Lit fireplace in my living room with several smallhorn and my son huddled together for warmth sound asleep. It was very cold that day. I wished I took a picture of it Dan, but maybe you can draw one of it instead?

Hm, perhaps I can take a picture with this witch device...

4/? My wife has also come to trust @muscle_Horn to look over our son while she is busy working on other things. Musclehorn is incredibly careful with him, plays with him and other wises protect him when she isn't out hunting or mud romping.

A musclehorn acting like a high ranking haremhorn... now that's defective. It's a good thing you took her in, defectivehorn apostle.

4/? He has grown to the point where he can crawl and started to try to talk for the first time. So with him being covered in the right herd smell, he seems to be seen as a small horn she would dote over.

So it seems that there may be a way for horns and nohorns to get along after all. Or perhaps it's only because it's a defectiveherd? A mystery for now, but a promising lead!

3/? For successfully completely my quest, I personally joined in with the other horns to give her a long over due warm gentle scrubbing. She is quite a happy horn now. Also lately she has become quite attached to fawning over my young son.

A personal scrubbing from an apostle... she may be the luckiest musclehorn in herd history. One for the records, if hornmothers ever wrote about musclehorns...

2/? I gave her the Order to purge the surrounding lands of all the coyotes and wolves she can find. Boy she did so with help of her fellow musclehorns who look up to her. She killed HUNDREDS of them. So the herd has plenty of meat and hides to some time to come.

Now this is work for a musclehorn!!

Defectivehorn Apostle here, I have some good news for once. @muscle_Horn is back and out of her long running funk. It was hard to watch over a depressed horn, so after a savage attack on a number of of my horns out in the forest, She go motivated for some revenge. 1/?

Hello, defectivehorn apostle!
I have been waiting for news of @muscle_horn 's journey for a long time. I am glad to see she has returned. Even if she is unhappy with the result, perhaps she can try another path or try again in time...

How did Victoria meet her vampire bride? How did she go from killing her to waifuing her?

She went on a long hunt to destroy the white bat... but after three days and nights of fighting, Billy was overcome and bitten. After she was bitten, the vampire seemed to change. But so did bikky. Love at first bite? There must be more to it...

5/5 Even my horns have come to pity and sympathies with Darkcake. They even give her head pats and snacks to try to cheer her up. It seems to work a little on her. I'll be keeping her here for awhile.

Well, do your best, shadowcake. Chococake? Dimcake? What was it again?

4/? due to that, she was left homeless and in such miserable condition. i can only hope she can recover and undo that magic. I know I sure can't and I don't think Cupcake can as well now. At Least cupcake has come to accept her as her half sister that she is.

Hm? I've never heard cupcake talk about her. Cupcake wouldn't keep any secrets from me... hmm...

3/? Darkcake claimed that you and her got into an argument over something and she got completely out of control and cast a spell she normally could cast. It made you forget she existed and she got her more than she realized.

Is that really the case? Even if I forgot, normally i would expect to find some evidence of this person. A picture on my phone, a letter, or something like that. But I don't have anything like that from a "Darkcake". I have plenty of my cutest and a best Cupcake, though. Are you sure it's not a mistake?

2/? She is indeed your daughter Mr. Kim. She even has a verified paternity test result with her to prove it. Still, her magic is weak and unstable right now. She claims this is the result of a magic spell over load that happened to her.


Defectivehorn Apostle here, I think I have Darkcake calmed down and settled in now. She is recovering and eating well. She's also starting to open up to me and my family and I am learning more from her than I hope to at this point. 1/?

Dark... cake? Who?

5/5 I just watched cupcake taking some of that with her to her boyfriend's place with a smile on her face. She has been the most happy I have ever known her lately. With that being said, Merry Christmas Dan, and be safe out there.


4/? for now, just enjoy your Christmas vacation Dan, I'll enjoy mine as well. Oh yea, I found out that horns like spiked eggnog too. So much I had to restrict it to a set amount per horn per day. Cupcake found a bunch of real mistletoe today as well.

Thank you! I hope you had a good vacation as well, though perhaps an apostle never has a real vacation while horns are there to be cared for.
The this mistletoe makes A GREATEST CAKEWITCH very concerned!!!!

3/? It's not easy but if I am to succeed in saving the horns when their home world dies, I have to get more help. So far, it's a group of people with limited reach and means but it is growing. Someday I could get major corps and governments to help me, maybe.

Perhaps one day horns and nohorns will be able to live happily together. But horns have a habit multiplying beyond all reason...

2/? Also I do apologize about my lack of reports to you. I have been very busy in trying to build up a group of loyal people who are aware of the Himehorns here on earth and will help me where ever they are at.

I always appreciate you taking the time to send your reports, defectivehorn apostle. I hope you manage to find good nohorns on your side of the witch caves.

Defectivehorn Apostle here, I saw your recent comic. I do appreciate that you applied pluasable deniability by drawing a girl in my place when I had to take the horns away from that young lady, but being depicted as a young girl is... odd to me. 1/?

Hello, defectivehorn apostle!
I was sure that was one of the forms of the southern witch apostle... but perhaps this is another power that has been granted to you? Or perhaps this is another story from another world similar to your own? The witch caves lead many places, after all...

Hey Dan, I've been thinking of making a comic for awhile. However the scope of what I want to draw is more than I can do atm. I was thinking of doing a shorter comic to test the water to see what more I need to learn. Any suggestions on how to start making a comic?

Hello, anon!
My apologies for the tremendously late mail.
I suggest starting with simple 4 panel comics to learn timing and basic narrative flow and composition. You will also be forced to break up your narrative into 4 panel chunks that push forward the action bit by bit. The 4 panel format will train you well, and in fact it's a lot of fun. The 4 and 3 panel is probably still my favourites after all these years.
Also, don't bother over-planning your first comic. Just dive in with a basic idea and see where things take you! I suggest starting with a single page with a joke if you can manage (which can be hard enough), and then go from there.


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