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ok hi im from tumblr and im a identify on a caek so can u tell cupcake to check her ciscake privilege

Don't forget her cisacutest and cisabest privilege.
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ok hi daddy its me cucpkake so i met this guy who has moar money than u and he buys me lots of cakes so hes going to b my new dady but u can wach us eat caek together ok bye

My a cutest and a best! Remember that daddy told you about strange men who give you cakes... the ones that aren't daddy can'y be trusted!
Come back, my a cutest...! ;~~;

You're looking forward to Ni-oh and Last Guardian. Do you even have a PS4? And what about Nier 2, Star Ocean 5, and Berseria? Don't forget those.. How much freetime do you have nowadays?

Yep, I have a PS4.
Hm, I might get those other games, too. And I have plenty of free time after work... only it's being totally consumed by a side project for Ubi. That will come to an end in the next month or so though, so I'll be able to draw and play games again.
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> LIGO just detected gravity waves, ... What did you do this morning? ||| Eh, that's cool, but on any project that size, there's lots of watch-wearing dilidoing to be done. I know that lots of those people go home and weeb out afterwards. Thanks for everything you do, sempai!

Guh. Thanks for that. I'll work harder and draw more!
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I go to work wearing anime shirts sometime and my coworkers just look at me like I'm some sort of monster.

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That sucks. I just saw a guy at work with a Shingeki no Kyojin Scouting Legion hoodie yesterday. No one cares. It's nice.
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Is it possible for a manga/anime to abstract from physical social justice warriors enough to make them moe while keeping their fundamental essence?

I tried imagining it. Now I'm bleeding from every hole in my body. Thanks.

>Is there anime in space? ||| Wouldn't making that be your mission assignment?

Hmm, to spread cakebutt throughout the galaxy... Not a bad mission.
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