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Do Himehorns fight between each other?

The musclehorns are known to wrestle each other. It seems to be a way of bonding and keeping the herd protectors battle-ready. There's little reason for it underground, but they keep doing it.

Would a himehorn be willing to establish a life-long platonic friendship? Occasional meetups over coffee and the like.

The wandering witch-apostles are known to the himehorns and are welcomed in their lands. Besides bringing interesting stories and goods for trade (candy!), the visiting of an apostle spreads a presence over the land that drives the nohorns away. The hornmothers of old have left behind detailed records of their visitations along with various guides to entertaining them and prolonging their stay.
Every little himehorn hopes she'll see see an apostle one day. It's as rare and lucky as spotting a comet in the sky.

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How strong are a himehorn's horns? Could a motherhorn be shaken by the horns until all her eggs fall out, or would the horns snap first?

They're as strong as other horns found in nature.
Please don't shake a motherhorn by her horns, you'll hurt her neck, her feelings, and pride, and her eggs.

How tall are Himehorns? Not the horn to toe, from head to toe.

A well-fed musclehorn with plenty of open room can get up to seven feet tall, but they're hovering around 6' underground.
Haremhorns and motherhorns are about 4'.

Do Nohorns ever aquire Himehorn horns the way real life Nohorns do for rhinos, i.e. as traditional medicine?

That's heresy, anon!

Can himehorns regenerate horns or otherwise replace lost horns? Are there himehorns who have developed horn prosthetics for those who have lost portions of horn(s)?

No and no. If you lose a horn you just have to live with it.
Sometimes Nohorns cut off a himehorn's horn or a limb and send her back to spread terror through the population.

Is a himehorn's egg hole soft and warm? How about tight and velvety?

pls b a respect on a himehorn
Is a himehorns egg hole soft and warm How about tight and velvety

If someone ripped one of a himehorns horn off what would be left?

A broken shell of a himehorn. Please don't dehorn a himehorn. : <

If himehorn eggs are good for hair and nails then why not get some extra bullying in by testing the products on them? >Yolks of thousands of children being rubbed into my scalp >Must keep smiling >Must not cry >Must not vomit >If I do the nohorns will kill me, eat me, then replace me with one of my

If himehorn eggs are good for hair and nails then why not get some extra
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>Himehorn eggs are great for your hair and nails. // Do Nohorns ever venture down into Himehorn lands to steal their eggs and sell them to fashion-obsessed Nohorn females?

>himehorn is captured
>eggs turns into beauty products
>hair clipped and turned into wig
>eaten for meat
>horn and skull displayed over fireplace
suffering ;~;
Himehorn eggs are great for your hair and nails  Do Nohorns ever venture down

Put corks on the tips of a himehorns horns, tie her hands behind her back, make her dance on a heated floor for my amusement - good idea or great idea?

Stop it. Her eggs will fall out and you'll get a bunch of omelettes. Is that what you want? Himehorns dancing on himehorn omelettes?

Are himehorn tears as delicious as the look? What do they taste like?

Salty, like human tears. Himehorns have a nice smell though -- sandalwood and wet earth.


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