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Would you attend a con if you could make certain your booth was just you drawing comics in real time?

Okay, but that would just be me sitting and playing video games and rechirping chirpees.
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Cave Journal - Entry XX43: I may have encountered a 3rd kind! The "Hurr-horn" (corna principa confusa) is yet unconfirmed, hadn't had the chance to get close. Their eyes appear closed most of the time; If open, from afar, they have a blank bugeye stare. These are... kinda cute. - End entry.

Himehorn entries like this should definitely be part of the Templar Handbook for Vampire Bride. Thanks for this, anon!!

Cave Journal - Entry XX37-C: Due to a mistake early on, the subspecies know as "Hug-horns" (corna principa perditia), is the species which the [REDACTED] first encountered. Their eyes appear mostly black, save for the iris and pupils. They are, what a common would consider a "Himehorn". - End entry.


Cave Journal - Entry XX37-B: The first category suprises with a rather humane set of occular organs, hence they will be classifies as "Hum-horns" (corna principa tranquilla). Their behaviour strikes similarities to that of civilized cultures, and lives in relative harmomy with their surroundings...


Cave Journal - Entry XX37-A: After analyzing my previous records, a clear trend has appeared. Himehorns (corna principa vulga) appear to have split into two different categories of "Horned Ones". The main difference appears to be in the detail of the eyes, though behaviour is proven to vary too..


Nana isn't nessicarily the answer! I don't think world planning is bad, especially because your world planning also seems to be meditation of themes, but you gotta always be thinking how does this move the story, the decisions of the characters forward Senpai.

I know, I know. Thanks, anon.


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