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I just bought a graphics tablet and I'm not sure how to make the transition from traditional to digital. What practices should I be doing? Sketching a whole bunch? Jumping straight into full-blown studies?

Hmm, it's hard for me to remember how I got used to drawing on a tablet, but I'd say just draw what you normally draw. You may still be pressing CTRL-Z a lot, but don't worry about it -- I was doing that until I got a wacom companion (and even then I press CTRL-Z a lot... )

3/3 That would be they have a greater rank than just Leedah. The oldest hornmother alive at 50 years old, who has to be a defective to be that old, whom they all defer too. She's not here yet. Thankfully the herds are behaving themselves in the mean time.

Oh boy. 50? Her horns must be enormous. I wonder if she can even move... or maybe her haremhorns keep her horns trimmed down? ;_;

2/3 You can probably guess why they are coming here. So far, there are around 40 herds represented. I'm learning more about them as they gather. They do appear to follow the same caste and social system cave herds use. But I have noticed some variant to it.

40 herds?!

Defectivehorn keeper here. What a couple of days I've had. The Leedahs and their himehorn attendants and protecting Musclehorns are arriving at my place. They are currently staying in the woods but they all want to have a mass meeting with me. More are coming. 1/3

The time has come. The herd will rise again!

3/3 maybe they are having slower egg laying rates, or higher egg failure/smallhorn mortality rates. Other wise there is some sort of super predator that is keeping their numbers from exploding. I'll get to the bottom of this problem one day.

Keep us up to date, Defective horn keeper! If there's some kind of horn-eating creature in your world, I'd want to know about it. It'd be bad news if it somehow found its way back into the herdcave...

2/3 The wild herds have been out here long enough to grow in numbers big enough that humans would have to realize they are here. But they are still not known to the people. I theorize the herds are adapting to my world away from cave life.


Defectivehorn keeper here, I'm not so sure I want to call myself an Apostle yet, but I just want to have humans and himehorns to live in a peaceful co-existence. That being said, I can't help but realize the wild herds might have changed a bit from the cave herds. 1/3


4/4 (sorry for talking so long) Am I in some whispered herd prophecy? is it my smell they think of me this way? After all these months of observation, I still know so little about himehorns.

It sounds to me like you may become the new apostle in a new herd record. What an honor! And the horns are mysterious indeed.
Happy Horns~
Happy Eggs~
Happy Apostle~
44 sorry for talking so long Am I in some whispered herd prophecy is it my smell

3/? "Because you are the Apostle. Herds are safe with you." Is what the old musclehorn said. WHY? HOW? I'm just a normal man. I don't have any supernatural powers. I'm partly flattered that they think so highly of me. But still What did I do to be named that?!?

I knew it!
The horns have a long ancestral memory in the form of the Herd Records. The Apostle always shows up in a time of need. But these horns are far from Big Egg... I wonder if they have fallen outside of the Southern Witch Apostle's reach...

2/? The old musclehorn is not a talkative type, but she can speak. She does that mostly to do training with my other musclehorns. yet, I was able to ask her why me? Of all the places she could go, she came to me. she surprised me by answering me clearly.


DefectiveHorn Keeper here, Dan. I made a rather amazing if uncomfortable discovery about the horns in general. My own horns keeps secrets from me. Not the "hidden food stash" kind, but what they think of me and why the horns come to me all the time type. 1/?


Defectivehorn keeper here, Yea Darkcake has time. seeing that she and all the other cakes are now free loading at my place! My herd told them that I am a cakeist, then they let them have a bite before I could stop them. Now they won't leave and they want more of my cakes. Help.

You're not the real defective horn keeper!! Give me back my cakes, CHAD!!!
Defectivehorn keeper here Yea Darkcake has time seeing that she and all the

Do Horns ever headbutt each other? Maybe Leedahs fight each other like this for supremacy? Just like goats? Are they goats?

No, but they rub horns out of affection sometimes.

Defectivehorn keeper here, Seeing that @Roombachan isn't that interested in baby/horn sitting for me, I have decided to hire Darkcake as a sitter to help me and my wife. She needs the money and looks like she needs some hope in her life.

Darkcake is already working part time as a catering assistant (snack-cart girl) at Megucorp after school and delivering papers in the morning... does she really have time to watch horns?
Defectivehorn keeper here Seeing that Roombachan  isnt that interested in


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