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It is just me, or the cakeist transformed into a harem protagonist? Crunch / Cupcake / Most of The Herd ... God damn it! Anons unite! Beware of the cakeist if he gets a job near by you!

;_; I guess he is a professional baker of cakes, after all.

>those smallcakes | SO... it wasn't A smallcake, it was twin smallcakes?! Congrats for the couple and the grandparents! =3= May they never spoil!

I've made a terrible mistake!
A miscake!!
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What was the happiest moment of your dough family?

When my a cutest and a best came out of the oven!
She was such a cute minicupcake back then. ;w;
What was the happiest moment of your dough family
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Yeah, and Cupcake is sneaking frosting into her oven when she visits the cakeist.

... ... At least she'll have an easy time pushing those smallcakes out of the oven...
Yeah and Cupcake is sneaking frosting into her oven when she visits the cakeist
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That's not canon! | Oh, Dan. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Your denial syndrome has to end at some point. We know what's up.

Leedah is just sneaking food from the Cakeist's work station -- that's all!
... ... I hope @haremhorn doesn't find out about that...
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In a parallel universe senpai has noticed you. What does it make you feel?

Hmm. Honestly, right now, there's no one I feel like a need to be noticed by.
I'd be happier if I could set aside my Ubi work and focus on comics...
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Dan, is either Cupcake x Cakeist | Leedah x Cakeist | Crunch x Cakeist ... and you know very well which one it is and it will be a thing, you like it or not. You can't stop the fandom train, so just accept it while you still have some sanity left.

I'll never accept it!
My a cutest and a best is going to become the embodiment of cuteness and fulfill her destiny as a magical a cutest! > : T
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