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Is Momoka Corner Snax pre- or post- Vampire bride, or is she non-canon/alternate-universe? Also I miss Mr. Mops. He is my butlerfu. ;___;

Non-canon. Please consider the Snax of Momoka Corner a prototype of the bat in Vampire Bride. ;w;
As for Mr. Mopps... You may see the mopples again someday....

>Futa drug So, asking for a friend of mine who is ALSO anonymous but very shy, when was this?

It never happened! It's a what-if thing. ;w;

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Holy shit, that cute awkward roleplay image is killing me. Just what I needed to start this valentine's day, a good ol' heart attack and a >tfw no handsome templar or beautiful vampire to rot away for eternity with

Enjoy, anon!
Holy shit that cute awkward roleplay image is killing me Just what I needed to

If Bikky and Snax got their hands on the Thirteenth Officio's Futa-for-a-night drug, which one of them would take it?

Bikky, no doubt, but she'd have no idea what to do with it -- she's never even seen one before.
Anyway, she'd desperately try to put on a cool face and try take charge but quickshot immediately and then get comforted with headpats afterwards.
If Bikky and Snax got their hands on the Thirteenth Officios Futaforanight drug

Witches have nicknames with 5 or less letters, snax has four, therefore, snax is a witch. A witch of breasts, best, and bats.

Witches have nicknames with 5 or less letters snax has four therefore snax is a

So if Cupcake got her duck lips and cuteness from Sakura, does that mean she got her "a best" from you?

All she got from me is her height.
Well. At least she's small and cute...

Space Devil King Enos has a robotic left arm. Bikky has a robotic left arm. Space Devil King Enos's right arm has withered away to nothing. Bikky's right arm is withering away to nothing. Space Devil King Enos is future Bikky?

What is this, MGNQ? No time loops!

How do I stop being a pervert?

You don't. You just keep sliding down that slippery slope until you land in a pool of Eren's tears, anal juices, and semen.
How do I stop being a pervert

Oh oh oh...the White Witches are at war with hidden Dark Witches. That's why the Vampires and the Frozen?

There are no dark witches -- well, you'll find out the reason for the ice and vampires later.

All life is sacred. The Witches are wise and guard their true power. Templars, their genocide will not be allowed to go beyond that of the Vampires? < wonder's what lesson the Witches will put upon the Templars to bring them back into balance one the Vicious Vampires are gone...hmmm...>

The witch speculah begins...

>Strange how the apostles always seem to show up at the right time... ... hmm... Maybe the great witches are constant peeping. I mean gazing. Yeah gazing. Voyeur witches. Heh

The bat thinks they're creeps.

Can we have some sort of flashback or side story or whatever with Mr Mopps, detailing what happened to him? Like a Mopps Memorial or something?

NegativeSilence’s Profile PhotoArtemi
Maybe in another series!

how am I supposed to read through the older comics without the massive backstories on ask.fm to support me?

The comics will explore all this stuff eventually (though much of it will be assumed and simply put into the background. I'll talk about it while talking about something else... for example, a side story about an albino himehorn will explore abandonment practices and himehorn history on the surface, but really be about two people travelling and enjoying their short time together. Also all the info will be in the Vampire Bride companion book!

Is there anything built into Himehorn culture or genetics to create more herds for species survival? Himehorn herds get started?

If a herd gets too big and there are too many hornmothers there will inevitably be quarrels at the top. The hornmothers will get on each other's nerves until one or more just pick up and leave, taking some haremhorns and musclehorns with her. She'll shake her tiny fist at the herd while leaving, but be heartbroken inside... and the hornmothers left over will be shaking their fists in return: "Never ever come back!!"
The heartbreak itself is a mechanism -- it'll ensure that she doesn't return to the old herd and give her the drive to set up up a new herd far, far away.
Well, that's how it used to work anyway. Now that the surface is frozen and they're stuck in the dangerous Underground, the herd can't really rely on the old mechanisms. Fortunately, the witch-apostles seem happy to escort away any hornmother who is enchanted by her stories and fed up with her fellow hornmothers. Strange how the apostles always seem to show up at the right time... ... hmm...

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Does the rest of the world know very much about Himehorn "society" and all that? Have there been any scholars who attempted to study them (or possibly eccentric Himehorn outcasts who told scholars about them)?

It's conceivable that there are books about them in the Great Hall, but the guardianship would never initiate a search for something so frivolous. Performing a retrieval from the Great Hall is like searching a fresh field of snow for a particular handful of snow. You're going to mess up the field while searching and that handful of snow is going to melt when you hold it, so be selective.
They could also probe the white witch for information, but that'd be even more frivolous. Ask for a boon instead.
There are various Templars who have interacted with (read: bullied) the himehorns and know something about them, but they're not particularly interested in studying them carefully-- after all, once this vampire mess is taken care of they're just going to exterminate them anyway.
Still, there might be one of two eccentrics out there who love the himehorns, but they'd be wise to keep quiet about it.

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