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>sword art online and not .hack. The catgirls Dan, think of the catgirls.

But those costumes suck. : T

Do the wolfgirls(twins maybe?) have names? They're cute, I hope nothing happens to them.. Instead, Bweh can be the punching bag when the tension rises. it is clearly not your normal bat with normal batweaknesses

They're good kids. =w=
I'll mention their names later in the comic... and I'm sure nothing bad will happen to them. The vampire bride universe is one where everyone is happy and good things happen to good people. Kukuku~

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Clearly, that art came from your doppelganger, the Great Chadwitch Nad! The very same Chad who NTR'd Sakura, Cupcake and Darkcake from you!

To have my cake apostle and super a cutest taken by another witch... this is a greatest cakewitch's greatest humiliation... ;__;
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I have a few questions about VB but I think i'm suppose to have these questions and I hope things will become clearer and i'm not the only one confused.. (mostly about character relations) Can you at least tell me how large you envision the comic to be roughly?

Vicky's story will be quite long (at least 600 pages) and then there's Himehorn's Daily Life, Snowhorn Go Home, and A Captain's Worries. What I have in mind are lots of little windows into a world with lots of background connections.
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> As for myself, I look forward to hanging out with you all in Sword Art Online. | You mean Himehorn Art Online, right? Or can I just hang out with Emma all day?

Leave the appropriate offering and maybe one of Enna's daughters will leave a cool retro game in your stocking!
As for myself I look forward to hanging out with you all in Sword Art Online
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With the recent announcement of the Himehorn anime- what kind of voice are you looking into for Leader? Satomi Arai? Aoi Yuuki? Maaya Sakamoto? Will the cakewitch have any speaking parts? Maybe cupcake will show up in the OVA? R-18 content.

All hornmothers are voiced by Yuri Yoshida (Mashiro from Engaged to the Unidentified):
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d8MIAW2vYhcCloneManga’s Video 135734122098 d8MIAW2vYhcCloneManga’s Video 135734122098 d8MIAW2vYhc
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fj2hbwKV7VQCloneManga’s Video 135734122098 Fj2hbwKV7VQCloneManga’s Video 135734122098 Fj2hbwKV7VQ
Flat haremhorns should have the same voice, higher ranking haremhorns should have slightly more "motherly" voices. Well, you'd only hear them when they sing the happy herd song, though.
Musclehorns go "Arururu~"
The cakewitch might show up in a scary squid dream!
The cakewitch's apostle might appear, but she'd always be mostly cropped off screen -- you'd only see her butt and her legs.
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>http://www.magicleap.com/ that shootan scene just screams lain's dude-killing-real-grill episode

I don't remember that episode... it's been too long.
Anyway, prepare yourself for 90s outrage like you've never seen before once this tech takes off. It's really like stepping into another world and a lot of people are going to find it disturbing... especially as the fidelity and techniques continue to improve.
As for myself, I look forward to hanging out with you all in Sword Art Online.

that shootan scene just screams lains dudekillingrealgrill
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Virtual reality + Live2D equals?

The future!
I've tried out the Vive, Oculus, and Gear VR... and I can tell you that as long as the technology catches on we are going to go to FUCKING CRAZY TOWN, especially once Augmented Reality catches on. The future is going to weirder and cooler than you can imagine.

Dan.. Not signing into twitter for a day after feeling sick and suffering from an artists block?... GET WELL SOON!.. No really. it's nice to take breaks. Don't let it bother you, we(the fanbase) respect your work but even more so your health. I mean.. at least I do! don't eat too much cake though.

Thanks, anon. I really appreciate it. ;_;
I think I just need a break from things to recharge my batteries.
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