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>Dan is the Eterna-chuuni spoken about in legends How was that mural received by the people in your school? That honestly sounds very cool.

It was pretty cool! I had all the outer senshi on there, too. There was a girl named Serena who came to watch my paint at lunch sometimes. I still remember the first thing she said: "I'm sailor moon! ... My name is Serena! That's my real name!"
Anyway, my reaction was basically "that's not her real name, you should watch the subbed version".

Do himehorns have any body hair?

Not really. Sometimes the odd musclehorn can get a bit bushy down below, but it's rare variation - very odd, but not so odd she'd get tossed out of the herd.
Haremhorns and hornmothers are smooth. Like an egg!
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Can I secretly adore and admire Darkcake, watching her from over the top of my book in the back of class, writing nervous, sweat covered love notes to her that I accidentally put into the locker next to hers? (I assume that's probably Cupcakes, seeing as they have the same last name and all, right?)

Honestly, it's better this way. If Darkcake found your love letter in her locker she'd probably think she's being teased or set up for bullying by the popular girls again...

What was the most embarrassingly chuuni thing you did in middle school/high school before you (presumably) learned to hide your power level? Everyone has something.

I dunno -- I was never embarrassed. I painted a 30 foot tall Sailor Moon mural in my school lunchroom in 8th grade. I started going to the university anime club in 7th grade (it was open to the public) and started drawing Tomoyo42's room in my first year of highschool (I think). It's been nothing but chuuni OCs with BLOOD and METAL ARMS and DARK SUFFERING since then.

For you. || For me? Thanks, I'll take Darkcake and love her forever.

Darkcake's secret wishes:
- A little house with a porch and a backyard, nothing fancy
- Three kids she can cook and care for and send to school and tuck in every night
- A big dog with big paws that's just a little clingy (but not too clingy)
- Making lots of "good ol' days" together
- Watching the kids grow up
- Growing old together
For you  For me Thanks Ill take Darkcake and love her forever

Also, save me some time making the questions and list the reactions of all your characters, because a mass heist is gonna go down ... :P

Cupcake: You get diabetes and can't get the taste of frosting out of your mouth for the rest of your life.
Darkcake: Quiet surprise! What just happened? ... Also her melty-mouth gets all over you.
Hornmothers: cries, then headbutt/hornbutts you
Haremhorns: silent scream
Musclehorn: too busy eating your innards to notice
Maria Starlight: tears of joy. She whips out the crumpled marriage registration papers she's been keeping in her purse for the past seven years.
Bikky: Huh?! >: T
Bweh: Bweh~ =w=
Geez, there are too many characters. That's enough for now.

What could possibly make cupcake a good girl again?

She's already a good girl. In her own way. Sorta.
Darkcake loves her onee-san, so she can't be that bad, right?

Can I date and court darkcake?

She's too busy with school, anon!
Of course, she wants to settle down someday and make a happy family, but... but she has a lot of work to do first! No sense crying about it, just gotta work harder... y-yeah... do your best, Darkcake... do your best every day...
Can I date and court darkcake
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Hey, Dan... tell me, what would happen if someone stole a kiss from Enna or Algis? I mean, their reactions...

Algis: Outside the halls of the inner garden, a melon withers away and a sister is never seen again... no one remembers her name...
Enna: Dunks your soul in those bottles of anon's cum.
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What do you think about Gödel–Rosser incompleteness theorems, in the sense of paradoxes as you explained? As it my indicate there are no unbroken tools in a sense. In fact it partially aligns with the "right hand can't grasp the right hand' comment.

Saber_Tank’s Profile PhotoSaber Tank
Sounds about right, but I don't have the real understanding necessary to say anything about that stuff one way or another.

Who is the most powerful character in the Danverse? Can they beat up anime?

Enna and Aglis, no contest. They are spooky witches that exist beyond space and time.
Enna takes anime as offerings when she has to. She doesn't like it... but she'll take it! >: T

If you ever had the opportunity to play D&D with whoever you wanted. With whom would you play? and what kind of character would you play?

I guess it'd be fun to have the Urobutcher DM. I'd play a Darkcake-like character and prepare for despair.

You didn't try to get Cupcake into Indivisible? If you had, what would her moveset be?

Nope. Tbh I don't really care about Indivisible. : T
I guess her moveset would just be non-stop butt selfies that drain everyone else's HP but inflict various status effects on the enemies (charm, confusion, drain meter, armor break, etc.) Maybe her selfies would automatically upload cakebutt pics to your linked twitter account, too.


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