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We have 13 pages / 6660 words for this quest so far (New Record) = w = ... and we are not even done with the first day of school yet. Any thoughts? = w =

;w; That SoL pacing...
Can you send me a log of the entries so far? I'll put what you have so far on the site along with Starry Leedah. =w=
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Woah, you've got a job? after saying that you don't want one? I feel a little bit betrayed, I actually saw your way a bit inspirational, just doing what you like without all that gotta work hard to keep myself to alive. I guess you can't beat reality after all. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Ei2iz

I couldn't pass it up, anon!
It's a small team in a big studio doing an indie-type project... but with a big budget and a former producer I trust 100%. I'll still be able to keep doing comics on the side due to flexible hours (actually, they don't keep track of your movements or hours -- they don't even care if you're in the office. Just get your work done)! Also, with a very generous salary, I'll be able to pile up tons of cash to finance an independent comics-only lifestyle again down the road. On top of all that, there are lots of talented people around that I might be able to rope into interesting indie side projects like Mother||Child... and of course there's even a way to make the project within the company itself using its resources... but I can't talk too much about that.
... Anyway, with this, I can go even MORE niche and weird again. I don't have to worry about doing commissions. I can take big risks with comics and go even crazier than NNN.
If the conditions weren't right for the comics I would have must said no and walked away and kept doing what I was doing... but it was an amazing chance that I couldn't pass up. ;w;
Sorry, anon... ;w;

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>a real Snowhorn dakimakura. Snowhorn dakimakura world tour. Neckbeards everywhere unite to take a pillow out into public.

You have me thinking about the snowhorn VN again, anon!
>nohorn husbando falls over in the blizzard
This is the end, huh? I wanted to see the himehorn caves with my own eyes... oh well...
>wakes up in a comfy cabin
>can't move
>too many blankets on top
>tiny white horns peeking over the edge of the bed
Is someone there?
[scuffle scuffle pattapattapatta THUNK]
[patta patta patta.... ...]
There was definitely someone there....
[... THUNK]
>there are other voices downstairs...
>try to call out
>but too tired
>this must all be a dream...
Then we can have:
> shy Snowhorn being shy
> nursing nohorn husbando
> departure scene where snowhorn leaves it all behind to travel with nohorn husbando
>travelling to distant places
>comfy times, sad times, holding hands, trying to fill that herd-shaped hole in Snowhorn's heart...
>multiple tragic endings
All with lots himehorn facts / commentary / nohorn husbando's commentary...
And of course snowhorn's horns just barely appear at the bottom of the screen. You gotta tilt the camera down to see her. Huhuhu~ =w=

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Hey Dan, how is the new job?

I still have a while before my first day! The office is good though (it's actually a temp office while the main office is getting a major renovation... it's insane: every floor will represent a certain part of the city, big open spaces, even a food truck that's been cut in half and filled with snacks, a med clinic for employees, all kinds of stuff...)
The project is really interesting too, but I can't say any more than that.
I'll let you guys know more when I can. =w=
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Dan Kim dakimakura when?

I've been seriously considering making a real Snowhorn dakimakura.
Now that I'm working again I'll have cash on hand to do all kinds of crazy stuff... why not...?

Hey Dan, how did/do you get feedback for your literary works?

You mean reader feedback? Same was as the other comics... emails, tweets, folks who drop by at conventions, comments on the blog... that kinda thing. ;w;

Have you ever played Vampire Savior?

Waaay back when it first came out, and only a few times at a family friend's house.

It'll take at least 10 more hours, depending on what chapter you are on. Rebirth 2 only needs 20 hours or so, but without Neptune it's a slow 20.

Nubum’s Profile PhotoNubum
Ahhh, okay. cool, thanks.

Not yet! ||| How long is it?

Not sure. I'm about 15-20 hours in and it feels like things are still just getting started...

Did you finish Neptunia?

Not yet!
I'm taking a break from the game to take care of some site work and some old tasks I got behind on...

What consoles do you have?

Full console list:
Atari 130XE (I think... I'll have to check when I visit my parents again)
Sega Genesis
Sega Saturn (bought it for Panzer Dragoon II)
Sega Dreamcast (RIP)
Nintendo DSlite (bought it for Etrian odyssey)
I started playing PC games on 286s (at home) and Macintosh Classics at school...
Anyone remember Hypercard RPGs, 3-in-three, and Rescue!! (that old star trek fan game)? Some good games on the Mac...
Good times!

DAAAAN, Himoto! Umaru-chan will have a vita game ;w; and I don't have a vita.

I hope it gets a translation. I want to spoil my imouto! ;w;

Because the rules never were about removing everything the mods or janitors don't like. Moot isn't SJW, he sold out to them, there's a difference.

>The entire internet is a clean, commercialized, heavily policed, mainstream-friendly, safety-first zone
>no chans
>no bantz
>forced user names
>astroturfing everywhere
>what isn't astroturfed is policed by palette-swapped church moms
>end of the old web
Because the rules never were about removing everything the mods or janitors dont
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It's funny really, I just wanted to drop a small thank and here I am being angry at things I had no control over. Oh well time to play video game and drink the rest of the night away.

Cake it easy, anon. ;w;
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Why do people think that enforcing rules which 4chan has had for ten years makes moot an "SJW?"

Let's not go through this again! My heart can't take it, anon!! ;~~~;
I'm going to spend some of this new work money and visit moot... see how he's doing. Maybe bring him some montreal bagels.
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Sempai, can you promise me you won't reach faggot critical mass and go the way of the moot? Or the way of Hat-sempai and go full CORPORATE DOLLAR-SIGN-EYES? Or the way of Decu-sempai and go full edgy HUGEdark and get all swamped by anons during your stuff and things? N-not that I care or anything!

To doubt me, anon... what a fool you are...
This is the path I've chosen, anon. It's a straight line to the grave from here on out and I regret nothing.
Sempai can you promise me you wont reach faggot critical mass and go the way of

I spent a fair bit of time on 4chan, anons were my friends, it was a place where I could find like minded people, where I didn't have to deal with bullshit. And even if I now have another place to call home it will never be the same, all because of him, to friend with the antithesis of being anon.


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