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Any opinion about shuuzou oshimi?

No strong opinions. I liked Flowers of Evil, Mari no Naka was okay. I didn't really get too sucked into either of 'em.

Why is Tsumugi the most moe waifu

Her pure heart and honest feelings...!
I think Nihei has a thing for pure-hearted tall girls.
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Killy could probably take most Marvel heroes.

I'll take your word for it - I don't know anything about Marvel heroes.

Every good neckbeard can list off the reasons why his waifu is flawless and perfect for him. What do you see in Sakura?

1. Cutest voice
2. Fluffy ultra mini twintails
3. big green eyes
4. good natured and kind to others
5. would be NTRing that chinese kid
6. would be NTRing Tomoyo
7. would be NTRing all other anons who claim Sakura as their waifu
what're we talking about again?

Okay, animu and mangos; say someone has been mostly out of the loop since whatever year it was that Garupan aired. What would you reccomend?

Hmm... hard to say. Nothing's really captured my heart after Madoka: Rebellion.
Maybe Attack on Titan? I enjoyed it quite a bit until things started dragging out and the sense of danger disappeared in the manga.
Oh, and Knights of Sidonia, of course!
As for manga:
Qualia the Purple
Wakabayashi's 4komas
Oh, and you should read the Knights of Sidonia manga, too:
Hmm... that's all that comes to mind at the moment.
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Dan! What do you think about the new squirrel girl comic?

I had to google that. I don't read superhero comics... sorry!

Dan have you heard of Dorohedoro? Its mangaka worked as an assistant to Tsutomu Nihei.

Yup, I have! I got a few chapters in and then lost interest... that was years ago, though.

Do you think Sakura is more disappointed that you cheated on her, or that you made a good girl like Darkcake suffer for so long for your mistake? Does she find your abject cowardice more or less pathetic than your inability to be loyal to her?

I'm sure she finds new ways to be disgusted each and every day. She's been working more evenings lately and hasn't been returning my calls... ... ... maybe I should use these chances to spend more time with Darkcake...?

Sakura knows about Darkcake now Dan. Shouldn't you bring her into your life and raise at least one good child? ...On second thought, she' probably so good because she wasn't raised by such awful parents. Keep your distance and Darkcake will remain a good girl and become a cutest and a best cake.

It's true.
Real talk though, I'd be such a shitty parent in real life. Looking at the ways I'd neglect Darkcake has been very therapeutic for me. The world really doesn't need yet another deadbeat dad or absentee father.

If she is soo a hardworker, why that ledw outfit? also, she could use something to cover her mouth like a scarf or something. Cupcake is a best and a cutest cake

hi!! thx4 ur notise on my a cutest =3= muu
but i dont do a hard work 4 my a cutest im a cute 2myself =3= sumtimes im 2much a cute lol
ok bye thx3 ur ask
If she is soo a hardworker why that ledw outfit also she could use something to

I'd love her non the less Senpai! :-;

ok hi its me cupcaek a cutest and best =3= muu hi
u shudnt do a I LEIK IT 2 a melty mowth ok
u can liek me insted
ok lern it rite byte =3=
Id love her non the less Senpai

T-Tell Darkcake that this anon thinks she is a cute and not at all frostable.

I'll tell her next time I see her, if I don't forget.
Hmm... should be sometime next month. Hopefully Sakura will have a late evening meeting and sneak out and find Darkcake after school...

Melty mouth is cute dag nabit

Darkcake doesn't think so, but she doesn't let it get in her way. She's a cake on a mission!
B... but... it'd be nice if her future husband thought it was cute...! She'd like it if someone told her she was cute one day (instead of just "lewd" and "frostable").

Seems like Darkcake works really hard. She must struggle to make ends meet. Doesn't she seem like the real evolution of hungry meido chan?

She's definitely a good cake and almost-a-cutest.

>Darkcake studies hard and wants a stable marriage with 3 kids..!! | Three kids from three different fathers, maybe.

You're breaking a young cake's heart, anon. She just wants to work hard and make the warm, stable family she never had.
Darkcake studies hard and wants a stable marriage with 3 kids  Three kids from
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