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2/2 Yet, as much as I am coughing around the horns. The herd appears to be unaffected by the flu bug. I wonder if any human disease can affect himehorns. Yet, I fear if there is diseases that can affect them could kill hurt or kill them.

Himehorns and nohorns don't carry diseases that affect each other -- nohorns and himehorns are from different planets, after all. Then again, himehorns can eat and digest nohorns without any trouble...
Perhaps himehorns are simply especially hardy when it comes to disease.

Correct me if I'm understanding this wrongly (or not, if it's some plot-related thing I'll understand if I just read more): Snax has more than one body. The first one looks like a fuzzy bat/animu girl and hides under Bikky's shop. The other one is out there killing templars.

There are other vampires out there. Also the timeline in VB hops around a lot. It's easy to get confused.

What are the main characteristics of goldhair (aside from the hair) and how can you tell them apart from normal nohorns if they wanted to pose as one of them?

-Striking beauty
-Super strength
-Always thirsty
-Also craves blood quite often
-Impervious to cold
-Doesn't smell like a nohorn
-Big wings
-Doesn't age (well, do they 'dry out'...)
-Vulnerable to various sources of holy power
-Some can become small and fuzzy and bweh
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