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Nice to see how you call Rorona a best even though she has tits. Guess true cuteness and bestness is not slaved to mere breast measurements and can shine through to neckbeards far and wide. Homu is also cute lvl EX, though

She is. She's also an amazing pie-whisperer.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_TKLYJVxRPMCloneManga’s Video 124300266866 _TKLYJVxRPMCloneManga’s Video 124300266866 _TKLYJVxRPM
Wilbell also caught my attention in Ayesha. Her little finger wag is 2acutest.

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Are you married? How many children have you loved caringly ? Were they your children?

Only to my work and mai waifu!
Cupcake is mai musume.


I'm not sure, but I think I've just been insulted!

So are you like a 1337 hacker or something, or was it just that sweet University of Waterloo street cred getting you in the door?

No way -- I'm low-mid tier at best (among UW folks, anyway).
I think I got in because I had a good and rather unusual mix: programming cred + .art cred + a creative background.
Apparently the programmers and artists were happy to work off my designs since I could actually write specs that made sense to a programmer and draw sketches that were useful to artists. And when folks came to me with issues, I knew where they were coming from since I've walked a mile or two in those shoes. Fun times looking back on it, but I'm glad I left when I did. I'm just not really happy in an organization.

You just reminded me that I have to actually finish atelier rorona plus someday. It isn't gay if I like to adventure with the men instead of the women, right? It isn't just like a otome game, right? And that I like to be protected by tall, beautiful men and be the healing whore, right????

A-as long as it's Sterk it's alright... ... ... ///
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uoSm5Z9ezbwCloneManga’s Video 124265601650 uoSm5Z9ezbwCloneManga’s Video 124265601650 uoSm5Z9ezbw
w-what a dreamboat

re: girlfriend question below I am curious to know what manga jobs pay 100k a year. Plz advice/write rec letter kthxbai.

Oh, I used to design (mobile) video games before. If you don't mind F2P you can make a lot of money working for startups.
I, personally, didn't make that much money, of course. I was just picking a "pretty big" salary.

>waste basket. Is this really considered cutest and a care for your cutest and a bat?!

NegativeSilence’s Profile PhotoArtemi
It's punishment! Punishment for being #2bat!!
It's okay though she's just bat now.

league of legends is gay t. a dota player

I don't give a shit.
Let's talk about the best Atelier waifu.
PS It's Rorona.

I need dimensions, Kim! Dimensions of the cutest bat!

Max size:
13 inches tall (excluding ears)
9 inches wide (excluding wings)
5 inches thick
Min size: 70% of max size.

What did you think about the girls as kid?

I thought they were cute! And fun!
Now I think they are not so cute and not so fun, especially around my age. Just biology and 20 years of having my cuteness receptors burnt out by moe-moe 2D, I guess.

How tall is a cutest and bat?

MikanIsLove’s Profile Photoxtej
In fluffy bat form, she ranges from about 9 inches to 13 inches tall (excluding ears), depending on how she's been feeding. You could fit her comfortably in a small waste basket.

Ah. So Vampire Bride is supposed to be difficult to follow?

Hmm. Right now I'm aware we're kind of floating in space and things are disjointed, but I think last two sequences of this chapter will give readers a nice solid foothold -- a little hilltop they can use to look down on the other points I've already set out and orient themselves in time and space.
... back to drawing!


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