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Hmm~ I like Vicky's selection. ||| YEAH! I nailed one! =w=b ... I would like to know at least if you think they fit the characters =w= ... For Vicky, I couldn't imagine anyone else that could fit that description so perfectly.

They were all good candidates. I think Annis should sound rougher though, and Enna should sound more grouchy and less refined -- like an old grandma who's seen it all and has had just about enough of your shit.

That you like DFC is a given, anything else?

Cakebutts, twintails, tomboys, christmas cake OLs, heart-shaped pupils, melty-mouth, ZR, capes and capehugs, comfy and bug eyebrows -- actually, if I draw it, just assume it's in my strike zone. You'll be right 99% of the time.
That you like DFC is a given anything else

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Mashiro-tan~<3 ... So moe I died. I died from diabetes with that. From your descriptions … Vicky: Kobayashi Yuu The bat: ... Nomizu Iori? Annis: Ise Mariya / Tamura Yukari Algis: Takagaki Ayahi / Itou Shizuka Enna: Takagaki Ayahi / Tamura Yukari Smoking Templar: Sawashiro Miyuki / Sakamoto Maaya

Hmm~ I like Vicky's selection. Well, for the others, everyone can make up their own minds. =w=

If someone offered You to animate one of your works. Which one would you choose? and who would you choose as the seiyuus for the main characters? (seriously, I would like to know how do they sound like for you)

The hornmothers would have Mashiro's voice:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d8MIAW2vYhcCloneManga’s Video 126427594866 d8MIAW2vYhcCloneManga’s Video 126427594866 d8MIAW2vYhc
Vicky sounds like a tired, worn out tomboy with a surprisingly girlish laugh.
The bat has a pokemon-like voice. Bweh!
Annis is a yankee.
Enna sounds annoyed/exasperated/irritated at all times.
Algis is ufufufufu~
Smoking templar sounds like she's in on a joke and the joke is you. Fuuu~

how do i git gud? i was hype as fuck and yet now after two 4hr sessions i can beat neither gascoigne nor the cleric beast

Bosses can be parried -- and from quite a distance!
Parry, take two or three forward hops to rapidly close the gap, the riposte like a muhfugga.
Also remember that backstep is beststep! Unlike Dark Souls, where rolling into the the attack is always the best move, Bloodborne bosses tend to have long chain attacks with large areas of effect, so backstepping to get entirely out of range and then pressing R1 for a dash attack (or parrying) is almost always better.

With all the frosting Cupcake has been getting, don't you think either you or Sakura should bring her into the doctors to get tested? There are some nasty artificial sugars that Cupcake could get if she's not careful. You really don't want Cupcake to wind up with Splenda, do you?

>tfw my a cutest looks like a rainbow sprinkle donut.
... ... Get in the car, my a cutest. It's time for a little visit to the clinic.

Congratulations Dan, you found your key to monetary stability! Milk the Himehorns for all they're worth! (No seriously, please do. We need more adorable smallhorns being adorable and motherhorns being bullied.)

Happy Horns! Happy Herd!
Congratulations Dan you found your key to monetary stability Milk the Himehorns
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I'm curious about the con-lang you used in NNN. What was your worldbuilding process like... Not just NNN but in general.

Typically I work form a single striking image and build a world out from there. If there isn't a picture in my head that really grips me, I don't pursue the idea very far. For Paper Eleven, it was this injured girl in a windy, overexposed, open landscape with incredibly tall wind turbines... walking through a dark tunnel... her tie and jacket flapping around in the wind...
For NNN it was that fire snake in the mountain... and the white rabbit, trapped in a too mundane life..
Vampire Bride had a lot of false starts but the image that stuck was the one on page 2 -- Bikky and the Bat all comfy in bed while the stars go out one by one outside... warm and comfy inside, freezing and brutal outside... From there everything else slowly came together -- the witches, the himehorns, the other templar, snowhorn, etc.

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I read Nana's Everyday Life years ago - I never knew it was your work! Fun stuff. Did you enjoy working on it?

Sure did! I still remember doing the last 7 or so strips in a single sitting. It was pretty intense. I was crying real tears!

Once Snax starts her journey, will further new club members be added to the route? Even if the bat would have to backtrack the route to visit them? Or is it locked after it begins.

Slight backtracking is possible, but in general you'll be added to the map immediately and your order in the queue will be determined by your geographical location and the direction of movement. Worst case, the bat will visit you on the second loop around the world.

How small is Banehorn compared to Leedah?

Banehorn would have to jump to reach Leedah's knees.
So easy. So simple.

Do you like "chibi" artstyle?

It's alright. I don't really like it when some cat-ear wearing 14 year old in rainbow arm warmers asks to be drawn as a chibi at a con, though. Actually, all forms of "please draw me!" really rub me the wrong way -- too Cupcake.
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What kind of stories are your favorite for reading?

Kafka's shortest pieces have a special place in my heart. "The Vulture" and "The Bucket Rider" are my favourites. I like extremely dense fable-like visions that sacrifice nothing.

Cintiq Companion II at first I looked at the price and went "Whaat" but that thing is effectively an entire tablet PC -and- drawing tablet?

Yup! But if you're happy with your current desktop and don't need the portability, consider a 13HD Touch. I like writing in bed moving back and forth between the desk and couch (and working on the train) so I popped for the extra.

What kind of tablet do you use?

I splurged and got myself a Cintiq Companion (version 1). It's a very nice machine. I can draw comfortably anywhere now and even write notes in bed. It's paradise!

What do you enjoy more, writing or drawing?

I enjoy both together. I wouldn't really enjoy either one separately.
When it comes to writing, I enjoy the "vision" (world, atmosphere, the experience/dream of the thing, etc.) more than the plot or character development.
When it comes to drawing, again, I enjoy the play of imagination more than technical prowess.
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