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Is VB 11 the most current chapter in terms of VB's timeline? Or is it the one where Vicky talks about marriage?

The one where Bikky talks about getting married. =w=
Well, it'll become obvious very shortly. I'm taking the whole week off to draw comics -- hopefully I will get something done.
First I want to put a little into this Unity prototype for work, though...
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Annis is cute, CUTE!

She's a that mean-looking yankee-onee-chan who is actually very weak to little kids and cute things... but denies it all, especially to herself.
Annis is cute CUTE
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If you had to sacrifice one of your characters to the shippers, who would it be and why?

Bikky / Annis is pretty good in my book.
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Dan, you've escaped the shackles of Neetdom, How does one not Neet?

Depending on what you want to do, you might need to go back to school, start your own gig, make contacts and network, etc. Nepotism and networking almost always wins the day, sadly...
... makes things even harder for a NEET, I guess. : /

How do you wean yourself away from drawing a 'just standing there looking cool' pose? Are there any books or guides I should look out for when it comes to learning how to draw poses? Thank you!

Check out the other tags, too.
Start thinking about drawing a scene, expressing an idea, showing an action, etc. rather than just drawing a figure. If you have a purpose for the image that goes beyond "showing I know how to draw a figure correctly" you'll naturally end up drawing other poses. You won't feel pressured to draw the whole body, you'll end up drawing more figures together in 3D space, and get used to different camera angles, etc.
Try making a comic, a little picture book, a single image that captures a cool action scene in your head, etc.
Let me know if it helps, anon! Cakeluck!

>I'll make a repeat show on the weekend when more folks can make it. =w= | Dan, please. We know you, and your streaming schedule.

This is special! I'm taking the whole week off to draw!!

I've realized I won't be able to make it to your request stream on the 27th :( but, I wanted to know if I could ask you now for something you could possibly draw? if not, it's cool.

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That wouldn't be fair to the other people who make it to the stream. But don't worry, I'll make a repeat show on the weekend when more folks can make it. =w=

Dear Senpai, how do I summon the discipline necessary to learn art at 25 years old when I've never worked hard at anything in my entire life before? I'm not even sure I know how to not spend 90% of my day lazing around

Start with turning off the net and stepping away from distractions. Put away your phone -- in fact, but in the next room. Sit down and focus and do one thing. That's the hardest part. At the moment you feel like quitting and taking a break, notice -- notice and resist. That's the exact moment you have to break through and keep working.
If you keep at it like this and find the small joys in making your art look better and gaining master over yourself, you'll do alright. Also get a good book like the ones by Loomis -- start with "Fun with a Pencil" and then move on to the subjects you find interesting.


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