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> Dan has been cucking all along; Dan has cucked each old, unfinished comic with the new one; now, Dan is cucking comics altogether, with game dev.|| n also dan cukd on a caek w/ things that are not a cake stop diong non-cake stuf ok

I'm sorry, my a cutest and a best. I'll draw your comic one day.
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Often, our greatest fears expose our deepest weaknesses of character: Dan has been cucking all along; Dan has cucked each old, unfinished comic with the new one; now, Dan is cucking comics altogether, with game dev.

Often our greatest fears expose our deepest weaknesses of character Dan has been
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As long as you don't get engaged you'l be fine! Don't fuck with your freedom and don't let anyone do it, but go cuck your waifu before you regret it. Also these guys look awfully familiar http://postimg.org/image/e8b2v9sj9/

An oddity from the southern witch's domain. Just how it migrated to Enna's domain, no one knows... but anything that gets lost seems to find its way there eventually. Your lost socks are probably in the bargain bin at Victoria's Oddities.
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And you should stop answering questions so often. Have you considered setting small windows in your day to do your ask, then spending the rest of the time drawing or working or whatever?

That's a good idea. Maybe just before bed would be best.
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You don't need a 3d girl, Dan. You have your super a cutest and your cakes and your comics, and soon you'll have a snowhorn, right? That sounds like a pretty good deal from where I'm standing.

I got my contract modified so I can work on the Snowhorn VN! So yes!

Dan, we all are gonna get cucked. It doesn't matter that much, you can't be all the flavors of ice cream at the same time. Have fun!

But I need to draw and update!! I can't do that if I'm getting cut in half and getting my shit taken!
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>there's no one to nag or bust my ball for living my life the way I want||https://i.warosu.org/data/jp/img/0131/95/1426641694192.png

It can't be helped, anon.
Even if I wanted to find someone, the women who are:
a) around my age
b) in my league
c) still single
have so much baggage and emotional damage that it's actually a little scary. And you gotta deal with the "job interview" and jump through hoops all day for 'em. All that for a dried up, unappreciative Christmascake who has a history of leaving every time she got bored or a better deal came along? C'mon. I'd rather play games and die alone, thanks.
Maybe I should just talk to that nice grocery checkout girl? She's 20 and likes comics and is actually pretty cute... hrrm... she dances too, apparently...? But then again, I gotta shop there every day, and I don't want things to get weird every time I go to get a goddamn bag of milk.
Anyway, I'm a pretty nasty, selfish guy who really only loves his comics, his freedom, and video games. I'm sure it wouldn't work out.

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theres no one to nag or bust my ball for living my life the way I
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Have you ever cucked your waifu or a cutest?

That was a mistake!!
... N-no, not a mistake! I'm sorry, my almost a cutest! Please stop crying... please... I didn't mean it... Let's go for ice cream, okay? Yes? My almost a cutest...?
Have you ever cucked your waifu or a cutest

Aw, but you earned it :3 also are ok overall? Reading the biography comics felt kinda grim.

Things are good! I have a dream job designing video games (well, almost -- I'll really be happy once I can direct my own game) and in the evenings I can draw cartoon butts. I can eat cake and play video games whenever I want and there's no one to nag or bust my ball for living my life the way I want.
On the other hand, it's gonna be pretty grim coming home to an empty apartment when I turn 40, 50, 60...
Then again, the odds are pretty good that if I got married I'd get get cucked, cut in half, put into lifetime indentured service, and have the kids taken and turned against me... so maybe this is the rational route after all.

How can you be full of regret? ._. You are fucking awesome.

Thanks, anon. =3=
Mostly I regret not being as productive as I could have been yesterday.
I gotta stop answering all these asks. It's feeding my ego and distracting me from the comics... not good...

How much bloodtinge investment does it take before the guns start to get stronk, sempai? I put a couple points in for requirements an' what-not, but I don't think damage has improved any.

It takes a lot. Also upgrade your gun and get some good gems.

Do you play any pen and paper RPGs? or is it all vidjya games?

I don't have any friends to play pen and paper games with.
Actually I don't have any friends, period!
Oh well. : T
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Do you like steampunk?

I like FFVI style steampunk -- fallen world, tech is in the background, stuff looks worn and used and barely works, details are left a bit mysterious or mystical... a world where getting technology to work takes massive investment to get limited results. There's an air of desperation in everything. That's what I like.
I don't like brass-gears-and-goggles-with-top-hats-and-corsets-style steampunk.


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