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I can't remember. Did someone make a Castlebwehnia joke yet? What about Simon Bwehlmont?

Yes, someone did. ;w;

What inspired you to make comics?

I couldn't find the kind of thing I wanted in this world. I was unhappy. Most of human life seemed pretty empty and pointless to me. But instead of complaining to others and telling them how they should change their stuff to respond to my desires, I decided to make my own stuff and do my own thing.
It's going okay so far. Who knows how long it'll last, though...

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When did you go back to twitch?

Ps4 only streams on twitch, as far as I can tell. I'll still be doing all drawstreams on hitbox.

It's alright Dan, we know you didn't frost Cupcake to make Pancake. It was already proven that you aren't the father of either of them after all.

Its alright Dan we know you didnt frost Cupcake to make Pancake It was already

There are worlds like you've never seen where the people have no form like humans at all. they have human souls of course but, in one case, they're bodies are that of eight foot tall insect like design. Multiple eyes, hair skicking out of joints, multiple legs. I can imagine Witches like that...

The witches are entities that extend far beyond space and time. Their coporeal forms are but gatherings of foam on the ocean ... meanwhile, the massive being that churns the waters remains hidden, never to be seen. For we mortal who exist only as ripples long the surface of the ocean, direct contact is not only impossible, but inconceivable -- even if a the monster below broke the surface, the surface would only be parted. The beast itself could never become one with the waves.

Scene: box held up by a ps4. Dfc takes ps4 and is trapped by box falling atop her. What if the bait attracts others?

Looks like I'll have to get out of the DFC business and start trading neckbeard pelts...

I know you like the Souls, but have you played any of From's other, earlier stuff

Nope. There are a ton of old games I have to go back and play ... I'm still on disc 1 of Grandia...

Where did you send the other 999 ps4's? Also what kind of dfc trafficker pays in ps4's?

I used them as bait to attract more DFCs.
Then I'll trade them in and get even more PS4s!
It's a racket.

So, going by how early you frosted Sakura and how you've had Sakura dress as Cupcake while in bed... Did you frost Cupcake yourself and Is Pancake actually Cupcake's?

>mfw I have become reverse Woody Allen
So going by how early you frosted Sakura and how youve had Sakura dress as

Will you ever be showing us in the story or other places any kind of representation of the Witches true form?

No combination of sentences, images, sounds, tastes, feelings, or even thoughts can adequately represent a witch's true form. That said, some works have gotten close, such as "Subjkt Kine Pnny-Biengg" -- sometimes called "On The Subject of Witches"... but such forbidden tomes have long been purged from the great hall. As for physical copies, all three volumes are on the guardianship's "Burn on Sight" list.

Dan how do I get gud at making my figures look natural and not so two dimentional?

Beats me. I'm still trying to figure that shit out.

What would I have to give Enna to be allowed to have one of her daughters? Preferable that one. You know which one I mean.

Just wait Enna to ascend. Best daughter is the top candidate to take over her domain. After that you can trade games for all the headpats you can handle!
What would I have to give Enna to be allowed to have one of her daughters

I'll write up a proper explanation in the upcoming Wiki. Hopefully you can wait until then! =w= ||| ... and the lore video, right?, right? *hopeful eyes*

That's not my department! ;w;

What do you think about H.P. Lovecraft?

One of my favs, a big influence, too.
Looking forward to some lovecraftian horror in Bloodborne!
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Sorry but could you give me a somewhat idiot proof explanation of how Subject of Witches works and how it connects to Vampire Bride? You've said that VB likely takes place in Penny's world, how does that allow Enna and Algis to be characters within it?

I'll write up a proper explanation in the upcoming Wiki.
Hopefully you can wait until then! =w=
Sorry but could you give me a somewhat idiot proof explanation of how Subject of

Is Enna called the White Witch because she frosts templars?

Enna is the Witch of Ruin.
The White Witch is Algis, sometimes called the gardener witch, protector of The City.

Wait. Sakura is a 27 year old OL now. Cupcake is first year high school (assuming 8th grade is HS in Canada, about 13-14ish?). So... about this cake baking...

S-so! How about those himehorns, huh? They sure are crazy. I wonder what kind of dances they like to do?
Oops, out of time for questions today. Back to drawing, ha ha ha
Wait Sakura is a 27 year old OL now Cupcake is first year high school assuming

cupcaek morelik CUCKCAKE LAMAO (psst dady I MEAN DAN(dy) is cuck a gud thigm i dunno wat it is but a lot of ppl r sayign u r... u r probly da best cuck in the world! luv u dadI MEAN DAN. now wen is caek rdy?!?!!??) t. not a caek (am caek fan)

Just wait downstairs, my a cutest! We'll eat the cake together when mommy gets home from work.

I love it. Non-stop quality sex jokes and cute girls. ||| *fist bump* ... so... best girl?

Judo! Dat voice.
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