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>outdated PC || but you work for a gaming company, Dan! Don't they offer their employees tax incentives or discounts for buying new gaming hardware?

Hmm, I don't think so. Maybe if I worked at Blizzard or something that would be a possibility.

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You know.. you've been able to play NieR Automata on PS4 globally since the japanese release. The jap version still has full english voices and text if you so want.

Ah, yeah, but I don't want to pay the extra shipping. I got amazon prime recently so I get a nice discount, too.

So you're grabbin 2b for PC? Better be extra wary of spoilers from the 7th-17th then.

PS4, actually. i'd get it on PC but by my now PC is so outdated that I'd have to upgrade everything if I want to upgrade anything.
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Not really a question, but I use Lazy Nezumi. The stabilzer and stuff is whatever BUT it includes perspective guides, ellipse tools and rulers that are all insanely useful. Its very helpful if you use Sai because it currently doesn't have these tools which I think CSP has.

Posted for those interested.

What tablet should i start on for digital art

Get a cheap wacom intuos -- if you don't need the tilt control, don't bother with an intuos pro. Better yet, start with pencil and paper. It's absolutely the best way to start drawing.
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... seems like it'd be a pretty boring comic. | That sounds good, you sure have not read enough then.There are quite a few mangas like that and those are excellent. 10 to 20 volumes worth of goodness or more if you are good at it.

You're not getting a witch roommates comic. Make your own comic. And don't act so entitled.

What do you think it would happen if all the witches were roommates?

Enna: Never leaves her room, sends her daughters out to do the chores and bring back 3 meals a day. Hits the floor with a broom and tells the other witches to "keep it down down there".
Algis: always growing delicious fruits and vegetables on her balcony garden. Never shares her food. Sleeps a lot in strange places. Collects bugs and other living things that come into her garden.
Southern Witch: never there, but always seems to pays her rent on time. Her secretary seems to be busy maintaining several other apartments on the floor and is constantly exhausted. Secretary seems beloved by animals.
... seems like it'd be a pretty boring comic.

Hey, you know Cintiqs are over-priced beyond belief, I'd smack dat into my pockets if I could :T

If that's your excuse, why not steal everything? And why shouldn't I steal from you?
Things are priced to the market, not to you personally. If it's too expensive, don't get it.
Btw, you can get used cintiqs at a reasonable price if you don't need the latest model.


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