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What do you do if you realize it's feeding your vanity?

Draw more cartoon butts and come back down to earth. =w=

Why don't people ask me shit anymore? I'm so lonely ;_;

ChrisCharabaruk’s Profile PhotoChris Charabaruk
You should do something worth asking about, then.
Anyway, just IMHO, but don't let ask.fm (or anything else) feed your vanity... that's a dark road, man.

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What are you that I am not, besides talented and beautiful?

Cupcake's papa~ Whether she likes it or not~! Muhuhu~! =3=

Where can I read these stories you mention on your ask?

You can read the current ongoing quest in @himehorn 's ask:
There was a previous quest about Saint Blossom Starry Leedah -- I'll also have a page on the site pretty soon where you can read it in full without having to dig through the ask.fm. I'll give a tweet when it's up.

What's the NEETest thing you've ever done?

Hmm.... probably having a solo pizza party on the floor (I don't have a dinner table), in my underwear, with chips, cake, soft drinks, beer, tea, games, movies, and anime.
Hmm... I kinda feel like having a pizza now...

Hey Dan, a question about the quest/s so far... what do you think of the writing?

I think it's good!
Starry Leedah was action packed, Raisin's school life is pretty easy going. =w=

It's been brought to my attention that my hair has started to thin in the front. I'm in my twenties. What should I do? Waifu my girlfriendu? Monkishly devote myself to my hobbies? Shave my head? Start an elaborate hair loss and retention routine?

Don't worry about it. Losing your confidence/manliness because of your hair is far more unattractive than losing your hair. Just accept it and carry on. It's just hair. Continue to improve yourself and work on a) what actually matters b) what's actually under your control.
Whatever you do, don't get a comb-over, hair plugs, etc. That's like a manlet wearing platform shoes. Embarrassing.

... the last class of the day for Raisin is Home Economics = w = After school, the go-home club or club scouting? Who knows! = v = Also, let's see if any flag raises ... or not. What do I mean? Who knows! = w = Day Two, you know who will come ... right? :p

I hope a romance flag pops up... and a mysterious transfer horn!
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Dimunsis’s Profile PhotoDimunsis
>NX flops
>Nintendo exits hardware business
>Shitty F2P Mario candy crush clones bring in bajillions
>zombie nintendo marches on while your childhood is consigned to the graveyard of dreams forever
We prepare ourselves for Miyamoto  NO THAT WOULD BE A TERRIBLE DAY MAN WHY YOU

Do you have a set schedule for your streams?

Nope! Just whenever I feel like it...
I always say I'll make a schedule, but I never end up sticking to it. ;w;

What will you do if ask.fm finishes its services? will you find another way of comunication with your fans or ...?

Sure, I'll use spring.me or something similar. =w=

How does Vikky feel about Horned Ones in general--does she buy into Templar doctrine about them being disgusting hornscum? What about Snax?

She has no love for the hornscum. As soon as the vampire are wiped out they'll finish what they started long ago and turn the hornscum into feed and fertilizer... they'll turn the whole planet into a garden worthy of the White Witch's return...
... only that won't come to pass now, will it...? ... She's a bad sister now... why'd everything have to get so complicated...?
How does Vikky feel about Horned Ones in generaldoes she buy into Templar

What's your favorite RPG class, if any?

I really liked the Sniper in Etrian Odyssey IV:
-dual wield bows
-Spotter (increase hit rate)
-Bullseye (increase critical rate)
-Squall Volley (random stab damage)
-Subclass (night seeker): Follow Trace (weapon skills may activate twice)
Combine with a Landsknecht with Improved Link (does follow up damage to ally attacks) and SHOWER DEATH FROM ABOVE.
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Should I quit all videogames and focus on art to become a good artist? I feel like I have no self-control when it comes to games and lose myself for hours

Yes. If you want to become good at anything you MUST put in the time. Time is the ultimate resource and you'll have to invest it if you want any returns.
You may also have to work on your self-discipline and the ability to sit in one place and focus on a single task for many hours. Shut off the computer and work on paper. Work without distractions. Then start adding distractions and prevent yourself from giving into them. Build up self-control and eventually you'll be able to reintroduce games, snacks, twitter, etc. because you'll be able to stop when you need to.


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