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Have you ever watched a kamen rider series?

Nope. I should, though. I was told The Butcher wrote one, so I'll get to that eventually. Probably after Happiness Charge Precure, which is pretty great.

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Dan - I like your comic but there's one thing bothering me. When/where is mopps? Quit it with the games and bring us the mopps.

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In what way has your studies in philosophy influenced your comics?

Back during PXI (as an edgy teen) I came away with the feeling that everything was a farce and we were all wandering in the dark, in some kind of permanent illusion. During NNN I was fine with finitude but sceptical (or maybe just disappointed with the apparent fact) that meaning and language couldn't to the heavy lifting that I wanted it to do. A good part of NNN can be seen as a sort of rueful acquiescence to the view that no word spoken ever has the same meaning twice and that narrative fiction is more like setting out a natural environment in which different creatures find different things over time instead of a sort of warhead for delivering particular images and ideas. This also makes the role of the reader, even the most careful reader (or critic) look quite different.
Looking forward, On The Subject of Witches is going to be re-evaluation of fiction and life in general in light of such a view. Where PXI was dark and MUH EDGE and NNN was caught up in artifice, I want Subject of Witches to fully embrace the idea of being an artefact of a barely-grasped life and world in motion, even as it claws at something permanent, transcendent, unattainable. The feeling will be like wandering through a misty forest, barefoot and alone. There will also be cute girls in trouble, weird scary places, and spooky witches. Which is the main thing, really.

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What video game consoles do you own?

I've owned: an Atari 2600(?), Genesis, Saturn, Dreamcast, PS1, PS2, PS3, DS, 3DS XL, and Vita.

Speaking of cards: I take a deck and divide it into four piles (by taking ¼, then ⅓, then ½ of the remaining deck from the bottom). In order from piles 1-4, I move three cards from the top to the bottom then put one card from the top on top each other pile. The top card of each pile is an ace - how?

If you're a real magician the whole deck is aces.

If there are 53 people in an elevator, and the elevator dismisses them all of them by the time it reaches the 86th floor. If the elevator is staffed by an operator who never leaves the elevator (not part of the 53), and he can distinguish each person, how many ways can he see the people leave? :3

Consider the set of 53 distinguishable people and 85 indistinguishable dividers (i.e. 86 subsets, possibly all but one empty)
first consider only the placement of dividers, ignoring distinguishability of people and allowing for empty subsets
multiset select: ( n + k - 1 choose n )
(53 + 86 - 1 choose 53 )
Now introduce order for each trip
(52 + 86 - 1 choose 53 ) * 53!
Hrmm... ??

I have 6 well shuffled, 52 card decks, and reveal 1 card from the top of each, left to right. If order does not matter (The hand 23456 is the same as 34265 etc.), then how many unique hands can I draw? You said no vector calculus :3

Same as having 1 deck and allowing multiset selection (i.e. if you pick a 6 of clubs you can pick it again if you want for {6C,6C,6C,6C,6C,6C})
choose multiset : (n+k-1 C k)
(52+6-1 C 6) = 36288252
Hrrmm... I THINK that's right.

Prove by combinatorial argument the identity (n C 2) = (k c 2) + k(n-k) + [(n-k) C 2], 1<= k <= n :3

Well, this one made intuitive sense at least.
Take a pile of n things, split it into two side, Pick two things. You're going to be picking two items from a single side (A or B), or one item from side A and one from side B. It's got to be the same as just picking two things from the larger pile.
Prove by combinatorial argument the identity n C 2  k c 2  knk  nk C 2 1 k  n 3

>Philosophy // Ooh, what are your thoughts on philosophy? Are there any thinkers in particular you hold in high regard?

These days I like Bandom, Rorty, Davidson, Sellars. Descartes is what got me hooked in the first place, though. But all said, I'm a real dilettante. I read this stuff first to be unsettled, then for therapy, and finally as fuel for comics.
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https://upload.wikimedia.org/math/3/f/5/3f50fd206f2fe543a6a8a3e687cf74c3.png good luck with tensors, Dan :>

Sometimes I wonder if I should have gone into physics like my dad (graduated at the top of the country) and my little brother (now doing his physics PhD at MIT) or if I should have followed my heart and gone into philosophy... but then I remember: nope. This damn drawing bug! It had me from the very start and has consumed every other part of my life. Drew Paper Eleven, Nana, T42R instead of doing my CS assignments - Wrote NNN instead of going to work, quit my job and kicked Miss Orange Dress to the curb to do stupid Vampire Bride and Subject of Witches stuff...
It's almost a shame. From the beginning I thought mathematical knowledge was the only real, first-class knowledge we have and the one most worth respecting (and I still do, to a certain extent), but here I am drawing silly cartoon butts and I can't put the damn stuff down. It's not /really/ a shame, though -- I would have never made any useful contributions to those more useful fields anyway. Sigh. I'm content to pick away at these comics until my time's up and it's the only thing I ever really enjoyed in the fist place... but man, it is a selfish, useless, frivolous pursuit.

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What sort of questions would you like to be asked more frequently? (I.e. questions about music, quests you're working on, your personal life, etc.)

No more vector calculus!

Dan are you ever worried that all the anon asks are written by the same person with nothing better to do huehuehue

It's okay - I'm sick and don't have anything better to do right now either. ;w;

How flat is Bikki?

She has some softness. Pretty low-average, though.
Her real moe points are her abs and leg muscles - like twisted cable and rippling steel! At least, that's how it used to be. She's been continuously losing mass since she met her vampire waifu.
How flat is Bikki

How long till Bikki arm gets freaky and we have an army of loli robovampire babies?

I'm sure Bikky dreams about it all the time. Her own little cloud of a cutest and happiness... ;w;
How long till Bikki arm gets freaky and we have an army of loli robovampire
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