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Do I get more estus pot uses if I'm hollow, Sempai? Or am I losing my mind?

Bonfires that have been "kindled" give you most estus when you rest at them. The fire in Firelink Shrine is already partially kindled, so you'll get 10 from there and 5 from other bonfires.

finish witches

After Vampire Bride. I'm not ready to take it on yet! ;~;
Besides, VB is laying out some peripheral structures for Witches to latch on to. All part of the master plan!
finish witches

At least the himehorn bits...! ;~~; Yeah finishing the himehorn chapter(s) is probably a lot more realistic given your pace.

I'm actually up to himehorn strip 16! I'm just creating a big buffer... the folks in Club Cupcake can see 'em all already... ;w;

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Don't feel sad, Dan! Being the father of a saint of the Swole Church entitles you to an annual stipend of protein powder! You'll need it to keep up with your cutest and hugest!

Well, at least it's better than this tub of body-temperature frosting I get from Cupcake. : T

Does Puella Pantsuit want to shed her Christmas cake status? Is she embarrassed by it?

She's not embarrassed, but she definitely stresses out about it. She saved the world a dozen times over... doesn't she deserve a little happiness of her own? Ahh... but these accounts won't close themselves... and her subordinates are screwing up... it's just one thing after another... who has the time?! But what's the point of all this work if she ends up old and grey and alone...? Guh... let's play some phone games and forget about it... ;~~;
Does Puella Pantsuit want to shed her Christmas cake status Is she embarrassed

How frequently does the captain worry about melons?

Usually during offering times (usually once a "year") and especially during the warp festival (maybe once a generation, if they're lucky). It's a lot of pressure.

Rejoice, Dan! The Church of Swole through vigerous testing has determined that Pancake is the reincarnation of Macho Man Randy Savage! We've gifted her her first set of weight and she's already made incredible gains! Hallelujah brother, another saint has returned! You must be so proud!

All I wanted to do was raise my Pancake right. How did this happen?
Rejoice Dan The Church of Swole through vigerous testing has determined that

In terms of being creative and expressing myself, generating motivation and resolve, I am incredibly weak. I have spent my whole life being weak, and I am very tired of it. I don't even know if I have what it takes to keep up this life I've made for myself, much less push through and become better.

Don't worry, anon. I've never heard of a blade that came out of the furnace ready-made. A man's no different -- he lives his life between the anvil and hammer and aims to become stronger, sharper, more flexible with each blow. If he's lucky, he throws off light and sparks along the way. And only when the heat and fire are gone can the work said to be finished.
So what if you're not where you want to be yet? That's no weakness. That's only a work in progress. There's time enough, and if you're dissatisfied enough that you'd write about it -- about yourself, about the things you need to do that you've left undone -- then I'm willing to bet there's heat and fire enough, too. The game's not over, anon! It's barely even started!
I have no specific advice, but that's the way of this world. You're your own master and you have to take the reigns. But you're in luck -- everything you need is right before you: your own two hands, your will, and a burning dissatisfaction. All I can say is that I'll believe in you. Do it, anon. Do it now!

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The teletoon execs get drunk one night and contract award winning DAN KIM to create a new Canadian animated series with full creative control! Which of your creations do you populate late night Canadian T.V with? What do you do to make the execs realise their terrible mistake?

Cupcake's "hi its me cupcaek a cutest and a best =3= muu" Midnight Playtime Show!
They realize their mistake when we're all getting jailhouse c-sections in the shower from Bubba Treetrunks and his buddy Jamal
Liked by: Evil Steve

BLOCKED!!! ||| Didn't you like suffering and all that? Now is your turn Dan. The truth will set you free. You made me do this. *taking screenshots* You have one last chance.

Boobs were a mistake...!!
BLOCKED  Didnt you like suffering and all that Now is your turn Dan The truth

That was only a coincidence...! S-stupid boobs! Get out of my feed...!! ||| Retweeting butts won't save you, I can see her oppai even from the back... plus, I can go further back and collect more info from the past... it's all there Dan. =w= just accept it and you won't have to endure the shaming.

That was only a coincidence Sstupid boobs Get out of my feed  Retweeting butts

Are there any western comics and cartoons you enjoy?

I liked X-Men and Batman: The Animated Series as a kid. Batman has aged really well. They made a great decision going with that mishmash of high tech and art deco... feels really timeless.
And of course I loved Peanuts, The Far Side, Calvin and Hobbes... hard to think of any non-serial comics that really captured my attention, though.

Might as well genetically engineer a real hornmother at this point. ||| Make catgirls real while you are at it, thanks.

I'll pass on the message. =3=

How would you raise a child? I mean, if you actually did something.

Badly. Just look at how Cupcake turned out.
I'd be a neglectful, selfish, resentful parent. No one needs another unloved kid in this world.

Musclehorn should be the one that comes with a cow. It needs something heavy to lift.

Musclehorns can come with one of those eyeball tentacle worms. ;w;

How do you avoid getting completely distracted by sites like youtube and 4chan?

I don't! .... ask.fm is my new distraction. ;w;
Seriously though, when it comes to 4chan, it helps that I've seen the same threads a bajillion times at this point... I know I'm not missing anything.

Do you ever feel insecure about signing your comics and work with your real name?

Nope! I did it from the very beginning. I always thought that it was important to take fully endorse the work I was doing and not hide behind a pseudonym. I don't look down on others for doing so, but it's was and remains important to me.


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