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Damn it Dan you're a decent-lookin' guy and a talented artist. If you cannot a 3D waifu then what hope do the rest of us have?!

Nah, it's not that.
Three big factors: I am allergic to drama, take no pleasure in the company of other people, and basically think that a person ought to take care of their own emotional needs -- don't come looking for validation, attention, sympathy, a place to vent. That disgusts me. Don't be a Cupcake.
So basically I get very little out of a relationship and give nothing back in return. So what's the point?

Dan! This you ancestor. Why you no wifey? No wifey, no one help wipe you ass when you seventy and you knees fall off! Plus blow job!

You don't need a wife for that!
Anyway, I'd just end up resenting their existence. And if there are kids -- I'd know I'd end up resenting them, too. Better not play if that's the case.

What if I've been looking for a caek to give all my frosting?

I know that feel, man. Good luck out there. I'm outta the race, though.

B-b-but Midorin is a booby-monster! And the Christmascake pantsuit lady looks like one too... Are you being dishonest, Dan?

W-what! D-don't get the wrong idea you d-dummy!!
Geez, whatever! I don't care about oppai anymore!

I just finished reading BLAME! and was wondering if it inspired your (earlier) work, like Penny Tribute?

It was a big influence on the style I used for Paper Eleven, that's for sure. Maybe Penny Tribute, too... (the large form of the facebirds and the shooter, for sure).

never too late to have a wife dan. I'm sure you'll find someone

Nah, the game's over, man. It's okay though -- I have my comics. That's already enough.

Can it be used for things that aren't art? Or is it just art-centric?

Anything art related. Videos, music, wood carving -- anything creative and interesting on the web.
Liked by: Yoshiko Toshino

So pretty much it is a "product for sale" service? As in, you make a product that someone pays you to make?

Not exactly -- more like art patronage. There's a certain kind of art that would otherwise vanish without your patronage. No one else enjoys it but you and a few select others -- do you want this to disappear from the face of the earth or would you like to INSERT COIN TO CONTINUE
Liked by: Yoshiko Toshino

The neckbearest like a... Like a... Majestic wild bear that is kinda overweight but still really strong and can like destroy trees with ease and use honey to bring us maximum moe with your drawings and stuff that lives in your neck I'm not good at this sorry

More like a honey badger ... or Canada's honey badger-- the wolverine: tiny, angry Canadian superweeaboo that can't stop creepin' on Jubilee and getting friendzoned by Jean Grey.

Dan, what is a "Patreon"? And what can you do with it?

http://www.patreon.com/clonemanga -- Basically a solution to the ultra-niche market problem. Anything that doesn't have mass appeal but intense niche appeal can squeak along on this.
Basically, if you're in business of cultivating audience intensity instead of audience size and have an on-going program of work instead of particular big project, then this is a good fit.
Also see: automated e-shilling/e-begging
... I used to feel pretty bad about it, but as I've been getting older and slightly lower on energy (I'm not a young man any more -- it's not really possible to work 10 hours a day in the morning and 6 hours on comics at night and still produce good work) it's starting to make more sense (especially since I've basically thrown in the towel on raising a family, so I'm free to live a modest, low consumption lifestyle).

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