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OH MY F*KIN GOD ! I was playing peacefully at Momodora, a game that I discovered yesterday while surfing on the net... I was having a hard time with some bosses etc.. And then A HIMEHORNE!!!!!!!!!! btw poor himehorn, she looked so unhappy :( I suppose you were 1 of the dev team ?

Did you bully her? ;w;
And nope, it was just something nice the creator ( @r_rdein ) did! =w=

As a game designer, are you experienced in programming ?

Yup, I did my degree in computer science at Waterloo.
I'm not a great programmer by any means, but being able to prototype your own stuff and think about large systems in a structured way gives you an edge over designers that don't have that capacity. Programming ability is a great force multiplier.
On top of that you'll be able to talk to devs in their own language and design your systems with their concerns and needs in mind, which is great for both personal and team communication.
Same applies to the art side.
Basically, if you want to get into game design, it helps to have strong interests that overlap with the skillsets of other departments -- animation, music, the business side, whatever.

I'm a Ps beginner, and I've some trouble; my brushes are in a huge shambles, how do you choose your brushes and sort 'em ? If you have some other tips you wanna tell me, I'll be grateful ;)

Scroll down to the bottom and use my brush, my dude!
Also this is one of the most popular brush packs around:
Mostly I use 3-4 brushes and don't mess around too much so I'm the wrong guy to ask about organization. But hopefully the links help you find a brush you like.
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>and realizes she missed her window. | With the amount of fans she has, I doubt it.

When she realizes she's become too old to have little cakes of her own she'll shriven up and die on the inside and then pour herself into her work to deaden the pain and loneliness.


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