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Where is the line between effective suffering and edgy suffering, in your opinion? What makes one better than the other?

The right kind of suffering is the suffering of a man who walks out into a desert storm. Once the sands have blasted everything away, what remains must be the real. The suffering is transformation by cosmic design -- a transformation necessary to be in the right state to walk the gap between two worlds (moral, spiritual, material, whatever). Think of Andy Dufresne in The Shawshank Redemption.
Edgy suffering is suffering merely for surface level effects + a pinch of pretension, but honestly I have no problem with that. There is nothing special portrayals of suffering, and using them for surface level effects is the same as using anything else for surface level effects.
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>UR LIEK A SJW BCUZ UR DUM | Shitstorms have changed, haven't they, sempai? I hate SJWs as much as the next rational person, but using "you're like [thing]" as an insult... it just seems so childish, y'know? These arguments aren't even fun to watch anymore. They're just insulting people by proxy!

It's just the way these things go, espernyan. If you want a thing, you gotta accept all the things go along with it. No sense getting mad about it.
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Fuck that, draw giant robots. They can fight for/against communism or whatever you like as long as they PUNCH THE SHIT OUT OF EACH OTHERS.

>giant robots
: T
I might do a comic about an robotic "magical girl" who controls tanks along with her AI "familiar" and protects a city of eternally dreaming children from a leftover autonomous factory-moon (built long ago during the interstellar robot wars). Her battles may include giant robots.
It's called METAL FIST anon. And it will be amazing.
I just gotta get through Himehorn's Daily Life, Vampire Bride, Puella Pantsuit, Subject of Witches..... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Comrade Kim, when will you stop drawing comfy post-apocalypse comics about little girls and start drawing things that will help the proletarian see through the oppression of the bourgeois? Help us stop clinging to the wreckage of culture in late-capitalism?

Comrade Kim when will you stop drawing comfy postapocalypse comics about little
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When is new cintiq-chan coming, it's been almost two months!

She's coming tomorrow! =w=
But I may have to pick her up on Tuesday, depending on when UPS delivers.

>It ain't right, Espernyan | That's not me, sempai! The first letter isn't capitalized, there needs to be some punctuation after 'sempai,' there needs to be an apostrophe in "she's"...! Have you found a way to meta-bully, now? I feel like some sort of fiddle-nyan.

Looks like I'm already a demon.
: T

Joost the Joost||| why is she so cute dan? S-she's 3D but shes a cutest; sempai why does she make my heart going doki doki?

I know. It ain't right, Espernyan.
It just ain't right!!

THE RIDE NEVER ENDS ||| Start advancing then.

I finished a playthough of Neptunia Producing Perfection!

Dan, tell Darkcake that plenty of girls have gone on to lead morally upstanding lives -- even with disgusting otaku parents. Everyone needs a little pick-me-up now and again.

She's already leading a morally upstanding life, anon!
Darkcake is a GOOD GIRL
Dan tell Darkcake that plenty of girls have gone on to lead morally upstanding

Oh no! Due to an accident, there's a neighborhood-wide power outage for seven days. What does your cutest and best do without the internet and without being able to charge her phone and handhelds?

She'd stay over at Darkcake's and eat all the snacks in the house ... the snacks that Darkcake scrimped and saved to buy... she was putting them aside for a special occasion...
Darkcake wouldn't be mad, though. In fact, she wouldn't even say anything about it. Having her onee-chan stay over for seven days is occasion enough. Still, she'd be a little sad and Cupcake would notice and then come back after the power outage with a ton of snacks. All for herself, of course... but if Darkcake ate some too, she turn a blind eye, just this once...
Oh no Due to an accident theres a neighborhoodwide power outage for seven days

What does enna do all day in her big musty extradimensional witchouse? Does she have hobbies?

Who knows what a witch does?
Anyway, it's not clear if a witch experiences time as we do ... but one of her hobbies seems to be meddling with Bikky. Who knows why?

Why won't the witches accept hugs? I just want to repay their hard work with a hug, its all I have to offer ;w;

The fruit of the garden repays the gardener by growing healthy, anon. You don't need to do more than that.
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{{(,,Ծ ‿ Ծ,, )}} Muhuhuhu~
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Why wont the witches accept hugs I just want to repay their hard work with a hug


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