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If you were to die all of sudden, how do you think the people of the internet would know that you are ¨permanently out of commision¨?

I'd say "no updates" but...
... maybe no tweets for a few months?

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When will you convince Ubi to make a game about waifus?

>open world multiplayer magical girl action RPG
>tomboy sweat DLC
>tanline and spats season pass
>powersuited dark megcuas are store-specific preorder exclusives
>climb tokyo tower to unlock mecha dark moon kingdom
Is this the happiness you wished for?

there's a great anime there waiting for you. ||| I saw the anime, not the movies... is when I try to watch the movies that I can't help but to ¨see¨ the yuri, or even subconciously try to find it... so to say, and it bothers me a lot, since I didn't have that preconception of the characters before.

Ahh, kay.

Oh, I have seen some yuri stuff before, but that is not the problem... its like... seen the characters in a new light and not liking it as much, since it corrupted everything I had in my mind at the time of watching it. If I watch yuri, I have in my mind that IS yuri, if not, not... do you get it?

Ahhh, yeah, I get ya.
That's too bad, though. If you could compartmentalize the stuff a bit, there's a great anime there waiting for you. Really the sort of show that appears once in a decade.

The problem is that after I saw the main series I had my first contact with a fandom. I never noticed how much yuri bait it had before, and it kinda ruined everything for me. I never had any problems with yuri until then. So I feel kinda repulsed whenever I try to watch the movies What do you think?

But that's the purest form of love, anon...
The problem is that after I saw the main series I had my first contact with a

Hey Dan, I suppose I have to have seen the Movies of Puella Magi Madoka Magica to read (and understand) that, right?

Yeah, you should watch the series before reading Magical Girl Noir.
Though it'd be a pretty interesting experiment to read it without watching it first. It'd probably still be really good. Maybe even better! I mean, I know anything about Warhammer 40k, so all the warhammer stuff in MGNQ is really fresh and cool.

How often do you do gesture drawings? Do you go to real life figure drawings?

You know what's amazing?
Ubi has life drawing session after work on Mondays.
You just go out to the main studio and there are live models, pencils, papers, charcoal, and an instructor to help ya along.
It's a pretty sweet deal.

Sempai, why is bullying you anonymously even more fun than doing it not-anonymously? Is it because I can type things Satsuki would say at you?

It's the joy of the anon shitpost!
I, too, partake in this ultimate joy.
Let's shitpost together, anon! Forever!

Do you believe all 3D love is a sham or just that it's not a viable option for you personally?

Of course it's not a sham. Even my parents are still happy, together, and in love!
But it's not in the cards for me. Can't do much about it -- I'll just have to console myself with games, comics, and cake daughters.

>I HATE TUTORIALS | Do you? Do you REALLY? Or do you only hate the shit ones and disregard all the rest, the ones that do their job and fade from memory properly? Well, Dan? WHICH IS IT YOU PIG IN HUMAN CLOTHING?

Okay, there lots of different kinds of tutorials (and pseudo-tutorials... like safe playgrounds where you can try out skills, etc.) -- I guess I really hate a specific flavor of tutorial that halts the normal flow of action, rips you out of the game world, dumps text on you, makes you jump through unskippable hoops, and never gives you room for exploration, imagination, experimentation and self-learning. I especially hate F2P "let's train you to spend money! WOW GOOD JOB SPENDING THAT GEM" tutorials.
ya got me, anon.

Had that school shooter vibe, huh, anon? ||| Ugh... spot on. I still remember that when that appeared in the news, the next day everyone started to evade me.

That sucks, anon. But that's how it is for guys like us. We'll never fit in, anon. Just gotta dig a little hole for ourselves and make our own space... : /

What are your gaming pet peeves?

Tutorials, hand-holding, casualization, pay to win, design by committee, time padding (with backtracking, grinding, etc.), pretentious "art" games that talk down to you, lots of other stuff. : T

you'll meet that tsundere qt who secretly had a crush on you back in HS ||| A- I don't really like tsunderes, even less tsundere 3DPs. B- All the qt ones were pack of whores. C- If anything, I was feared for some reason (no joke) C- I am way past my chuuni phase, Dan ... I think.

Had that school shooter vibe, huh, anon? I feel ya.
Anyway, I never went to any of my reunions or graduations. If you go, give a shout and lemme know how it goes, eh?

>Yes, but with more "my waifu meets her old highschool Chad and leaves me forever" cucking. Or so my NTR comics have lead me to believe. | Sempai, not everyone isn't their waifu's Chad, especially if the waifu is tsun-tsun. Don't project onto Anon's night of possiblewd!

Oh yeah... I... I guess that's true. I guess some people are happy normies, huh? Livin' their lives with the one they love or whatever. ;~;

>It... it could happen!! | She might even do lewd things to anon's butt! Reunions are like prom, right?

Yes, but with more "my waifu meets her old highschool Chad and leaves me forever" cucking. Or so my NTR comics have lead me to believe.
It it could happen  She might even do lewd things to anons butt Reunions are

Dan, I am a failure in life... and I have been summoned for my High School reunion... what do I do?

Maybe you'll meet that tsundere qt who secretly had a crush on you back in HS, get wrapped up in a strange incident that puts both of your lives in danger and then (after some initial tsundere resistance) work together to retrace the steps of that incident back to highschool and uncover a supernatural curse which can only be overcome by discovering the secret connection the two of you have always shared? And after the adventure is over you'll both have an unbreakable bond that goes beyond words and fulfills all the high school hopes and dreams you ever had (and more)?
It... it could happen!!


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